“Think, any of you, how you might feel by being attacked personally on-line by one group and consider what your reaction might be….” Sunny

Sunny, I have thought about it, I’ve thought about it everytime mfoya attacks Taylor Hicks and Caroline Lyders and it makes me sad. My reaction? This blog.


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  1. mfoyasucks replied:

    Exactly! Sunny, I can’t believe you made that comment! For goodness sakes…Caroline has to be so upset that total strangers are looking at every inch of her body.. (including her legs now), looking for any difference in photos of her on the beach in Hawaii and those taken in New York. She has been called every name in the book. I’m sure loyal mfoya readers took it upon themselves and called her workplace. For what? Because she had a relationship with Taylor Hicks.. We all know how Taylor has been slammed by mfoya.. But yet, Sunny, you appreciate the humor and snarky intelligence of the blog writer..Now, that is pitiful.. I’d rather be called stupid, ugly, fat ass, trailor park ho than sink to the level of praising mfoya..
    Sunny is making such a fool of herself.. She wants to gain appreciation for her blog, but yet, she mentions the CL site in every tag. She is obsessed with the CL site. Get over yourself Sunny, you aren’t that important.

  2. about time replied:

    Someone in Sunny’s position making that statement might better be described with a slight change of spelling to
    Idiotic !

  3. chill replied:

    MFOYasses, my sentiments exactly. Oh, I forgot, their philosophy on that site is that since he is now a celebrity and CL is in the public eye that they are fair game and don’t count as human beings. Sick, huh?

  4. Sunny replied:

    I have never attacked Caroline Lyders, called her names or really questioned her identity. Nor have I ever insulted Taylor Hicks. I was a fucking force on line in his Idol campaign. I simply found an interest in the behind the scenes of MFOYA. My runnings with the ‘wolf’ and doing my research as a journalistic minded artist sometimes makes it essential I go ‘Serpico’. Ever seen that flick? I have simply tried to get inside the workings of MFOYA and the closest way is how? Let’s think shall we? I have the answers, I know who they are basically and that’s all I’ll say here to all of you doubting and not thinking ahead little Thomas-asses.

  5. Sunny replied:

    My story will be out soon.

  6. Sunny replied:

    oh, wait to explain, it’s like this Doubting Thomas.

    Man, the slings and arrows I have taken. But I have made it all real to you haven’t I? That’s how it works stupid.

  7. Sunny replied:

    Oh hell, here’s Serpico. I came to you at one point hoping you’d see through. I thought you one of the smart ones.

  8. henry8 replied:

    Serpico, you may have missed a thing or two.
    We’ll find out after the story.

  9. hicksfan7 replied:

    Geeeez Sunny – you want us to bow down now to you for taking the “slings and arrows” for us? (because we’re stupid) you changing sides now? wtf
    and I love this too: “I was a fucking force on line in his Idol campaign.” – what are you trying to take credit for with that one EX-force Sunny?

  10. mfoyasucks replied:

    Hey Sunny,

    Every fan that voted for Taylor was a fucking force in his Idol campaign. Like I said earlier… you aren’t that important. Geeze.

  11. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    “I thought you were one of the smart ones”. Sunny, I consider myself an intelligent person. I don’t know you personally, and I have never talked to you one on one. I only know you by what you have posted and that is what I have reacted to in every single situation. Whether these posts were created as “journalistic research” or are your own personal thoughts, I’m only human, I’m still going to have a reaction. What would you expect?

  12. Sunny replied:

    hickfan7 you’re sounding like Jeanni now, (her hang-up that MF=Ruffcorn) you can’t understand and apparently refuse to comprehend I never walked the side you thought I did. I tried to communicate that more than once among you all but with only hostility was I ever met with here or Chills site.

    I hung out with MFOYA because at least she wasn’t constantly attacking every bloody thing I typed. She knows one thing, you catch more flies with sugar.

    henry8 if you have any ‘inside info’ I might have missed pass it on, share. email: I thought we liked one another. Makes me sad to think that it wasn’t mutual. I have always given you nothing less than respect no matter what on-line name I am talking to at the time.

  13. hicksfan7 replied:

    stormy/sunny – I missed the sugar I guess – ain’t catchin’ this fly. I wouldn’t “attack” anything you said if you sounded one teeny tiny bit like a Tay fan – but you always sound like a MFOYA fan more than anything. go figure…

  14. mfoyasucks replied:

    well said, hicksfan7. I agree, she spends more time promoting MFOYA on her “Taylor” site than Taylor. If by chance he has stumbled upon her site, I’m sure he appreciates her hard work and dedication as a fan….NOT…LOL

  15. chill replied:

    “I was a fucking force on line in his Idol campaign.”

    Tell me she didn’t say this. She’s one of those?

  16. Sunny replied:

    Chill, you are such a sad individual.

  17. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Sunny, you know what? We all are only words on the internet…nothing else. I stand by my words.

  18. chill replied:

    Sunny, what’s the matter? You say stupid things like that, you should expect a response. A “fucking force on line in his Idol campaign.” Sorry, but laughing at that is all I can do, unless of course Taylor sent you a “Thank You” card that you’d like to share with us. Give it a rest and realize that we’re all entitled to our opinion. Don’t you get a little tired of site-hopping and bad-mouthing those that don’t agree with you? I’m sure you have fans somewhere, why don’t you just follow the love?

  19. jeanni replied:

    QUOTE from SUNNY – -hickfan7 you’re sounding like Jeanni now, (her hang-up that MF=Ruffcorn) you can’t understand and apparently refuse to comprehend I never walked the side you thought I did. I tried to communicate that more than once among you all but with only hostility was I ever met with here or Chills site.

    Well well – Noticed she never addressed ME. So, even though I never saw this message?

    Sunny – IF you see this message? I HOPE you will. If you believe the message I sent to MFOYA blog, way back, then I am totally thrilled, LMAO. I knew THEY would read it and be ticked, my messages always went to spam. However, I did send it and had hope it would cause them to publish it, they didn’t disappoint me. That was my intention, to make MFOYA spill her/his guts. I know whose behind this and there is always THE photo MF claimed the “sham patrol” published on a gossip blog, you know the one – That of course was a lie, I know who published it and why and it wasn’t Taylor nor his people. MFOYA is more than one can of trash, it’s the entire trash can. If you have anything to say to ME, then say it TO me. For the record, please don’t insult us by saying that YOU are bashing CL and Taylor because you seek the truth? LMAO. What a crock of BS. You don’t have me fooled for one freaking minute.

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