New Year’s Resolutions

You know all about resolutions, don’t you. Those are those plans and promises we make every year, and rarely if ever keep for more than 2 weeks….Lose weight, stop smoking, eat healthier, exercise, yadda yadda.

How about this year, we all make resolutions that we can keep? Not only can we keep them, but they’ll actually do us some good, make us better people.

First, let’s resolve to mind our own business. Let’s stop dissecting/speculating on the personal business of everyone else, and focus on our own. I’m sure we all have things in our life that we’d like to change, that could be better. Let’s spend some of our energy on that.

Second, let’s stop using words like “whore” and “bitch” in describing other women. Would you like it if your daughter, your mother, your sister was being called that? If women can’t respect other women, how can we ever expect men to respect us.

Third, and probably the most important, resolution should be to be truthful and honest, in all the things that we do. That includes not only our daily lives, but here on the net.

Am I a wishful thinker, living in a fantasy world? I guess you could probably say I am. But I think I like my “world” a lot better than what I’ve seen in other places. At least in my world, I’ll wake up on New Year’s Day clearheaded!



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All I Want For Christmas…

is peace.  I believe that Christmas, no matter what anyone’s individual beliefs, is about reaching out to your fellow man.  This is the time that we all need to look at our lives, and understand that no matter the circumstances, there is always someone that we can help.  Doesn’t matter if we have what we want, it matters if we have what we need…..

Have a roof over your head?

Have food on your table?

Have people that care for you?

Then life isn’t so bad, is it?  Please, remember those, that for any reason what so ever, are not as lucky as we are.   And then remember them in February, March, April and the rest of the year, because the need is still there.

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Merry Christmas, MFOYA!

I love the holiday season. I admit it, I love to give gifts to people. I love to try to figure out the perfect thing for each person and hope that they’ll be surprised. I’ve spent the last few days shopping for all of my friends and acquaintances. In fact, in the spirit of the season, I’ve even bought a gift for mfoya. I was afraid that Santa may skip it’s house this year, and I didn’t want it to wake up to an empty stocking this year. Yeah, I’m a giver.


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Sugar and Spice


Disclaimer: The women referred to in this song bear NO resemblance to the girls shown in the picture.

Well, I ain’t a mean girl, but I’ve known a few

They’ll make you cry, baby, and then blame it on you.

They’ll hate you if you’re pretty, they’ll hate you if you’re not

They’ll hate you for what you lack, baby, then they’ll hate you for what you’ve got.

Mean girls, scratch and spitting

Mean girls, can’t be forgiven

Mean girls, make mean women.

Mean girls.

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Thy Name is Mfoya


Envy eats nothing but it’s own heart.

If this quote is true, then MFOYA and it’s “supporters” must be having a feast! How else to explain the rants that are now occuring on it’s blog? Having been proven wrong in everything that it has claimed, it has now resorted to posting comments from “many people” (using this term loosely, due to the fact that the many people are most likely the numerous reincarnations of the same small minded group that has always been there), that have taken the trashing of two people to a whole new level. What ever happened to the love? Well, evidently that was a lie too, as mfoya seems fit to allow posts that have denigrated to a whole new gutter. Funny, posts that call Taylor Hicks and Caroline Lyders the trashiest of names are allowed, but any post that dares to politely disagree with the Wizard are never allowed to see the light of day.

Reading these new posts, however, actually are quite enlightening. By allowing these posts to remain, we are able to see into Mfoya’s mind. It’s not about the truth, it’s never been about the truth…if so, this blog would have ended a long time ago, because the truth is evident that there is no sham. It’s about envy, it’s about jealousy, it’s about hatred. It’s about a group of people that are so miserable, so unhappy in their daily lives that the only “joy” they get out of life, is to project their feelings of self-hate onto two innocent people. It’s about a group of people that want something, be it love or recognition or fame, so badly, but do not have the emotional maturity to understand that you do not achieve it by attempting to snatch it away from others.

The more hate-filled posts that appear on Mfoya’s blog, the more we all see into it’s soul. What a cold, dark place it is!

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Christmas Dreams


I’m dreaming of a MFOYA Christmas, with every chop that comes along.

Where the pic’s keep changing, with rearranging

each time it’s proven to be wrong.

I’m dreaming of a MFOYA Christmas, with every comment that it writes.

May it’s meds start working tonight

so that all our Christmases will be bright.

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The View From Inside

I have uncovered MFOYA’s reliable source!!!!


Unfortunately, he’s not able to talk right now, as he’s otherwise occupied.

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Now You See It, Now You Don’t!

Want to see what photochopping can do?



Maybe mfoya needs to take a few more lessons to do it this well?

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“Think, any of you, how you might feel by being attacked personally on-line by one group and consider what your reaction might be….” Sunny

Sunny, I have thought about it, I’ve thought about it everytime mfoya attacks Taylor Hicks and Caroline Lyders and it makes me sad. My reaction? This blog.

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With apologies to Mr. Moore….

Twas the night before Xmas, and all through the land,

not a whisper was heard, perhaps they were banned?

The faithful just sat with their ears to the ground,

hoping that mfoya soon would make a sound.

Other loyals slept, tucked, snug in their beds.

While visions of photochops danced through their heads.

Sunny at standby, mfoya at her keys

about to send out it’s latest tease.

When on the internet there rose such a clatter,

they ran to their *Windows* to see what was the matter.

When what to their vapid little minds should appear,

but a miniature bus and eight tiny reindeer.

They knew at that moment it was the internet cop,

coming to get them for being  over the top.

As they started to shake, and then turned around,

down the chimney he came, with nary a sound.

He flashed them a smile, then gave them a wink,

then washed their mouths out with soap at the sink.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,

pulling their internet connections out with a jerk.

He took all of their keyboards, their printer, their mouse,

not a chop was left once he had cleaned house.

Then laying his *finger* upside his nose,

giving a nod, up the chimney he rose.

He went to his bus, gave his reindeer the whistle,

and they flew off in the sky like a heat-seeking missle.

But we heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight,

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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