Fourteen Points

After telling me that I would finally learn the motiviation of MFOYA, the group began to laugh amongst themselves again. Finally, Turnip MFOYA leaned towards me. “The motivation is what confuses everyone. We’ve seen them trying to figure out what made us do this, and arguing different ideas. They’ll never be able to do it, though, because they just don’t get it. We are different. Just as we come from all walks of life, we come from different starting points. Trying to ascribe one reason for each of us is like running on a hamster wheel, you’re never gonna get anywhere.”
“If you each have your own reason, please explain it to me. I’m sure my readers would be fascinated what makes each of you tick” I answered.

Sybil MFOYA spoke first. “I joined MFOYA because I saw it as my chance to be a force again. When our idol was competing, I was one of those who spearheaded his win. I was a driving force on the internet, rallying fans to vote. After the victory, I was ignored, my role in the campaign forgotten. I saw MFOYA as a chance to once again become that internet force and I this time I would receive the acknowledgement that I deserved.”

I turned to Sad MFOYA, because she seemed to want to speak. “I loved the man. I would have done anything for that man. I knew if I could just have one hour of private time , if I was given just one opportunity to be with him backstage, that he would feel the same way. And then I found out he had someone else, not just some random one-night stand, but a relationship, and I could not believe he would do that to me. She must be destroyed, so that I could step into my rightful place.”

The Soul-less MFOYA spoke next. “Have you seen the fans? Do you realize what an embarassment they are to him? I tried to get along with them, but I got kicked off of every site there is. If these people can be culled from the fan base, it will be better for him. He needs younger fans, he needs to be surrounded by people like us, not those fanatic SPers. If his reputation is tarnished enough, they will become disillusioned and move on. Sure, it may hurt him for a bit, but in the end he will thank us.”

Dancing MFOYA and Bug MFOYA nodded their heads in agreement.

I turned to Beavis and Butthead MFOYA. “What about you two?” I asked. “Why are you doing this?” They responded to me with a snort and a cackle. “Shoot, we just want to hang with the *cool* crowd. Whatever it takes, man.”

Hollywood MFOYA spoke next. “His team is not doing anything right. If they had listened to me, he would be doing so much better. I know the business, I have connections, I know what it takes. I tried to get close to him, to help him, but no, he wouldn’t listen. Hopefully, he will learn a lesson from all of this.”

Finally, I turned to Turnip MFOYA. “You haven’t spoken yet. Why would a fan do this?”

Turnip MFOYA threw back it’s head and laughed. “Me, a fan? That’s a joke, you stupid fool. I’m involved because I want payback. I never wanted him to win. America didn’t pick the true idol, they got suckered by some no-talent bar band hack. This is payback. The sooner this guy fades away, the happier I’m gonna be.”

I understood now what Turnip MFOYA meant. Too much time had been wasted trying to “get” MFOYA, to understand the reasons why. When you got past all the smoke and mirrors, it didn’t REALLY matter what the motivation was. A group can rationalize all they want about the reasons behind their evil, but when it comes down to it, does it really matter? It’s still evil.

I turned to face all of the MFOYA. “Well, you’ve accomplished your mission, you said so yourselves in your documentary, your “truth” has been seen by the masses. Does this mean MFOYA ends?”

Laughter, shrill and on the verge of psychotic, erupted from them. “Stop?” screamed Dancing MFOYA, “Stop? Hell, we’re just getting started. This may have started out being about the scam, but we forgot about that a long time ago. It’s about us now. We have people listening to us, we have people talking about us! We’ve always been ignored, treated as if we were nobodies. Well, we’re somebodies now, for the first time in our lives we feel alive.  We’re not about to give up the spotlight.”

It grew quiet again.  It was as if talking to me had spent all of their energy, and they all sat back in their chairs, exhausted.

I waited, wondering what was going to happen next.

I heard the sound of the heavy door, opening.  All of the MFOYAs looked past me, and greeted someone.

I turned around to see who it was.

To Be Continued.


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  1. RF replied:

    Why not let this go? MFOYA has already proved that Taylor lied and Caroline was just a fake cover up. How much more do you plan on beating this dead horse? It seems there is just a few nuts that cannot accept this, everyone else seems to be fine with it. What is up with you? You do not seem stupid? So what is the deal? Do you not like that you were wrong? Who cares.

  2. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    “Who cares”

    You….otherwise why would you post here?

    And if the horse is dead, does that mean you’re not going to come back and read the next chapter?

    You’re right on one thing though, and thanks. I’m not stupid. 🙂

  3. enelrac1775 replied:

    Actually, MFOYA hasn’t proven anything. Except that they are so malevolent that they have nothing better to do than expend all their energy trying to hurt two individuals that they don’t even know. And all this over what, some imagined slight or failure to recognize their imagined importance in the Taylor Hicks universe?

  4. chill replied:

    RF = Sunny? 🙄 I love how they try to use the psychology of saying it as if it’s a fact that something has been proven. They’re at Square One. Think they’ll ever realize they’re on a treadmill? Going through all the trouble, for what? I’ll never figure that out.

    They declare it has been proven that Taylor lied and they’re telling us that they’re celebrating a victory. So why are they still trying to convince us? Don’t mind us, we’re stupid, don’t waste your time with us. Go have fun, celebrate, print up your t-shirts — thank god they’ll be branded, haha — and wear them when you schlepp the kiddies to soccer practice. We’re here supporting Taylor Hicks. RF, why are you here? Go grab yourself a 40-ouncer and celebrate with your homies.

    Great chapter, MFOYAsses! You nailed it and I am LMAO.

  5. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Wow, I didn’t know that there were fans in The Netherlands. RF, is that why some of MFOYA’s titles were written in Dutch? 🙂

  6. mfoyasucks replied:

    Asses, another hidemyass fan? LOL

  7. henry8 replied:

    I do believe you have totally nailed several of them. Very , very good.

    To your first commenter RF, I don’t have a bit of a problem with being wrong. If my being wrong would make mfoya go away, hell, I’ll volunteer to be wrong. I really, truly do not care who was on the beach, so what difference would it make it I were right or wrong.
    But whether I am right or or whether I am wrong doesn’t make mfoya any less insane.
    I don’t have absolute faith in Mrs. Gibson, but that is beside the point. Even if it was another woman on the beach, mfoya is still wrong.
    She was wrong to start this.
    She was wrong to cause problems for Taylor for no good reason,
    She was wrong to think Taylor owed her the truth about his personal life.
    She was wrong to stalk CL, calling her place of work, finding out when she was and wasn’t there, finding her address.
    She was wrong to pretend to be other people to get information from CLs ex boyfriend.
    She was wrong to do just about everything she has done for the last 8 months.
    She was wrong to think that Taylor should give her some sort of explanation for something that was none of her business.
    To sum it up, she is just about as wrong as one human being can get.
    I was wrong about a lot of things too, but as I said before I have no problem admitting when I am wrong. She can’t do that.
    She will continue to be wrong forever. There is no end and no limit to her capacity to be wrong.

  8. hicksfan7 replied:

    RF – cripes – did you come here to try to ruin our story hour? ain’t happenin.
    go away

  9. Jeanni replied:


    Please take Taylor Hicks photo’s and anything else about him OFF your blog. You don’t have the right to benefit off him. YOU are not a TH fan. That’s an insult to him. I don’t wanna hear that BAD publicity is good for him either, that’s totally outrageous, just like you are.

  10. Sunny replied:

    RF does not = Sunny, why would I post as that? Don’t you have stat trackker?

    Hicksfan7 if you thought you were talking to me that’s just lame; you visit my blog every day, I’ve always treated you decently. Stop trying to show out to your maniac pals.

    I come here to read the tale, it’s interesting. She’s a good writer and a definitive step above the rest of you.

    Jeanni you are a loon. Go find anything on my blog during this entire situation insulting Hicks or CL. Try.

    Too I never said Hicks owed me anything. I was defending
    myself against something stupid chill said to me once. I said that about being a ‘force’, by that I meant was a very involved fan. I was once a real hardcore Hicks supporter. My articles that I wrote on were posted on most of the fansites, folks liked them, and I had hundreds of e.mails telling me how my words touched them, and added to their motivation to vote for Hicks. A few articles were picked up nationally as well. That was my heart and soul and time to help the man. I wasn’t sitting like a stupid fool gushing about how I think playing the harmonica made me “uncomfortable” and just raving about what he looked like. I liked his music, his voice and his chutzpah.

    Regarding how you like to call me Sybil, I have emotions and moods, if that makes me abnormal, get me some of your brand of lithium so I can sit around nonsensically posting gibberish about Hicks’ body parts and mouth harp playing like some of you all enjoy doing. Each of you have moods and emotions and each of you have freaked out on-line – does that make you Sybils as well? Think about that for a moment if that’s possible.

    I’m sure you will have something insulting and hateful to add to this. Whatever rocks your socks.

  11. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Actually, Sunny, I kinda like you. The reason I like you is that you are willing to talk to me. I may not agree with you, I may not always like what you say, I may think that what you are doing is totally wrong, but I will definitely respect you more than anyone else on the MFOYA blog, because they are all busy hiding their identities, and are not willing to stand behind what they say.

  12. about time replied:

    loved your post. A perfect statement of the real “truth” of that mess. It should be read by a lot more people than may see it here.

  13. Sunny replied:

    Thank you ‘Asses. I kinda like you too, that’s obvious. You are creative and have something to say. You’ve a damn interesting and dry sense of humor, very refreshing.

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