And The Survey Says….

I was at a birthday party last night, and talking to some friends.  Somehow, we got on the topic of cyberspace, and I proceeded to tell them about the mfoya site, and their claims about the “sham”.   This was a varied group, some liked TH’s music, a few had been to a concert, and a few said “isn’t that the guy that won American Idol”.  So I definitely felt that I had a cross-section of the American Public to survey.  I asked a few basic questions.  Basically, the reaction was universal…..Who The F**K Cares?   They were much more intrigued with why someone would start this whole MFOYA crap then they were interested in any of the details about the so-called sham.  They could have cared less about “the story”, but they were amazed that “it” would try it’s hardest to get “the story” out to the news, in an attempt to  discredit 2 people.  So maybe that’s it.  Maybe it’s not really about the “sham”.  Maybe it’s not really about the 2 people involved, they were just unlucky enough to be picked to be part of it’s plan.  It has a need to be in this type of position, to be praised, to be listened to, to be “important”.   Like the Wizard, if people really saw it’s true self, they wouldn’t listen.  So it has to hide behind the curtain, hide behind the “sham”.  Only then will anyone pay attention.  And attention is what feeds it’s soul.


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  1. chill replied:

    That’s pretty much been my point all along. Who the hell cares and what the hell kind people are you? To me, you’ve hit it right on the head. A bunch of wannabes! And they don’t care who they hurt or how they go about it, they want recognition, even if it’s cyberspace and even if they are hiding behind screen names. One of the posters over there, an alleged 15-year-old, was heard to cry over the fact that she “used to be famous” over on a board that has since banned her. Very telling statement. Famous? On a message board? haha. Then you have another poster, a wannabe journalist, who tries to play all sides of the controversy and calls it reporting. Another haha. She just wanted hits on her disorganized, messy blog. hmmm, don’t see that that worked. Sad thing is she’s a wannabe MFOYA. Now that’s someone to look up to, huh? Where’s Freud when you need him?

  2. sunnyblues replied:

    Chill, you just ‘hide and watch’. A messy desk or blog indicates a busy mind. You are a non entity without any credentials or life. Think about that chica. Live in the corn fields and wonder what is really life.

  3. sunnyblues replied:

    chicken shit asses

  4. chill replied:

    Wrong again, hon! Not fat, 125 svelte pounds, girl. haha. Just because we won’t interact with the likes of you doesn’t mean chicken, just means don’t play in the mud with the pigs. Get a life of your own, chica!

  5. chill replied:

    I love that I get under your skin. Give you a taste of your own medicine. How do you like it? haha, the whole world can see that you don’t. America, God love it.

  6. sunnyblues replied:

    You are one Fucked up individual, Chill.

  7. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Sunny, if you want to discuss here, fine. However, cut the cussing and the personal insults, it’s not becoming. I edited them out.

  8. hicksfan7 replied:

    omg Sunny has lost it…..TOTALLY STORMY now!

    makingfunofyourasses – excellent post – reminds me of Jeanni’s Narcissism descriptions too….oooo to be a SOMEBODY then my life would be complete.

    I was always taught: “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice”

  9. jeanni replied:

    Chill – Thanks for directions:)

    Mfoyasses’s –

    I have to agree with the concept of – You are stupid, I’m smart. No one can win but me. I know everything and you don’t. You know nothing. I always win. You lied and you will pay, you fool.

    These are some of MFOYA rants. Some days are worse than others. My friends just can’t stand it, they paste and send his comments to me, I think to put me in a foul mood! HA. I just shake my head, heard it all before, from another, whose narcisistic rage had to be fed and oh boy, if you crossed him, he went crazy, his behavior is identical to MFOYA.

    We all know that MF wants us to talk about him, this is how he gets his kicks. Something started this and I believe it was what he perceived as a LIE and he won’t put up with that, only he can lie. They can’t stand to not get what they want. I won’t go into all this again, there’s no point. Like you and Chill and the other’s have said, it’s a sickness with one of them, he started it, the rest of them climbed on board to help him finish it off. He won’t be able to do that, because what he claimed is false. There was no other woman with Taylor on the beach in Maui but Caroline. That’s it. There are private things we don’t know and don’t care to, I’m speaking for myself. Whatever happened with Caroline and her private life at that point, must have been very sensitive and difficult. My best goes out to her.

    As for Sunny? I don’t know her, other than the comments from some of the messages I’ve read so far. OMG. She needs to take a vacation. Whew.

  10. sunnyblues replied:

    I asked you all once, asked you twice and yet It continued. Big bunch of bullies.

    Play with scorpions and they will strike you.

    Think,any one of you, how you might feel by being attacked personally on line by one group and consider what your reaction might be… just because you posted at a site that you had – originally – no idea it was The Pandora’s Box.

    Think a moment, then post.

  11. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    “Think, any one of you, how you might feel by being attacked personally on line by one group”…Sunny, I do think about it….in fact, I think about how Caroline Lyders must feel about it.

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