With apologies to Mr. Moore….

Twas the night before Xmas, and all through the land,

not a whisper was heard, perhaps they were banned?

The faithful just sat with their ears to the ground,

hoping that mfoya soon would make a sound.

Other loyals slept, tucked, snug in their beds.

While visions of photochops danced through their heads.

Sunny at standby, mfoya at her keys

about to send out it’s latest tease.

When on the internet there rose such a clatter,

they ran to their *Windows* to see what was the matter.

When what to their vapid little minds should appear,

but a miniature bus and eight tiny reindeer.

They knew at that moment it was the internet cop,

coming to get them for being  over the top.

As they started to shake, and then turned around,

down the chimney he came, with nary a sound.

He flashed them a smile, then gave them a wink,

then washed their mouths out with soap at the sink.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,

pulling their internet connections out with a jerk.

He took all of their keyboards, their printer, their mouse,

not a chop was left once he had cleaned house.

Then laying his *finger* upside his nose,

giving a nod, up the chimney he rose.

He went to his bus, gave his reindeer the whistle,

and they flew off in the sky like a heat-seeking missle.

But we heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight,

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


December 5, 2007. Tags: . Uncategorized.


  1. chill replied:

    hahaha, I like that better than the original. Great job! It has been a little quiet, hasn’t it? shhh, let’s not wake them.

  2. gypseestrampsnthieves replied:

    Very clever! Love it! 😀

  3. hicksfan7 replied:

    asses – that’s awesome. LOL

  4. mfoyasucks replied:

    And Sunny thought she was a writer!

    Great job, sure did put a smile on my face! Thanks.

  5. Bob replied:

    That was really good. Very clever.

  6. tambo replied:

    hahahaha that was awesome.

  7. Sunny replied:

    Very clever, I really like it. I’ve never been included in a poem before. How nice and festive.

    mfoyasucks, as is the norm you make no sense. How does this poem have anything to do with my writing abilities? Apples are not oranges, and your logic has no reasoning.

  8. mfoyasucks replied:

    Sure Sunny! Whatever you say. 🙂

  9. Sunny replied:

    Again, you make my case.

  10. mfoyasucks replied:

    No, Sunny. I just don’t feel like rolling around in the mud with ya. Why are you worried about us anyway? Go back to MFOYA where you feel loved and secure.

    I plan on having another wonderful day preparing for the holiday festivities.. 🙂 What are you planning Sunny? Oh yeah, you’re waiting for the bomb to drop at the hate site.. forgot there for a second.. Sounds like a terrrrriffffic day!

  11. Sunny replied:

    Things as small as your brain have to be looked at through a microscope myfoyasucks.

    That said, it’s a good move on Taylor Hicks’ part to go to Asia and mix it up on their broadcast. The Asian contingency, just relaying personal info, regarding hits on my blogspot, have been high.

    I am on my 3rd site/cluster type tracker for hits on my blogspot, if you add them all together – which I did – total, I have had 544,366,103 hits since I began my blog, as of this afternoon. Quarantining that into the Asian contingency and I find a good quarter of a percentage due to the Asian continent.

    Nice numbers regarding a minor little blogspot, possibly a significant indicator of interest in him and his music in Asia. Overall, this a very good move on Taylor’s part.

  12. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    I’m sure he’ll send you a thank you note, when he’s not so busy!

  13. Sunny replied:

    Why do you feel the need to stoop so low my friend? Get an IQ. You’re commentary sounds so 3rd grade, let me go for my GED. Man, you all are an embarrassment to Mr. Hicks.

  14. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    I have an IQ, and I’m sure you do too. I represent myself, no one else, so I can’t embarrass anybody else.

  15. chill replied:

    I see there’s a taylor hicks blues dot wordpress site that’s under construction. Wonder whose blog that is?

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