Another village has lost it’s idiot!

Well, MFOYA is rather quiet today.   I guess all of that “fake” celebrating last night has left them with a nasty hangover.  However, I did come across another great blog site, which I’m sure has to have some connection to MFOYA.

This blog presents itself to be from some upstanding citizen in Milwaukie, that wants Caroline Lyders to be fired for her “posturing” as the girlfriend of Taylor Hicks.  Either there’s an MFOYA connection, or this blog belongs to some anchorwoman wannabe’s mommy who just wants to get rid of what she thinks is blocking the successful ascension of her daughter.   (For further reference, just google Wanda Holloway).

According to this delusional tale, the conspiracy is far and wide.  It not only includes Taylor’s entourage, but includes newspaper reporters from Milwaukie and half of the people who were at Lambeau Field!  Wow, does Oliver Stone know about this?  I can see a movie in the making!

I wonder who’s going to play MFOYA’s role?  Please feel free to make suggestions!


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Schadenfreude is derived from a German word, it’s meaning is to take joy in other people’s misfortunes. This word is important today, as we read the postings at the MFOYA site, as they announce that Taylor Hicks and Caroline Lyders are no longer a couple. Now, I don’t know if it’s true or not, and I really don’t care. Why? Because it’s none of my business! I don’t know either of them, but as human beings, I wish them nothing but the best, whatever that may be.

However, reading the hoopla that is occurring at MFOYA does help me to get to know these posters a little better. What a lovely group of people! Of course, they will say that there is nothing to be sad about because there was nothing real to it anyway. They know this because they are smarter than pretty much everybody in the world. Just ask them, they’ll tell you.

Now I don’t know who MFOYA is and I’m not sure I care, though others may. I do know that I almost feel sorry for the person, because evidently he/she/it has serious issues that they are trying to work through. But I stop short of offering my sympathy because rather than trying to deal with their real issues, they are masking their pain by trying to drag others down with them.

This blog won’t die, because MFOYA will need to continue to satisfy their need for making others as miserable as they are. The only question is, what will be their next tool and who will be their next target? We can only wait and see.

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A Google Game

Try this yourself. Google MFOYA and you’ll find that the #6 listing is entitled “What Can I Do About Paranoid Delusions and Denial”.

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Oh, What A Night!

Last night’s MFOYA activity was very entertaining. A poster who claims to have a “special” moment with Taylor spent the evening engaged in debate with the other loonies on the board. While SS will not give any details, she insists that Taylor and she are the only ones that “know” what happened, and that he did something very “special” for her. (sounds like euphimisms from a romance novel to me). Well, needless this to say this erupted into a heated debate, with some asking her to please “spill” the details so that they could learn a little more about the “real” Taylor, and others insisting that she is a liar and a fake.

Again, I ask, WTF? Ladies, it’s a Saturday night. I myself was at a Halloween party. With friends. You do know what friends are don’t you? They are actual people that you have met in real life, that you spend time with. They are not people sitting out there in the internet world, who spend a lovely Saturday night, wailing and gnashing their teeth over some musician’s private life. I mean come on, even mental facilities have bingo on Saturday nights!

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Some quotes from the nuthouse!

“From one point of view it’s karma getting them both back. On the other hand, I love Taylor so much I don’t want him to get hurt.” (I think he’ll live)
“Oh this isn’t for the nonbelievers..who cares about them. This is for the people that matter.” (said by Jim Jones as he passed out the kool-aid)

“It’s hard to be a fan of someone not popular.” (Duh!)
“We don’t want blood, we just want it to stop.” (possible reference to the voices in your head)

“I thought he was supposed to be a blessing to our lives.” (Sent by God?)

“Why don’t you pick your boogers and eat them too while you’re at it.”  (ouch, that one really hurt)

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Seriously, get a life!

So there’s a blog here called “Making Fun of Your Ass” that seems to have spent a great deal of time and effort to prove that Taylor Hicks and Caroline Lyders are not a couple.  The first question that comes to mind is WTF?  The second question that comes to mind is why.  Why is this particular topic so important to you?  How will your life be affected if for some bizarro reason, you are right?

Taylor Hicks is a singer.  He’s not running for president, he’s not going to be the next Pope or President.  He makes a living by performing on stage and recording music.   If he decides he wants to date anyone, that’s his personal business.  That doesn’t interest me.

What does interest me is the amount of vitriol spewed by this site and others.  Did you think he was going to be with you?  Did you think that he should only live his life dictated by what you decide?  Have you not been taking your prescription on a regular basis?  These are all important questions to ask yourselves.

Get a life.  Step away from your keyboards and go outside.  There’s a whole world out there just waiting for your attention.  I’m sure you can find somebody who will allow you to run (ruin) their life, because there are nutso’s everywhere.

And oh yeah, your doctor called.  He’s increasing your medication.

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