Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda


I’ve been spending too much time reading the fan boards. Evidently, Taylor needs to stop making his decisions based on his own instinct, intelligence and experience.

He just needs to read the boards for all future career guidance.

Who da knew it was that easy?

Aspirin, anyone?


June 20, 2008. Tags: , , . Uncategorized.


  1. celebrityblondebabe replied:

    Ok…asses…where ya been? If it was one in paticular…where Trolls/Chrolls and haters are voting about whether Taylor should be doing Grease…then, you are gonna need something stronger than Aspirin. Meet me outside…I have a stash!~

  2. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    I sure hope you got the good stuff. I need it.

    I’ve read that one, plus many others. What should his new CD be, what should his re-releases be, should he have a label, should it be indie, blah blah blah blah.

    Sheesh, enough is enough!

  3. esmarelda replied:

    I agree mfasses. Taylor is one of the smartest guys out there. He proves this over and over again. Often people don’t understand what he’s doing so he is automatically wrong. They can’t consider that maybe they don’t know enough about the music business to tell him what to do.

  4. henry8 replied:

    I am trying real hard not to read at those places, but they are everywhere. One that I read they speculate a lot but MOST don’t really try to tell him what to do.
    But I am really tired and bored with hearing what a doofus he is and how every move is crucial and career ending. Its nuts.
    I think the all time low was the other day when someone said what THEY wanted him to do and then said “I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANYTHING LESS” Guess Taylors in for a beatin if he doesn’t hop to.
    You would think that these people were an intregal part of the music business and 99.9% of them just aren’t.

  5. celebrityblondebabe replied:

    Asses…after reading the comments here…I think we need to share the stash with some of the loons out there in Tayland. Do they not have a life? I would really feel sorry for them if Taylor was not around; what the hell would they complain about? What would they do? I guess the answer would be…put them in a round room and tell them to go sit in the corner…round and round and round they go.

  6. chill replied:

    I saw a comment somewhere and have added it to my favorites. Paraphrasing: If you leave the driving to Taylor, you just might enjoy the ride. LOL To me, that sums it up.

  7. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    They better make sure that the round room is padded 🙂

    Chill, I like that comment! Sit back, enjoy the ride.

    Quit trying to be backseat drivers!

  8. chill replied:

    I have a better idea. How about we take the padded room and give them the messed up world! A quiet padded room sounds pretty inviting at times.

  9. taylordays replied:

    Chill – If you leave the driving to Taylor, you just might enjoy the ride. LOL To me, that sums it up.

    What a perfect comment – love it!

  10. chill replied:

    Don’t mind me, I came back to this thread to copy the picture. I love that “scream.”

  11. Jeanni replied:

    I’m with you..after this week, which is not June, but July, that picture suits my mood perfectly. Oh and the boards? OMG. One woman had written exactly what mfoyasses says up above..this woman knew it all, what he should do and what he should record and that he wouldn’t sell a million if very many at all? Grrrrr.. sigh…I asked her if she could also read palms? She said..What does that mean? –

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