Ten Fingers, Ten Toes

I must have lost consciousness for a few seconds, or maybe my mind just needed to take a break. I don’t remember any gradual approach, just one second darkness, the next second my eyes opening. I saw forms in front of me, but it took a moment for my vision to clear enough to actually see what or who was surrounding me.

I don’t know what I was expecting to see when I finally was up close with MFOYA. Maybe I was expecting some type of alien form or gruesome monsters. Imagination can do funny things. I guess I was the most surprised at what I did see.


Ordinary, everyday, normal looking people. No one had three eyes, or horns or anything else that would differentiate them from the average person walking down the street or in line at Starbucks. In fact, they were they type of people one wouldn’t even take a second glance at.

Startled, I blurted out “You’re MFOYA?” I started laughing. I’m not sure if it was because of the relief that I felt, or the realization that I may have gotten myself in WAY too deep.

Evidently, my laughter irritated them, because they all began to shout. It was hard to understand it all, because they were trying to speak over each other. I heard “stupid”, “smart”, “idiot”, and “liar”. All the words that one can read ad nauseum at the site. Evidently, MFOYA did not have a thesaurus.

It was as if they all stopped shouting on cue. They began to whisper amongst themselves. There didn’t seem to be a leader, or if there was, evidently that position was in name only.

Finally, a MFOYA took a few steps towards me. As I looked at it, I noticed it had an very unusual gait, almost like a cat, ready to pounce.ย  I looked at into it’s eyes, and what I saw there terrified me. There was nothing. I felt like I was looking into a deep cavern.

The MFOYA shouted, “Come with us.” Evidently, whatever hospitality they had been taught by their parents was no longer a part of their routine.
Seeing no other options available at the moment, I rose from the chair and followed, with some of the MFOYA’s flanking both sides, and a few behind me to prevent my escape.

We approached a door. Though the door was made from heavy wood planks, a bright light was coming out from under it. A MFOYA opened the door, and motioned for me to walk through it.

To Be Continued Monday


January 25, 2008. Tags: . Uncategorized.


  1. gypseestrampsnthieves replied:

    OMG! Why do I think of the Oompa Loompa’s when you refer to them as the ‘MFOYA’s’?

    Nobody ever goes in.. and nobody ever comes out! GAH!!!!

    Can’t wait for Monday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hicksfan7 replied:

    OMG Asses – ‘normal looking’ people are the WORST – you never know what to expect from them – and you had NO CHOICE but to go with.


  3. Sunny replied:

    I have always known of all of the Fanatics you were the Smart One.

    I love to be right.

  4. mfoyasucks replied:

    Sunny won’t let it go now will she.. Geeze..

  5. chill replied:

    eww, she’s still around?

  6. Jeanni replied:

    Hmmm, very interesting! I look forward to your next one today! If I owned this blog, I don’t know if I could contain myself or not? After the google alert’s message that Radar has another article on TH and CL. They’re on the same jag. Posting doctored photo’s, courtesy of mfoya, was a real joke! Using her photo’s to prove there was another woman involved? Gee, think I can sell my doctored photo’s of me walking on the moon? I have news for mfoya, which she already knows – Her doctored photo’s proved nothing at all other than they are doctored! Comparisons can’t be make with doctored photo’s, no way, no how. Glad to see Taylor blow it off…it’s a complete joke.

  7. chill replied:

    MFOYAsses, how do you like Sunny’s lips on your ass? haha

  8. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    I just hope that I don’t disappoint! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. mfoyasucks replied:

    Chill, OMG.. ROFLOL! Sunny has a way with kissing ass, don’t ya think…

  10. Sunny replied:

    Try to be nice and you all – except this site owner – act like Real Asses. Go figure.

  11. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    There’s only one Asses here, and that’s me. Any imitations pale in comparison! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. mfoyasucks replied:

    Which way do you want it, Sunny? I think your statement was a slam to the “fanatics”, don’t ya think? You get what you give!

  13. Sunny replied:

    I wasn’t slamming anyone, I’ve just thought ‘Asses the most creative of your group. Initially I thought they might simply mirror Chill, I came here to read and saw for myself that’s not the case. Several of ‘Asses’ posts on this site have really touched me, she’s an excellent writer. This MFOYA story well done, creative and very appropriate pics to illustrate. Too, except for the poor dead rats, inoffensive. hahaha…my rat would object.

    Honest Truth, not kissing up. If you take it as a slam against you, mfoyasucks – well that’s your prerogative.

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