Thy Name is Mfoya


Envy eats nothing but it’s own heart.

If this quote is true, then MFOYA and it’s “supporters” must be having a feast! How else to explain the rants that are now occuring on it’s blog? Having been proven wrong in everything that it has claimed, it has now resorted to posting comments from “many people” (using this term loosely, due to the fact that the many people are most likely the numerous reincarnations of the same small minded group that has always been there), that have taken the trashing of two people to a whole new level. What ever happened to the love? Well, evidently that was a lie too, as mfoya seems fit to allow posts that have denigrated to a whole new gutter. Funny, posts that call Taylor Hicks and Caroline Lyders the trashiest of names are allowed, but any post that dares to politely disagree with the Wizard are never allowed to see the light of day.

Reading these new posts, however, actually are quite enlightening. By allowing these posts to remain, we are able to see into Mfoya’s mind. It’s not about the truth, it’s never been about the truth…if so, this blog would have ended a long time ago, because the truth is evident that there is no sham. It’s about envy, it’s about jealousy, it’s about hatred. It’s about a group of people that are so miserable, so unhappy in their daily lives that the only “joy” they get out of life, is to project their feelings of self-hate onto two innocent people. It’s about a group of people that want something, be it love or recognition or fame, so badly, but do not have the emotional maturity to understand that you do not achieve it by attempting to snatch it away from others.

The more hate-filled posts that appear on Mfoya’s blog, the more we all see into it’s soul. What a cold, dark place it is!


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  1. enelrac1775 replied:

    All so very true, and so very,very sad. It seems to me that these people at MFOYA should be less involved in their “concern” about Taylor’s karma, and a lot more concerned about their own.

  2. mfoyasucks replied:

    You stated that perfectly. They are miserable people who hate to see others happy. I can’t imagine calling anyone the names thrown out over there today, and yet, these same people say they are Taylor “fans”! Color me stupid, but I just don’t get it.. Jealousy, envy, hatred, depression, and bitterness.. the true defination of MFOYA.

  3. chill replied:

    Can I ask a question here? I’m just catching up on your blog. Forgive me, I work six days a week. LOL! Is the journalist telling us she was undercover? bwhahahaha

  4. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Chill…yes, that was one of her claims. Take it as you wish….I personally take it with a pound of salt.

  5. hicksfan7 replied:

    I checked it out over there…they are SO MEAN! unreal. at MFOYA I guess ’tis the season to be biotches!

    and yes I tried to post a couple comments – they were actually TO other Posters = but even those don’t get through.

  6. Sunny replied:

    chill, this journalist says “shut your envious wish you could write like me ass up”. Get over me. I sided with MFOYA – It effed with you. That made me smile.

  7. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    You are free to “side” with anyone you wish…and people are free to take that into consideration when they read what you say. Take a stand, make a point, because you’re confusing the heck out of me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  8. chill replied:

    Jealous of you?? bwahahahahaha Yeah, I’ve always wanted to be a raving lunatic, so you’re right, I’m green with envy. I have a real career, not a fake one.

  9. chill replied:

    Yeah, you effed with me! You really are a legend in your own mind, aren’t ya? Let’s pull up the archives and see who effed with who. 🙂

  10. Sunny replied:

    Regarding your desiring to be a raving lunatic, man, you’re already there, take solace you have met that goal. Congrats.

    You have a real career? Good for you, whatever that involves.

    You know nothing about me really, chill. Nothing at all. The on-line writing name you know me by is not my real name. I imagine you and your BFFs have read my material from time to time, you’re just not aware. That makes me smile too.

    Confusing the heck out of y’all? You all are running around confusing yourselves. Really.

    I especially find Chill full-out entertaining, that’s for sure. Man, lady you can’t talk about anyone hating, you reign numero uno in that emotion. MFOYA has nothing on you in the negativity field. You own it, live it and breathe it. You whip the MFOYA ass in hate.

    Here’s a nice song for all of your listening enjoyment. Like a Baby.

  11. Sunny replied:

    Chill, you need to calm down, I’m not getting in an archive war with your sad, sick, twisted self. That’s so childish, Childress. You just have fun and roll in the hate you so worship. Obviously I effed with you sweetness, that’s why you get so riled at the sight of my name.

    That said, I ranted and raved at you once, albeit amply supplied with a pint of Jack Daniels (you creatively embellished it too, so thanks…) all in all I feel much better toward you. Good air in, bad air out and all that. Try it baby, take a deep one.
    Much Love.

  12. chill replied:

    “I imagine you and your BFFs have read my material from time to time, you’re just not aware. That makes me smile too.”

    Got me there, sunny, I’ve read a lot of drivel in my lifetime, so it is quite possible.

  13. jeanni replied:

    Good grief, looks like I’ve been missing some “stuff”…Sunny can’t be REALLY serious after just one gulp of the devil’s brew, can she?

    Sunny, what’s all the name calling about, huh? Did you mean to say Childish rather than Childress? What’s up with that? Wanna explain, without the brain teasers?

  14. jeanni replied:


    Wow, I couldn’t have said it better myself, most excellent! You hit the nail on the head, perfectly.

    WHY can’t they see it, you certainly have. Why can’t they see the harm in what they do? Can’t they see that MFOYA uses them, that he wants to destroy Taylor for what he feels Taylor did? We all know Taylor didn’t DO anything. What Taylor did do was to see Caroline Lyders and that’s it in a nut shell. However, one can’t make a narcissist understand, they are always right… it’s hopeless, but, the women who believe MF are pathetic. That’s just what he wants! A herd of mewling lambs, going to slaughter, truly sad and so very unnecessary!

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