Sugar and Spice


Disclaimer: The women referred to in this song bear NO resemblance to the girls shown in the picture.

Well, I ain’t a mean girl, but I’ve known a few

They’ll make you cry, baby, and then blame it on you.

They’ll hate you if you’re pretty, they’ll hate you if you’re not

They’ll hate you for what you lack, baby, then they’ll hate you for what you’ve got.

Mean girls, scratch and spitting

Mean girls, can’t be forgiven

Mean girls, make mean women.

Mean girls.


December 20, 2007. Tags: . Uncategorized.


  1. hicksfan7 replied:

    MEAN posters at MFOYA.

  2. chill replied:

    The comments over there are so over the top!! Are we sure that these are not ex-wives of Taylor’s? haha

  3. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    And it just keeps getting worse! I wonder if you can get restraining orders in a bulk lot?

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