Crazier By The Dozen

The MFOYA began to chat amongst themselves, I’m assuming they were trying to decide who was going to be their spokesperson. As I waited, I looked at each of them with greater scrutiny. Since they had not introduced themselves, I was going to have to tag them with nicknames in order to differentiate between them.

Of course, there was the stringy blond haired MFOYA, whom I immediately dubbed The Turnip. Turnip was wearing a t-shirt with a big old Tool Box on it’s chest. I wasn’t quite sure of it’s meaning, maybe it was just a fan of tools.

Next to Turnip, was a MFOYA wearing what resembled a tutu. Remember when you were a kid and you got your first little jewelry box? When you opened it up, there was a tiny twirling little dancer inside, going round and round? As a child, I tried to imitate it, but I never looked like a ballerina, I just got dizzy! I immediately dubbed this one Dancing MFOYA.

Next came a pair that seemed to be joined at the hip, speaking almost in unison. They seemed to think they were quite funny, every once in awhile nudging each other and cackling away. Since they seemed to be inseperable I named them Beavis and Butthead.

Then came a very unusual looking MFOYA. It’s eyes were very large and it’s body very small. It reminded me of the bugs that would come out during the early summer months back home. Bug MFOYA!

The next MFOYA was quite the sight. Again a very ordinary looking individual, but in some attempt to adopt a “groovier” image, was sporting a French beret, as if that would add a sophisticated aura to it. It had a very sad face, as if it was in mourning. Sad MFOYA.

The next MFOYA seemed to be a bit confused. Again ordinary in appearance, but when you looked into it’s eyes, it was if it had lost it’s soul. In it’s hands it clutched a drawing that looked to have been created by a child. The drawing was of a man, but a very strange looking man, not anyone that I recognized. The drawing looked as if it had been around for a very long time, with dog-eared corners and food stains on it. Though this MFOYA seemed to treasure this drawing, one could tell it hadn’t treated it with much care. Soul-less MFOYA!

I turned my attention to the next MFOYA, who seemed very active, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was doing. It had multiple cell phones, Blackberries and other devices all round it, and it seemed in between talking to the other MFOYA, it was busy taking calls and making plans. Have you ever seen those movies with someone playing the part of a talent scout or agent, always on the phone, always making deals, seems to know everybody? That’s what it reminded me of. Hollywood MFOYA!

The last MFOYA I studied was probably the most interesting of the whole crazy bunch. Wearing what seemed to be credentials around it’s neck, it seemed the busiest of them all. It seemed to be going back and forth, talking to one MFOYA in one manner, then turning to the next one and talking in a completely different voice, then using a third voice to talk to someone else. The entire time it was talking, it was taking notes. I decided to name this one Sybil MFOYA.

Just as I finished studying the cast of characters around me, the MFOYA stopped talking amongst themselves, and turned their attention to me.

Turnip MFOYA spoke. “So, you’ve come looking for MFOYA and you’ve found MFOYA. The fact that you were able to find us means nothing. We allowed you to find us because we decided it was time that the truth should come out.”

“The truth about “the scam”?”, I asked. “I thought you already had put that “truth” out.”

Hollywood MFOYA spoke next. “The “scam” has been put out there. We’ve been proven to be correct. It’s up to those idiots out there whether they want to believe it or not, that’s not our concern.”

“Nothing has been proven about any “scam”, I replied, “the only thing that has been proven is there are a few people who are willing to believe anything because it’s been posted on the “internet”.

Suddenly, Sybil MFOYA, jumped up from it’s chair and began running around in circles, yelling “It’s been published, if it’s published it must be true.” over and over again. The other MFOYA ran over to calm it down, and eventually got it back into it’s chair.

There was silence again. Then Soul-less MFOYA reached across the table, still clutching it’s drawing and pushed a button that was in the middle of the table. All of the MFOYA turned towards the wall behind me, motioning for me to turn also.

As I turned in my chair, I saw a large screen being lowered from the ceiling. When it finally was extended, I heard the sounds of a DVD being slid into a machine, and images began to appear on the screen.

To Be Continued.


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  1. chill replied:

    I am dying over here! But in a good way, haha. My favorite character so far is Sybil MFOYA, great visual.

  2. mtngirl replied:

    I’m really enjoying the story and your style of writing.  Soul-less has me intrigued.  The most dangerous character of all, perhaps? Creepy.

  3. hicksfan7 replied:

    GREAT character descriptions!

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