And The Winner Is…..

I had to take a few days off….PTSD!

I promised that I would post the alternative endings that were sent to me for my “novel”.

Seeing as there were only 2 submissions, it was pretty easy to pick the winner. I actually had decided the basic ending for my story at this point. However, when I read the winner’s ending, I thought maybe my brain had been picked, because it was very close to what I had envisioned.

The winning entry came from CelebrityBlondeBabe.

The angel knew that he was not the one with the final decision of MFOYA’s fate. He knew that God had a plan but it was not revealed to him yet. Curious yet calm, he waited for God’s decision. He knew that the finality of MF could not extend to the end of an era for all mankind. He also knew that what God had done in the past, to those that had crossed the line of hatred and sacrilege. However, this time, it was different. This time, God was dealing with the Devil. Cunning and clever, the Devil on his best day could not begin to know the master plan…no matter how hard he tried…he was awaiting his blind fate. With MF’s fate in God’s hands and MF still consumed in his false pride, he would never admit that he was worried nor was he worried for the other MFs as he had just used them and hoped for their torturous deaths.

The Angel sat with head in hands contemplating the dilemma and felt the end near as God must carry out the final punishment. He raised his head to see MF in front of him. A light shown down on his tethered clothing while strapped to a steel chair with chains. On the table appeared a box with a card attached. The Angel reached for the box and as he was just about to open it…God spoke. “Take what is inside and cast it to the sea of silence”, God said in a strong voice as of many waters. The angel trembled at the sound of his voice, but determined to carry out God’s orders, preceded to open the box without hesitation. MF was starting to try to move the chair toward the table in earnest to get closer to the box. His hands were bound but his eyes were with sight. He was unable to move at last.

The box was opened by the Angel and the sound of trumpets filled the air. MF passed out from fear. The angel reached into the box and placed in his hand the one thing that would suffice in cutting off MF’s vengeful plot. The angel carried it to the doorway, where the other MF’s were and cast it’s dust over their heads. They fell into a deep sleep without knowledge of their dreaded fate. The angel metamorphosed into a brilliant light and was beamed to the gates of hell. There he saw the Sea of Silence. Casting the contents of the box into the Sea, the Angel felt a release of evil and encumbrance. In a flash, the Angel was back sitting at the table in front of MF with an empty box in hand.

The Angel’s voice was powerful and deep as he spoke his final words to MF. MF, cowardly looked up and began to tremble and thrash as the angel said…”Listen, MF…you can hear…but, you can never speak again…nor can you communicate in any way with anyone ever again. This is your punishment, so be it, says God”!

MF was no longer bound by chains and immediately stood to his feet. No matter how hard he tried, he could not speak. No matter how much he wanted to use his fingers in gesture, he could not. His days were over for his insulting and degrading anyone. He would never be heard again.

The runner-up ending will be posted tomorrow.


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  1. chill replied:

    LOL, great ending too, CelebrityBlonde!! The punishment fit the crime, lol!

  2. celebrityblondebabe replied:

    Thanks! I do wish you had put your savvy spin on it, you do have a wonderful way with words! So…silence it is! LOL

  3. Sunny replied:

    It fits the end the way you all prefer. A little too religious fervor for my taste. I really didn’t envision God as playing a part in any of this. Nice job though, CBB, you did well.

  4. Jeanni replied:

    Cbb…Great job, I was truly into it! Loved it!

  5. henry8 replied:

    Good job CBB, you have quite an imagination. When it was suggested to write an alternative ending, all I good think of was just blow those suckers up. Quick, but it doesn’t make much of a story.
    And there are some who believe that God plays a part in everything, so you just never know. do you?

  6. reader replied:

    Looks like one got away in this ending to. Third post
    from the top.

  7. hicksfan7 replied:

    haha CBB – never to be able to communicate again – LOVE IT!

  8. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    What is one person’s God can be another person’s Angel. 🙂

  9. Sunny replied:

    Thank you ‘Asses for being who you are.

  10. celebrityblondebabe replied:

    I have to comment that I did not know that my writing was going to be published…I thought that what was wanted was a scenario of what I thought should happen, as in, a narrative…or outline. Had I known…it would have been more demonstrative…but, hey, leave it to me to not follow directions! ROFL! That is why I said that I wanted makingfunofyourasses to add a spin on it…if it was used at all. Geeze! Ok…glad most of you liked it…embarrased…yet, hey, I did get my point across…LOL

  11. chill replied:

    Reader, hahaha, you crack me up!!

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