From Santa’s Mailbag

Dear Santa,

Here is my Christmas List for this year. Mummy explained to me that last year was a fluke and that the coal that was in my stocking was really meant for someone else, so you better come through this year. If you don’t pony up everything that I have asked for, you’ll be sorry. I will make you pay. I have pictures that clearly show that you are not that jolly old soul that you portray to all the other idiots who aren’t as smart as I am, and haven’t figured it out. My photos clearly show that you are actually a skinny dude from Miami, who runs a sweatshop, passing off those Guatemalean children as your “elves”. And don’t even get me started on those reindeer! Photochopping antlers and a rednose on a hamster does not turn him into Rudoph!

So you better step it up this year, Santa, or I will go to the reporters with this story, and your sham will be blown wide open. Don’t make me hurt you, Santa.




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And The Survey Says….

I was at a birthday party last night, and talking to some friends.  Somehow, we got on the topic of cyberspace, and I proceeded to tell them about the mfoya site, and their claims about the “sham”.   This was a varied group, some liked TH’s music, a few had been to a concert, and a few said “isn’t that the guy that won American Idol”.  So I definitely felt that I had a cross-section of the American Public to survey.  I asked a few basic questions.  Basically, the reaction was universal…..Who The F**K Cares?   They were much more intrigued with why someone would start this whole MFOYA crap then they were interested in any of the details about the so-called sham.  They could have cared less about “the story”, but they were amazed that “it” would try it’s hardest to get “the story” out to the news, in an attempt to  discredit 2 people.  So maybe that’s it.  Maybe it’s not really about the “sham”.  Maybe it’s not really about the 2 people involved, they were just unlucky enough to be picked to be part of it’s plan.  It has a need to be in this type of position, to be praised, to be listened to, to be “important”.   Like the Wizard, if people really saw it’s true self, they wouldn’t listen.  So it has to hide behind the curtain, hide behind the “sham”.  Only then will anyone pay attention.  And attention is what feeds it’s soul.

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