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The MF Orphans have a blog


And on this blog they have some moles


With a mole over here and a mole over there

Here a mole, there a mole, everywhere a mole, mole

The MF Orphans have a blog.



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  1. Tappanga replied:


  2. 15minsoffame1 replied:

    I’m laughing because they are doing exactly what
    I said they would do.

    In addition some one else has realized how ridiculous
    they are. Straight from the hate blog. (Perhaps this site should now be called “keepin’ it private”. Private for what??? the 5-8 people who always post here?!??!)
    Makes me laugh. 😀

    I just wish spinny would disappear as well. What
    a treat that would be. 😀 She continues to litter your blog.

  3. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    I don’t have any problem with Sunny posting on my blog. If I do have a problem with anything she posts, I’ll let her know.

    We don’t have to agree with everything that she or others may post. I know she doesn’t agree with everything I post either. 🙂

  4. spinshack replied:

    Hahahahaha, short, funny and you make your point.

    Moles, and more moles.

  5. yallarescaringme replied:

    It would be nice if all these blogs disappeared and people started discussing music instead of poking fun at fans. I don’t think this animosity helps Taylor one bit.

  6. Tappanga replied:

    As long as we’re still going to shows and buying CDs, I don’t think it HURTS Taylor, either.

    And honestly, I doubt he gives a shit.

  7. henry8 replied:

    Hey, it keeps us off the streets.

  8. chill replied:

    Henry, LOL!

  9. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    I now have a mental image of henry and her “krew”, walking down the street.


  10. spinshack replied:

    For some odd reason I thought of henry8 walking down the streets…like an Eqyptian. (I did say ‘odd’.)Go henry8 go!

  11. Tappanga replied:

    I think it’d be more like this:

  12. spinshack replied:

    Man, I love that movie.

  13. henry8 replied:

    really, Henry walks a lot more like this.

  14. tif replied:

    Henry, You’re cracking me up!! LOL 🙂

  15. yallarescaringme replied:

    “As long as we’re still going to shows and buying CDs, I don’t think it HURTS Taylor, either. And honestly, I doubt he gives a shit.”

    I am not saying Taylor gives a shit. Just saying it hurts the fan community to have constant infighting. I know people who are no longer active due to drama and attacks on other boards. They got tired of it and have enough going on at home (health, finances) so they pulled away and that makes me sad. It effects Taylor only because those same people are not buying so many CD’s and aren’t going to so many shows now. They lost interest due to nothing Taylor did but due to what his fans did. I guess my point is every fan counts. We were once a community. Now we drive each other out and make fun of each other.

  16. Tappanga replied:

    I agree that every fan counts, and I agree that we have lots of drama in this fandom. But drama isn’t exclusive to Taylor Hicks. Almost every fandom has some sort of drama.

    And you don’t have to sign onto any message boards or WordPress blogs to be a fan. If they lost interest in Taylor because of something a fan did, I’m not sure how they were fans to begin with. I’m not starting on the whole “she’s more of a fan that that other person is” jive. But I am saying if you’re a fan, you’re a fan of the music and of the man, and the other stuff can fall away.

    There are still places where there is no drama. I can think of one hideous board that doesn’t allow it at all. Tell your friends to go there. Just be warned: There’s no fun or life there either.

  17. chill replied:

    There’s drama everywhere you go, really. I work in a place where there’s less than 30 employees. Most of the time, we get along great, but there are still plenty of drama-filled days where I can’t wait to get the hell out of there. It’s hard to escape it.

  18. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    I never belonged to any of the other boards, so I don’t know what “attacks” and “drama” happened.

    I cannot imagine what anyone could do to me that would make me decide that I wasn’t going to listen to a particular musician.

    To me, the 2 things are not connected.

  19. yallarescaringme replied:

    They are very related for some people. Many people have made friends in this community from since the AI boards and attend shows together and keep one another excited about Taylor and his music. That’s what happens on most boards too, the daily interaction and talking about Taylor keeps each other more interested thn if you’re just a fan by yourself. For many this isn’t just a fan of a musician but also community they feel a part of. When one fans leaves because of fighting and drama that’s a fan lost. It’s just how it is because people are human. Im not saying people stop being fans altogether, but yes they stop being as active and they stop caring as much as they once used to. Less shows, less CD’s. Also in this community there’s underlying competitiveness on who can do more and promote him more. That only helps Taylor.

    I don’t know about other fan bases. I’m a fan of John Mayer and I’ve never seen anything like this. People bicker but not at each others throats and building sites to make fun. Never seen it.

  20. celebrityblondebabe replied:

    Problem started when fansites and their moderators, administrators and webmasters/owners…etc…decided that they would allow trolls/chrolls and haters to post on a fansite that should have been positive about Taylor. I am not saying that people don’t have differing opinions…that is a given…I am saying that bashing, dissing and smartasses were allowed to turn great fans away. The reason these fans left was because the mods, admin…etc…were a part of that dissing. They deleted, repromanded and eventually either embarrassed or banned those that took up for Taylor. If someone wants to belong to a fansite where it is all lollipops and roses…then it might be out there…you have to go look for it…other than that…what I see are a bunch of assholes running these fansites thinking that they have a connection to Taylor…LOL…or they are better than other fans..Laughing even louder! Bad attitudes were spoken louder by those in charge…and ultimately, they are responsible for those fansites going down the tubes. I personally have been a victim of such…but, nothing any of those nutjobs with an agenda do or say to me…will change my opinion of Taylor. I am just as loyal as I always have been. I think if someone gets turned off…then find another place or don’t participate in the internet blogs/fansites or communities. Some people are not cut our for this type of thing. Hey….maybe they could all go to THHQ where the rules say that you are not allowed to have any personal conversations on the board…you know…like robots? If you have something to say…like “HI” to a friend…you must refrain…too personal…so, hey, just an example…of either you are allowed to vent and say your piece…or go where you are controlled and the ones in charge are stone cold. Think it is up to the individual…also, if someone does not like what they read…then why do they continue to read it? That should be the question of the day. Last I heard…no one has tied anyone to a chair in front of a fansite and held their eyelids open with toothpicks and made them read or be poked with a hot poker. The internet can be evil…and it can also be fun…you make of it what you will…and what you choose…it is called…
    FREEDOM OF SPEECH! There are some that have nothing but an agenda…they don’t care at all about Taylor Hicks. Yet…it is all that they talk about. IMO, they need to get a life…if they want to hate so much…then they need to go live in jail where there are people there of their kind…then, someone will either give them what they deserve…or get rid of them. I like it either way for them…and believe me, these people don’t just act this way on the internet…hatred is ingrained in their being…they will get it one day…and I am just waiting.

  21. spinshack replied:

    Interesting how a discourse containing FREEDOM OF SPEECH can mean something completely other than that…

    That last bit of talk is just weird. Rather ominous, especially that last bit about ‘someone will either give them what they deserve…or get rid of them.’

    Kind of creepy like this.

  22. lmao4 replied:

    I didn’t find any of Celebrityblondebabe’s post weird. I understood every word of it and I agree with her. Jail would be a perfect place for some people. They can be among people of their own kind and those people do have their own brand of justice. I’d enjoy seeing them take care of each other so the rest of us can live in peace.

  23. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Hatred isn’t a crime. It’s stupid, takes up a lot of time and energy, and makes a person miserable.

    But it’s not a crime.

    Doing something illegal, in the name of hate, is a crime.

  24. lmao4 replied:

    That’s exactly right mfasses. A lot of the time one thing leads to the other.

  25. yallarescaringme replied:

    The thing is celebrityblondbabe you say FREEDOM OF SPEECH is allowed and then on the other hand they say “bashing, dissing and smartasses” should not be allowed. But that is also freedom of speech. FOS would not be that if it was allowed on one side and not the other.

    My whole point was to say that making fun of others is not a positive element of this community. There are varying degrees of hatred and it is my opinion that making fun of people is too a form of it. Even if some find it funny, someone will always not. Well of course it’s not a crime but it is not nice or helpful or positive. So I agree it takes up a lot of time and makes a person miserable or maybe it makes a person happy since some laugh while they do it.

  26. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    If you think I write this blog because I hate other people, I’m not sure what I can do to change your mind.

    That’s not my motivation.

    I try hard not to “hate” on people, but I have and will poke fun at what people say and what people do, including myself.

    Here’s the thing. The internet can be a big bad world. If you don’t want anyone to criticize what you say or what you do, then don’t put it on the internet for the world to see.

    If you say it, you own it.

  27. henry8 replied:

    Sheesh–so much seriousness.
    Thing I notice is that a lot of people make all kinds of fun but when someone makes fun back they get all bent out of shape. And there is a big difference between poking a little fun and getting downright nasty. When you find someone that just brings out the nasty in you, probably better to stay away. Not that I have always done that, but I am getting smarter. Believe it or not.
    And this business of telling people what kind of fan they can or should be seems to exist in a lot of places not in any one spot. Just read something the other day that someone said they were ready to “rid Taylor of certain fans” Don’t know if they asked Taylor if he wanted to be rid of them, maybe they did. Much as I enjoy some of the people I have met online, all I need to keep me interested in Taylors music, is Taylor himself. His timeframe might not always be what I want but hes not going away. I can wait. There will be more music , he will do shows. Thats really all thats important.

    I will agree with CBB about one thing, perhaps I will say it a little differently. I have never really understood why some people join anyones fan site and seem to do very little there but critisize. I join, to get news of what they are doing, have access to more vids, that sort of thing, and talk a bit about the musician whoever it is. I might express an opinion, say I wish he would do this or that but there are some who seem to be there only to critisize. I don’t get that, I never will.

  28. spinshack replied:

    lmao4, if you agree that speaking one’s mind in a way that is not accepted by some warrants ‘jail time’ and that weird rant, then man, I have no words. lol

    ‘Asses, I don’t think they were referring to you.

  29. henry8 replied:

    criticize–I do know how to spell it, I can’t see. 😦

  30. henry8 replied:

    talk about posting at the same time LOL

  31. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    I’m not going to the big house. I can’t do it.

    They’ll never take me alive!


  32. henry8 replied:

    Asses is behind the barricade.
    Do you want me to send in reinforcments?
    I could call on my French Foreign Legion brothers. 🙂

  33. lmao4 replied:

    spinshack you have no words. Wow! Please God let it be true!

    No that wasn’t what I was saying at all.

    Mfasses I hope you realize that I wasn’t referring to you when I was talking about hate.

  34. henry8 replied:

    It just dawned on me, that when someone spoke of criminal activity they might have been thinking of the posting of personal imformation. I don’t know what the rules are on that myself, but I see the comments section of a certain gossip site was closed. So maybe someone was concerned about it. Don’t know, just a guess.

  35. chill replied:

    You will never force an entire community of people to behave and think in the same way. Doesn’t that really go without saying? To expect it is unrealistic and to achieve it would make for a boring community. I agree with Tappanga.

  36. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    They got me!

  37. celebrityblondebabe replied:

    Not so sure what the motive or concern is all about from YASM…If indeed, she/he is a fan of John Mayer…then how did she venture here…where Taylor is the most celebrated? There are JM sites, so she/he mentioned? Also… YASM mentioned that they are not so….uncomfortable? Well…then I suggest that would be a good place for her/him. When a person has the yearning for something yet searches for and seems interested in the fans and concerns of another, it does seem motivated in some way, IMO.

    As far as spinshack…it was very like you to put up a disgusting little clip of a satanic person. Suits you to a tee. Or…was that you? Some might find that offensive…I do! Anyway…freedom of speech does not mean that anything goes. There are laws. Also, on fansites…there are rules. That is what I was discussing…where there are mods/admin…etc…just in case you did not understand my post. Which obviously, you did not. My post was in response to YASM. However, now that others have joined into my response…so be it…there are many on blogs that don’t believe in rules…but, baby, there are rules. If you think not…then go read the guidlines of wordpress where you happen to have a blog or did you miss that part? People are arrested every day for using language in a country where freedom of speech is declared…but, there are boundaries/limitations/rules/laws. Whether you like it or not, SS, you have boundaries as well. Oh…seems that a certain place was being bombarded by those that think they can say/post whatever they want…without penalty…WRONG! The proof is in the pudding. Anyone can try to cross that line…and if they do…they are responsible for their own consequences. Period.

    For instance…my state (which protects ME)…Georgia…read this:

    Other states have laws as well. Even when a site has no rules…the laws of this land protect and therefore…the phrase…Freedom of Speech…is only a term used when one is expressing an opinion…of course, within boundaries. Other countries that don’t allow freedom of speech…well, they have no freedom of opinion. If one understands the law, they would understand what I have said and am trying to explain. Now…for good reading check it out…you might learn something.

  38. Jeanni replied:

    Asses, thanks for the opportunity for our opinion –

    Spin / Sunny – You said –
    lmao4, if you agree that speaking one’s mind in a way that is not accepted by some warrants ‘jail time’ and that weird rant, then man, I have no words. lol

    I think you’re confused by what Lmao4 actually meant. Speaking one’s mind is freedom of speech and we all have the right. What is not acceptable, would be the criminal element we’ve read and seen on hate blogs – Internet stalking is a crime. Especially when one’s name, address, phone numbers and photos are publicly given on the Internet, then yes, its totally unacceptable, that crosses a thin line and is far different from “freedom of speech.” -it is a crime.

    As to several others who commented about fan-sites? I think its the influx of those people who are not fans of TH’s. This has been an issue on most of the boards. I believe most fan-sites are trying to weed them out. Since that has been the situation, nevertheless, there are blogs where these same (what people call) chrolls / trolls have continued with the invasion of (fans) private citizens by stalking and revealing personal information. This is what I consider the most harmful element for TH fan sites and it seems to be rampant.As long as chroll / troll blogs are reported, perhaps they’ll realize that yes, as Lmao4 said, they do break the law when they stalk and invade another person’s private life. You said a rantis not a crime, but nternet stalking threats are a crime. I think we can all agree on that issue.

  39. Jeanni replied:

    I agree, if we all had the same opinion, it would be very boring! I believe when people are interested in an artist, they may decide to join a fansite where other TH fans are, a fansite bearing his name. What becomes stressful is when there are those people who are NOT fans of TH and are there for their on agenda only and thats to cause dissention and bickering. From what I’ve seen on certain fansites, that has been the situation.Is it fair to those fans who are there for all the right reasons? In my opinion, no. I’ve enjoyed fansites for the most part, but having to deal with chrolls on TH boards has been a huge issue.

    The other issue would be the expectations of the whole of the TH boards. I see three groups of TH fans. Those who’ve enjoyed his career after AI. Those who want him back to his pre-Idol career and those who want him to just record and tour. I consider him all those. Fact is, Taylor won AI, he wanted a career as an entertainer – musician – vocalist – song writer – and one who could finally experiment in other area’s of the entertainment industry and why not? He’s multi-talented and he’s young, the world is his stage. I applaud him for doing whatever he feels strongly about. That’s the way it should be, its his career. 🙂 He worked his butt off for over ten years and got no just rewards, now it’s his turn to do it his way because he NOW has the means to do it whichever or whatever his choices will be, it’s all up to him! I LIKE it. 🙂

  40. Jeanni replied:

    Yes, there are laws that protect citizens from Internet stalking (personal and private information), is an invasion of privacy and dangerous to that individual. If you had the need to, you’d report it to the police in your area. Its one thing to contantly insult a person on a “hate” blog, yet another to post personal information, it is against the law and most times, against the (for instance) WordPress rules, ask them. There are always rules, whether the criminal type wants to admit it or not,its a fact.

  41. Jeanni replied:

    That song is a hoot! LMAO. So I assume it’s true? I guess that oil and water don’t mix eh? It never has, think she’s learning that by now? I doubt it. 🙂

  42. yallarescaringme replied:

    “Not so sure what the motive or concern is all about from YASM…If indeed, she/he is a fan of John Mayer…then how did she venture here…where Taylor is the most celebrated? There are JM sites, so she/he mentioned? Also… YASM mentioned that they are not so….uncomfortable? Well…then I suggest that would be a good place for her/him. When a person has the yearning for something yet searches for and seems interested in the fans and concerns of another, it does seem motivated in some way, IMO.”

    CelebrityBlondebabe, do i have to spell out I am a fan of Taylor? Guess so. That’s weird. All you read from my posts is where I mentioned that I was a fan of mayer AS WELL, something i only mentioned to make my point that I did not see this kind of animosity in another fan base. Your accusatory tone is not cool.

    OK. “poking fun” is a glossed over term for being mean. It’s all bad stuff. There was a day when it was about the man and his music. Those are the days I miss and long for. Now the fans are just obsessed with each other and putting each other down. I really wish it would stop.

    Asses i don’t know what your motivation is. But it’s not a positive one. It’s not just you, I am speaking about the disintegration of this fan base as a whole. Since 2006 it has gone downhill and only getting worse. I do believe all these blogs have had a very negative impact on the fan base. People come to these places to speak negativity because fan sites won’t allow it. It will never stop if everyone keeps saying well everyone does it. No one here seems to be open to being more positive. OK. That I find depressing though.

  43. TaylorDays replied:

    Hats off to those of you who know the difference between freedom and license.

    This includes but is not limited to CBB, Jeannie, LMAO4, Henry8,Chill and the owner of this blog.

  44. spinshack replied:

    “I think you’re confused by what Lmao4 actually meant. Speaking one’s mind is freedom of speech and we all have the right. What is not acceptable, would be the criminal element we’ve read and seen on hate blogs – Internet stalking is a crime. Especially when one’s name, address, phone numbers and photos are publicly given on the Internet, then yes, its totally unacceptable, that crosses a thin line and is far different from “freedom of speech.” -it is a crime.”

    No Jeanni I wasn’t confused over lmao4 wrote, rather what CBB wrote. lmao4 was just agreeing with her. Good thing she has you to clarify for her.

    Originally the post by CBB went from a rather calm opinion discourse to tossing folks in jail, do not pass go do not collect two hundred dollars, without clarification. Too the inclusion of ‘getting rid of them’, made me laughingly think that something “Soprano”-like should happen to her perceived violators.

    I guess it may all be a matter of not listening carefully, or misinterpretations of intent.

    In line of internet stalking, y’all need turn to your pal 15 Minutes, they have the market on posting places of work and vital info on others as they discover it. She “Splashed” another blogger’s place and location of employment. Jeanni you’d be so proud, I saved that little happening for a ‘file’. 15 Min. is obviously cognizant of wordpress rules as she omitted that information from her wordpress site. I don’t know of any other blogger out there who runs about posting actual names and personal information, so have no idea of the violators CBB spoke of – especially in her post there is no mention of that activity only mention of FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Yeah, call me confused. Where’s my ginko biloba? Lighten up folks.

  45. henry8 replied:

    “poking fun is a glossed over term for being mean”

    Maybe it is to some, but I think most of us can discern the difference. People “poke fun” at me all the time, in real life, on the internet, I don’t mind a bit , in fact I encourage it , I enjoy joking back and forth. Hell, now I laugh about the day they accused me of beating children. So silly, you have to laugh.
    Where would Sat. Night Live and most comedians be if they couldn’t poke fun. Life would sure be deadly serious. If I can’t poke fun, whos going to laugh at Taylors tall black socks , things spilled on his shirts or killing off the wrong Gibb brother. Somebodys got to do it. 🙂

  46. henry8 replied:

    Maybe Spin doesn’t know, I’m not sure. But while she was on vacation there was some full names, addresses , phone numbers, and places of employment, not only of the people involved but of their relatives.
    Believe it was all in comments, does that protect them if they don’t remove it? Don’t know, have my doubts.

  47. henry8 replied:

    Sorry for the multiple posts but everyone is so determined to misunderstand each other, you feel like you need to explain.
    What I said about poking a little fun at T once in awhile does not mean that I approve of the few sites that exist for no other reason than to make fun of everything Taylor does. They are ignorant, poorly written, there is no love behind their “joking” and I hate to see them be encouraged by people posting on those sites. But thats just my opinion.
    I think Joey Barnes had it about right.

  48. Sing replied:

    I guess Joey Barnes is not aware of all bashing Daughtry gets on the girlfriends site?!? What about that other lunatic, Griz…she’s another piece of work.

  49. celebrityblondebabe replied:

    Spinshack…You go from talking about me, to talking directly to me, to saying Ya’ll, which makes your post rather chaotic…But, let me fill you in on something…YOU know exactly what happened…as you are usually one of the cheerleaders for discord. If you want to speak to 15 min…ask or talk to her/him yourself…she/he posts here from time to time. I don’t know her/him. Gosh…have you ever posted on 15 minutes blog? FYI, I have alot of friends. It feels good, aught to try it sometime…you might like it. Within having those friends…they often speak for me or with me about certain posts, topics or ideas. We usually always agree. So, when Jeanni spoke or LMAO4 spoke, *as in reference to your post*, we are acting in unison…because we have similar values, similar views, similar ideas and fanships. I see you find that….. a bit annoying…that there are comrads…and Chill’s blog is a very good example of that.

    Now…about Asses…This was said by the very one that complains of others being mean and having such distain for fan blogs/sites where fans say mean things.
    “Asses i don’t know what your motivation is. But it’s not a positive one.”
    YASM…my little message for you: What you wrote made no sense. If you DON’T know what someone’s motivation is…then how the hell would you know whether it is positive or negative? You never stated that you were just giving your opinion…you stated as fact. FYI, deary, Asses has been one of the most open minded people on the internet. She has allowed MOST people to post and has used HUMOR a million times over. I have LMAO on many an occasion…which might do YOU some good. I think you have your panties in a wad. Better go check that out. THEN…you state this to MOI?
    “Your accusatory tone is not cool.” ROFLMAO! Look back at what you said to Asses…then read what you said to me…ACCUSATORY? You are the one that is soooo NOT cool. IMO…you need to take up knitting…or you could do what you have always wanted to do…I know the type…You have wanted to pick your nose but thought it too dirty…well, I am giving you permission…because you are one stuffed up biatch. Oh…use a kleenex. :)HAHA!

    Henry…even though you always find it in your heart to give someone an excuse…She was in the middle of it all. We will talk later. She is guilty of doing something just like that. Pot calling the kettle black.

    Asses…Thanks as usual…for allowing us to vent. For allowing our enemies to make fools out of themselves…and for being neutral. THAT’S IT! You are Switzerland!

  50. lmao4 replied:

    I could have put clarified myself better if I had chosen to but I don’t have the time, energy, or desire to be taken on a trip through Sunshines pscyhodelic mushroom induced mind maze.

    Jeanni, cbb, and Henry you understood me perfectly. We are comrads of like mind and friends. It feels great to have that kind of bond. 🙂

  51. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Everybody needs a Time Out!!!

    First of all, humor is a wonderful thing. A lot of this is taken WAY TOO seriously. I don’t have a problem with somebody calling me out on what I may have written. I don’t have to agree with them, but they don’t have to agree with me. (which of course, I guess, is why they’re calling me out).

    Let’s make this clear. I don’t agree with posting ANYBODY’s personal information, anytime, anyplace, anyhow.

    I also don’t believe in calling somebody evil (with the exception of a few historical figures). I don’t think it is right to take a difference of opinion down to a personal level.

    If anybody thinks I have a personal pipeline to any other bloggers, well then, they’re smokin some good shit , and I’d like to have some, please. I am friendly with chill, but I have no more say in what she puts on her blog then she has any say on what I put on my blog.

    Now that we’ve covered these important points, let’s have some positivity.

    It’s Friday, dammit, and I’m planning on having some fun. The sun is out, and it’s gotta be 5:00 p.m. somewhere, doesn’t it?


  52. lmao4 replied:



  53. Jeanni replied:

    Yes, this IS your blog. You can do whatever the hell you wish to do. I guess you could say it’s annoying to read mish mash by certain people who’ve caused a great deal of personasl harm (to others) on the Internet. THATS it, all I’m gonna say about that. I find it strange that the “downers” come by to put a rip in the fabric or TRY to, of Taylor’s fans. Those I know here are fans and we enjoy the hell out of him! Those who don’t, are quite obvious and they should find something to do other than put you and I in a bad mood, they love to do that ya know? I’m listening to the fabulous Taylor Hicks EW right now, so what they sought, it ain’t gonna work. 🙂

    YES, it’s Friday! My day won’t end till much later, I’m a business woman in the strongest sense of the word, so without further jabbering, I have work to do!…Have a great weekend and cheers to my friends and you too Ms. Asses! 🙂

  54. spinshack replied:

    You’re right henry8, I was in San Francisco without a computer much of the time for a while; have no idea someone went nutty and posted real life information. Oh well, takes all kinds.

    I know I am glad it’s Friday eventhough I have work to do this weekend. Jimmy Buffet and Alan Jackson having something tall and strong….lolz

  55. Jeanni replied:

    Sorry to butt in on the response to Henry. Strange things happen when one doesn’t recall what they may have done, especially when its in writing. Worse, when its written right where the action was. Hm. You could have been in China, it wouldn’t have mattered. Nice place SF, I was there with Cbb awhile back, however, I prefer where I live to SF, (no offense to those from SF) however, I don’t think I have to tell you Spin, where that is… do I?

    Asses, have a great weekend. Oh and I must say, I passed your little song along to all my SP friends, they thought it was truly the BEST. LMAO! Cheers to you!

  56. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Excellent song choice, Sunny!

    I already poured myself something tall and strong!

  57. spinshack replied:

    hahaha! Jeanni I know now what you’re talking about. Ding ding ding, the bell went off. Somebody posted something supposedly about you, and a man.

    I did not post your info but yeah, thanks to someone who shall not be named, I’ve known about you for a long time. I don’t go looking for folks. Not my thing.

    I don’t put your information up nor CBB’s on my site, but someone has passed it on to me, long time back.

    They may be right or they may be crazy, but you won’t find me writing it in on my blog. Man, that is not what I like to do on-line, but like anyone driving down a highway I sometimes am guilty of a lookie-loo. Man, hell as far as anyone knows, it’s all just farce, folks lie all the time and especially on-line.

    Here’s to drive by’s Drive By Truckers. My apologies, Jeanni, for “lookie-looing”.

    Again, where is that ginko biloba?

  58. lmao4 replied:

    Sunny no one ever thought you didn’t know what we were talking about. So you would never put that kind of stuff on your site? Is it something you’d prefer to put it on someone elses site? If so that would be perfect since a good lawyer could kill 2 birds with one stone if one were to pursue it.

  59. tif replied:

    I’m so tired of the bickering. 😦

    Sure, I’ve said some things in the past that I really shouldn’t have, my temper got the best of me. I’ve stepped back some and have tried to stay away from the drama. My “real life” is my first concern and the rest of this fan wars crap is for the birds!!

    I don’t agree with posting someones personal info on the net to cause trouble and I do feel sorry for Jeanni and Cbb. They are sweet ladies who honestly didn’t deserve the bashing they have recieved. Hopefully this all will pass. If not… I’ll still be a fan and continue to go to shows and buy him music…online or not…I’ll always be a fan 🙂

    Cheers everyone!

  60. Jeanni replied:

    Asses, I hope this response is within your rules here. I need to respond to these remarks. Hopefully it won’t be brought up again. Thanks for your consideration.

    Spin aka Sunny –

    “I did not post your info but yeah, thanks to someone who shall not be named, I’ve known about you for a long time. I don’t go looking for folks. Not my thing.

    I don’t put your information up nor CBB’s on my site, but someone has passed it on to me, long time back.”

    What you were hedging about, really makes no sense to me. Do you mean personal private information that could cause criminal activity, that type of thing? I have nothing to hide Spin, I don’t participate nor post on ANY hate blogs or web sites. I don’t publish photos, phone numbers, names and addresses of private information about people. I don’t care about Daughtry and I don’t stalk Daughtry fans, I don’t care about them. I don’t post on your blogs, never have, never will, mainly because of your associations. You have consistantly insulted and lied about both Cbb and myself for over a year, that’s a fact. On the otherhand you personally, are a regular on hate blogs, you have them all listed on your blogs, that’s because you participate in those groups, several belong to chrolls.(Anti-TH). You’ve posted messages on certain chroll blogs which prove that you’ve participated in what you claimed you haven’t. You did and I have proof.

    No matter what was publised on the hate blogs, it was fabricated or twisted or lies. Not all so called private info on the internet searches is accurate or without errors. However, because these chrolls are you’re friends and they don’t care if the information is true or not, due to jealousy and hate and yes aimed toward me and Cbb. I don’t know any of them, have never had contact with them nor have any desire to. That type of negative behavior is replusive to both myself and Cbb.

    Contrary to what you claim, I have nothing to be ashamed of whatsoever. Whatever anyone passed on to you as you claimed, so what? As I said, I have nothing to hide whatsoever. I visit ASSES blog, because its PRO-Taylor Hicks, just as Chill’s blog is. I am a fan of Taylor Hicks, that seems to be the main reason for the invasion of my and Cbb’s privacy. Terrorist Internet Stalking is a crime, according to my lawyer, whose representing me and Cbb in this matter. So as for the Internet blogs and such, perhaps there are some representatives of these blogs who know when something is invasive, stalking and ciminal in nature and in this circumstance, it clearly is and they should be commended.

  61. Tappanga replied:

    Where am I? What’s going on? Why are we in this handbasket?

  62. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Tappanga…to answer your question, I think were in this handbasket, because nobody is stopping to listen!

    I think that everyone posting here agrees on the principle (of course, I have been wrong before).

    Let me sum this up:

    1. No one should post private information about anyone else.

    2. We can agree to disagree, but we stick to the facts of the argument.

    3. Personal attacks are not welcome.

    4. We like Taylor’s music.

    Okay, there are 4 basic tenets…is there anything that someone disagrees with?

    I’m going back to drinking margaritas now, as long as no one has any objection?

  63. spinshack replied:

    Accurate summation Asses – it’s just hard for some folks to let it be.

    Had myself a talk with little Johnny Walker last night. Mmmm-mmm, we had a good time.

  64. celebrityblondebabe replied:

    Asses…hope that you enjoyed your tall one. Bottoms Up!

    What happens…is that there are those that want to forget about what they have done…because it WAS done and ISN’T being done right this second. Anotherwords…Oh gee…I did this last week…well, let’s all dance and sing together. They are not doing it now! *shrugs shoulders* Just think if a court of law worked that way. Someone murders someone…and by the time they go to court, well, hell, it happened a month or six months ago…so, let’s all have a party. Right? WRONG! These things needed to be said. People needed to be called to the carpet. It has nothing to do with revenge, that is THEIR bag…not mine…however the justice system takes matters of crime seriously. Therefore making these comments serious, was appropriate. Those in denial…are obvious anyway…that’s what is in the basket. DENIAL! For those that have gone beyond what is legal and even those that have gone beyond hate…they have their own price to pay. NUFF SAID.

    Now…Sunny/Spinshack or whomever you are today…your coming here and acting all chummy makes me want to vomit…unlike your little sadistic photo you posted. You just think you fit in everywhere…well, you don’t. I don’t know you and have never posted on your blog…yet you say you have personal information about me? Obsessed and jealous is what you are…get over it. I have never posted on your nasty blog…and will never give you the time of day…except for what I have said in my defense. You don’t like what I have to say? HAHA! You seem to try to fit in with everyone else…prob is babe…I see right thru you…I never even gave you a first chance…much less a second one. YOU HAVE POSTED CONFIDENTIAL information on your blog…I read it…and someone copied it. Of course, shit, that was in the past…and you seem to think that just because it happened then and not right now…that it does not matter. Some logic you have. NOT!

    OK…I have said my thing…was away for a while…and might be again…things are stirring in my music career and I may be on the road quite often. So…hope to see ya around from time to time…my friends that is. Oh…and in honor of one of my worst enemies…PEACE OUT!

  65. enelrac1775 replied:

    It occurs to me that a LOT of people take this internet fan-world stuff way too seriously!!
    Hope everyone has a great weekend1

  66. spinshack replied:

    CBB you are a piece of work… Your opinion of me means nothing to me.

    Just know I know where to find you. Why? Because Jeanni affirmed the information with her spiel. Sometimes denial and shutting up a good thing. Think about it.

  67. yallarescaringme replied:

    3. Personal attacks are not welcome.

    “You have wanted to pick your nose but thought it too dirty…well, I am giving you permission…because you are one stuffed up biatch. Oh…use a kleenex.”

    I won’t bother posting the personal attacks against the other posters. Welcome or not they flow freely around here.

  68. spinshack replied:

    So what is your point?

  69. celebrityblondebabe replied:

    Sunny…I am a piece of work…you are a piece of shit. Don’t threaten me…I am warning you. I have copied this…and intend on using it. Watch your step cookie…Obviously, you SAY that you don’t care what I think…then, quit stalking me. GOT IT?

    enelrac…obviously you did not see what was plastered all over the internet…by the haters. Names, phone numbers, office numbers, business address, photos, home addresses…and the only fortunate part of it all…most of it was old infomation or incorrect…but, the stalking is stopping NOW. I have been in constant contact with quite a few people with wordpress and splash…and ETC. This will not continue. If you read my post above…I and others are protected by law…and ultimately jail time may do a great service to some as they need to put away. IF IT WAS YOU? You might sit back and let people drive to your home, call your business or harass people in your family…your neighbors, your phone, get you fired…if you work…the list could go on…plus these idiots are vicious. I would not doubt for one minute that they have a record. I know of one that works under the guise of Taylor that someone told me they found out…she has a felony. These people are not fans of Taylor Hicks…they are here with an agenda…they have a terrible life and want to bring others down with their stalking, harassment and hatred. You deal with things your way…and I will deal with things my way. I take things seriously…and AM doing something about it. Not thinking about it..I am doing something about it. If you don’t know the circumstances…then, you can not possibly understand…sorry you were offended…however, you could be next…they pick and choose.

    yasm? Get a sense of humor…however, you do seem quite uptight…maybe someone should do to you what has been done to those that I care about. Then you would have something to complain about…you are just as you describe others…go look in the mirror. Who are you anyway…BK?

  70. spinshack replied:

    CBB – you are insane.

  71. henry8 replied:

    E I E I O

  72. celebrityblondebabe replied:

    With an oink oink here and and oink oink there. Here an oink, there an oink…everywhere an oink oink…HAHA!

  73. enelrac1775 replied:

    I wasn’t offended, and my comment about taking things too seriously wasn’t aimed at you personally. It was a general observation about ALL the ridiculous crap that goes on all over Taylorland. No one should be stalking or harassing or bothering anyone for any reason, but most particularly about some differences of opinion about a celebrity, no matter who it is. Really, isn’t it all a little bizarre? Why does anyone feel the need to invest so much time and energy bothering another human being because they have a different opinion of a singer? Why has this become so highly personal for so many people? Maybe its me, because I don’t understand the necessity for any of this constant fan drama….I think we all probably have enough real life problems, without creating unnecessary misery for each other. And Taylor is busy living his life, I can’t believe ANY of this, from either side, would make him happy.

  74. henry8 replied:

    Ya’all just need a little of this

  75. lmao4 replied:

    Cbb and Jeanni you’re wonderful women, intellegent, talented, trustworthy, blessed, people who refuse to be pushed around, you stick up for yourself and your others. I luv you both to pieces.

  76. celebrityblondebabe replied:

    enelrac1775…I get exactly what you are saying. Point taken…but, what has happened…is that these people are NOT fans of Taylor Hicks…never were. They pretend from time to time…had they been fans, they would not have started all this hatred way back. It has been said in writing…that they are not fans of TH. Even this band member of Daughtry’s band, has come forth and denounced them. Most of them are from the Daughtry boards. Use Daughtry’s name in their posting names…or at least while they are on the Daughtry fansites or hate blogs. THIS is the problem. There are those that use Taylor for gain…and have no interest in him in the sense of fanship…just for personal and financial gain. The fans have a right to agree or disagree…have differing opinions. Discuss and debate…legitimate and interesting. Those that tried to ruin the relationship that Taylor had with Caroline…were in it not because they were fans of Taylor Hicks…there may be some obsessions…which makes it even more bizarre…whatever their mission or their lust for being a low life…whether mental illness or just pure devilish self inflicted and uncontrollable lust for destruction and havoc…they exsist…and they should be stopped. Thank goodness that this man from Daughtry the band, finds this deplorable…and finds them disgusting. He so much as says that he does not need them nor want them. Finally, someone had the guts to stand up and state the true feelings of these celebrity performers and who they want for fans and how stupid these people really are. Bluntly and admirably. He doesn’t even care if they come after him. He is sick of it too. When a band member comes forward…that means that it has gone above and beyond anything that should be in existance. He has insulted them by rooting them out because he also knows that IF they were true fans of Daughtry…they would be spending all their obsessive time on his boards and promoting their band of choice…not doing this. They are imposters…under the guise of fanship to destroy the happiness and fellowship that once was on the boards. It has been some of the boards faults for allowing these lunatics to stay members…not calling them out for what they are…and banning and not taking up for the true fans, the dedicated fans, those that were not going to listen to bashing. Fact is…some of those in charge of the boards were in on it too…I have no doubt about that. That is my opinion and I have good foundational reasoning for my opinion. It became apparant that those boards would dwindle away…and day by day…they hang on by the skin of their teeth…begging for donations to keep afloat because those that really cared and supported are either gone, banned or lurk with disgust. That is when blogs became a haven for true fans…where they could celebrate their musician and his music…acting…or whatever he wants.

    lmao4…THANK YOU! You know more than most about what has happened…to me personally…you have read and been privey to many things that others have never heard about nor seen or known. You are a wise woman with a kind heart…with great understanding and an uncompromising fanship for Taylor…but, most of all, you are a faithful friend that does not turn your back nor do you leak information nor do you insult anyone’s intelligence. You also stand your ground on the basis of your beliefs with good moral fortitude. That makes you one in a million…and I am honored to be your friend.

  77. Jeanni replied:

    spinshack replied:
    CBB – you are insane.

    Thanks for proving my point about what type of person you really are. Right on. Whatever you called it, I call it – you’re in denial. Take your own advice, let it be and alone.

    LMAO4 –
    Thank you for being supportive and for being a loyal fan to Taylor and those fans who admire him. You’re the best.

    enelrac1775 replied:
    It occurs to me that a LOT of people take this internet fan-world stuff way too seriously!!

    I agree with that. I also felt for Taylor, when he said, “The Internet is a very dark place”. He was also quoted to say that he’d decided to not hit google for fear of what he might see. Well, my lawyer suggested I do the same thing, so now he gets my alerts and I don’t -Poor guy! LOL. Hopefully people will realize that Terroristic Internet stalking is a crime. Some of these people are way over the top. All I am is a fan of Taylor Hicks, trying to enjoy it without all these personal attacks. Hopefully, those who prey on others, will realize what they do and stop. Thanks for your comments, nice to see.

    That’s one of the things I admire about you. You say whats on your mind – and also a very dovoted fan of Taylors, just trying to enjoy it and the friendships you’ve made. Simple isn’t it? Keep your chin up, you always do the right thing, because you’re true blue, unlike so many others. Maybe that’s the problem, they don’t know how to react to the truth and honesty? Well, you do. 🙂

  78. spinshack replied:

    Ah there’s a lot of Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me going around with certain sisters. Hope that vomiting is under control now. lolz

    henry8 that was nice tune. Love me some blues.

  79. henry8 replied:

  80. 15minsoffame1 replied:

    Don’t let anything spinny has written suprise
    you. She basically stabbed Chill in the back after Chill tried to make nice. That there tells you what kind of person she is.

    Because she always has to have the last word
    she will be right back here to make a comment
    about this comment of mine. She loves to make
    trouble and keep it going. There again
    tells you what kind of person she is. Watch.
    I’m taking bets, anyone else?

  81. chill replied:

    15 minutes, when she spins, she becomes the victim, so I’ll wager with you. Some people need to admit their part in keeping the drama going, then maybe there could be a peaceful resolution. Then again, maybe fueling the fires keeps them in the limelight.

  82. Jeanni replied:

    spinshack replied:

    Ah there’s a lot of Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me going around with certain sisters. Hope that vomiting is under control now. lolz – –

    Spin, Contrary to what you want to believe, no, I’m of the opinion that’s how you’d like us to feel? Sorry to disappoint you. I rather think you’re in denial again. That’s okay, it’s not in your nature to respond otherwise. You continue to wallow in denial of you’ve done and continue to do. One day, you might decide to behave yourself. Just think how nice it might feel to be liked for once? It’s really not that hard to do the right thing. However, I won’t hold my breath.

    To Asses and SP friends here. I doubt I need to say that Cbb and I have been loyal supporters of Taylor’s since we first saw him on AI. We’ve enjoyed meeting new friends through this association. We’ve enjoyed Taylor, while watching his career blossom and flourish. In fact, my whole family are fans of Taylors. Yes, loyal fans and we have no intention of allowing those who continue to wallow in dirt, cause us to feel any other way. For that matter, since Taylor’s had to content with it, we sure can! I think Taylor would certainly agree with that. 🙂

  83. yallarescaringme replied:

    This is weird. All I said was let’s stop being so negative and look at the result. Obviously some of you LIVE for this crap.

    Celebrityblonde, my sense of humor is intact, but I do not appreciate being attacked by some woman who suffers from verbal diarrhea and has an inability to articulate thoughts in anything less than 7000 word posts because she is just that fucking crazy. Pardon my French. It’s as plain as day. You are not sane enough to debate, banter or bother with. If people don’t like you, well, I AM NOT SURPRISED. Enjoy your hateful rants on these blogs, since I’m certain these are the only places you are welcome. Maybe get a life while you’re at it.

  84. Jeanni replied:

    You certainly sound very familiar to me. Seems like I’ve heard those exact words before. Yes, its boring and VERY old. I’ve never met you and I highly doubt you’ve met Cbb. I see you have the same old chip on your shoulder. If I were you, I would worry about that less than flattering behavior you seem to exhibit on several different boards. Its much easier to be thoughtful of others, especially when you don’t know them from Adam, try it, you might like it.

  85. henry8 replied:

    CBB–Deep breaths, deep breaths
    And remember
    Everyone that you care about knows you have a nice life.
    And you do not have to respond to everything.
    You do not have to respond to everything.

  86. lwing replied:

    I’ve been reading the various boards for a while now trying to figure out all this mfoya stuff. Was never in on all that. I had seen the gf comparison pix early on and thought it was all BS. Anyways, I’ve concluded the following:

    1. Sunny’s blog was always cool and still is. The focus has never strayed from the music.

    2. Jeanni and CBB, novellas aside, seem like good and fun people. 🙂

    I don’t know everyone’s exact role in the past…don’t care really, but it’s just plain wrong of the DAH blog to post an innocent man’s personal info for all to see on the ‘net. I’ve read that blog before and didn’t mind the Bertha/trailer park stuff (it was kinda funny), but the personal vendettas are seemingly out of control. Not cool, and glad to know you have a good lawyer on the case.

    3. Last but not least, Asses, I love your blog, and the diversity of viewpoints here. As an added bonus, it’s very easy on the eyes. 🙂

  87. celebrityblondebabe replied:

    Henry…I need no deep breaths…I am not in the least, upset nor angered. That is the mistake that some conclude. Happy as a lark. 🙂 But, thanks for your concerns.

    I would like to point out that the word FUCK…is of anglo-saxon origin…not french.

    As mentioned above in one of my previous posts…as to whom this “scared” poster is…I hit the nail on the head. When something makes sense…it is usually right. Funny how the posts from this person gradually changed to become quite hateful and out of control. To make note: I am a member of many blogs and fansites…and I have many wonderful friends just like I do here.

    Asses…hope you can come to chat later…curiousity killed the cat. 🙂

  88. lwing replied:

    oh yeah, Sing @ 3:46, I agree with you, the Daughtry bashing is def. going on in Taylorland too. Thank goodness this fantype does not accurately represent the majority of both fanbases.

    P.S. I love Joey Barnes. I recall that he or maybe it was even Daughtry himself who had to call down the fringe elements of the Daughtry fanbase way back when. Well done, and much appreciated, Joey!

  89. spinshack replied:

    CBB, thanks for worrying about my social life, but don’t I’m fine. ‘Cause I’ve got friends, albeit some might be considered in low places. lol

    Y’all certainly haven’t been very hospitable to yallarescaringme, whomever they are. Man, where are those Southern manners?

    15 Minutes, you are the last individual to start handing out the conduct directives.

    Why can’t folks get along? I think Brightlite may have covered that somewhat in something I read she wrote today. Had something to do with self-serving bias.

    Anyway, you all be nice.

  90. 15minsoffame1 replied:

    I win the bet! 😀

  91. celebrityblondebabe replied:

    No 15 minutes…you have to share with Chill. I just forgot to wager too…got caught up in that damn cat thing…hahahaha! I just put my invisible glasses on. Want a pair?

  92. makingfunofyourasses replied:


  93. Tappanga replied:

    *pours several shots of whisky*

    *passes them all to Asses*

  94. henry8 replied:

    Tequilas better, I here.

  95. henry8 replied:

    hear–its time for sleep. 🙂

  96. Jeanni replied:

    Asses said –

    Here’s the thing. The internet can be a big bad world. If you don’t want anyone to criticize what you say or what you do, then don’t put it on the internet for the world to see.
    If you say it, you own it. – –

    Yeah and what’s worse? When these crazies try to repeat something you said and it’s totally twisted, out of context, with a few accusations thrown in for good measure. Never ceases to amaze me.

    Yall – Seems to me you’re the one doing all the ranting. My goodness, get a grip.

    Spin – Manners? LMAO.

  97. chill replied:

    Aw, come on, MFOYAsses, that wasn’t so bad. Sometimes you have to get down to the nitty-gritty in order to move on. I went out on Saturday afternoon and went over my two-drink limit and I’m feeling much better now. Patron helped me tackle the nitty-gritty. 🙂 Cheers.

  98. Tif replied:

    1. Sunny’s blog was always cool and still is. The focus has never strayed from the music.
    Excuse me, but Sunny’s blog has “strayed” from the music, many time in fact. I agree, when Sunny stayes focused on the music.. her blog is very good! I used to watch her blog in Taylor’s early days (post Idol).. Loved it. When MFOYA and her gang sprang into action Sunny started posting more and more about the “girlfriends” site.

    I’m more than ready for all the bickering to be done with.

  99. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    I don’t care about the disagreement part, a healthy discourse is good for you…it’s the personal shit that drives me nuts.

    And my sanity has always been in question. 🙂

  100. spinshack replied:

    Tif, that’s disappointing. I thought you were back to liking me from one of your recent messages, now poof you’re bringing up MFOYA again. I guess ya just got to fit in with the kewl kids. You go girl.

    BTW, Chill and 15 Minutes, this isn’t your blog so you can stop the bets – really the equivalent of cat’s pissing to mark their territory. Grow up chil’run, the gang up and bully mentality should have left your systems in high school. I still hold hope for you.

    One man’s sanity, Asses is another’s insanity. It’s sometimes just a level of comprehension and definition.
    We’re just spinning satellites with our own definitions.

    You all be nice.

  101. lmao4 replied:

    Mfasses I agree with what you. It’s the personal stuff that I have a problem with too. For example someone posting on a blog that they are gathering personal info on other people. The blog disappears and soon after that on another blog personal info (wrong info but all the same) appears about the same one/ones that info was being gathered about. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where it came from and it wouldn’t be very hard to prove.

    In my opinion when a person chooses to commit illegal acts such as stalking, harrassing, and threatening other people they should expect a backlash. I know I would.

  102. Jeanni replied:

    Since I’ve first hand knowledge of the experience, I agree with you. It’s stalking, invasive, criminal activity and for what? Rights were violated and they are guilty.

    I see MFOYA was mentioned again (Spin) – Sorry to say that’s when it really began and the worst happened within the TH fanbase. Those who decided to be the judge and jury were ciminal in their activity. The head one admitted he/she was not a fan of Taylor Hicks. Odd, the owner of the now underground blog with the same name MFOrphans was part of that group, they welcomed chrolls, the same ones who committed terroristic Internet stalking. Proof was in the pudding.

    Yes, Tiff mentioned Mfoya, why not? The other group whose now gone underground are part of that, were part of Radar / Splash and all the other havens for chrolls and trolls and so are you. So wherever you write you’re bully messages, its gonna be read, google is alive and well if you hadn’t noticed. I also read your blog when I first became a fan of Taylors. Thought it was interesting. Since then, its become a melting pot for insults against what you’ll never understand, you can’t fit in Spin, cause you’ve shown where you’re heart is and its not in the right place. We all know where you’ve been and what you’ve written, especially me. Too late.

    Since you’re giving Chill instructions on what she can and can’t do here on this blog, I suggest you take your own advice. I seriously doubt Asses objects to opinions from people who are known to be PRO-Taylor.

    Have a good day everybody. 🙂

  103. Tif replied:

    Sunny, I didn’t say anything personal about you. I was just stating how I felt about your blog. If you read my comment again you will see I did say I liked your blog before all the mfoya crap came up. Maybe I didn’t make that clear.

  104. Tif replied:

    Good day? I’ve cleaned most of the day and mowed the lawn. The heating element in my dryer is going out so I had to hang clothes on the line today. Found out today my kid needs new breaks, the baler is not working like it is supposed to, and let’s see… It’s not been a great

    Tonight I think I’m make a raspberry marg and just relax. Sounds good to me. 🙂

  105. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    I’ll one up you Tif…

    my work got hit by lightning this morning.

    Felt like a bomb had detonated in my building.

    I jumped about 5 feet and yelled “Oh, Fuck!”

    The rest of the day, everybody was coming up to me and whispering “oh, fuck” in my ear and laughing.

    Pass me some of that drink, will ya?


  106. Tif replied:

    Hells Bells!! That had to be scary, Asses. I’ll be glad to pass you a mug of Margaritas.. Yumm. 🙂

  107. henry8 replied:

    I was all confused about who the kwel kids were.
    The things you learn. 🙂

  108. henry8 replied:

    And that would be kewl kids. Damn I need an edit button.

  109. spinshack replied:

    It’s been raining here all day, but no lightening strikes…yet.

    I’d say you need a margarita (or three) after that shocking experience.

    Thanks for clarification Tif, man, sometimes I just sting from all that flying shrapnel. ouch.

  110. yallarescaringme replied:

    You certainly sound very familiar to me. Seems like I’ve heard those exact words before. Yes, its boring and VERY old. I’ve never met you and I highly doubt you’ve met Cbb. I see you have the same old chip on your shoulder.”

    Well, Jeannie, certainly not surprised if my words seem familiar. I’m certain I’m not the first person who has noticed that you and your sister(?) have a habit of posting offensive long posts which can be summed up as incoherent rants. As a loyal fan of Taylor, I belong to many of his fan sites, never with a problem. Wherever you two go, trouble seems to follow. You are not “good fans” as you think you are. You are troublemakers. Plain and simple. You do not want peace in this community. You want trouble. That’s why you participate on any blog you can to spread your nonsense and are shunned from most every fan site.

  111. 15minsoffame1 replied:

    No instructions or directives in my comments.
    There seems to be one person who is challenged on
    the definition of directives. So here ya go spinny.
    But they certainly are right there to instruct who can post what on someone else’s blog. Amazing!

  112. lmao4 replied:

    Blah, blah, blah Yall. Seriously I’ve never been offended by any post that cbb and jeanni have made and I’ve understood everyone of them.

  113. lmao4 replied:

    correction *every one*

  114. spinshack replied:

    n. An order or instruction, especially one issued by a central authority.

    adj. Serving to direct, indicate, or guide.

    There ya go 15 Minutes, the definition. So what’s the issue? I used it correctly in the context.

    I’m not the one telling anyone who can post where or what, that’s your field, 15. (Man, why do I bother?)

    Moving on…On to some Taylor talk. I have loved reading around the boards how folks are finding “West Texas Sky” off of Hicks’ CD as great as I’ve always thought it was.

    Nobody ever use to bring it up off the old CD’s. Talk always about HOAD or “The Fall” or “Son of a Carpenter”, “Soul Thing”.

    Mr Hicks put together some great little tunes on those CDs and it’s good to have them together. I still haven’t been able to get to a copy where I am. I do have the old CDs to listen to anyway. In time.

  115. Jeanni replied:

    I hate to bust you’re little “vent bubble”, but, you’re so so see through. You’ve said the same things because that’s what you do, you insult. Jealousy is a bad thing.I suggest you go look in the mirror. You’ve got a heavy chip on your shoulder. Yeah,I feel sorry for you.

  116. celebrityblondebabe replied:

    Jeanni…LMAO…Funny how those that talk about US going to other websites/fansites/blogs etc…actually, follow us around. Yet…we are shunned? You know what I am doing about right now…and falling down laughing. It is like someone writing from a glasshouse. We see you. We know you. We get you. We don’t care. We regularly post here. We are welcomed here. We are not shunned here. We come here because we like Asses humor. We occasionally come here because we take offense to what some say about her and say so even though she does a great job of taking up for herself. Now…You come here and insult with a pattern that is as clear as that glasshouse you post from. You and several others. Jeanni and I don’t have the time nor do we care to post on all of the hate blogs…the AI boards…the ANYTHING boards except for those that we choose to. There are MANY MANY fans that do not like the mods from certain sites…Some we like. We have our reasons. Those mods that we don’t like, have an agenda. Therefore, THEY allow bashing and dissing and they themselves create havoc on the boards by kissing ass to people that are not sane nor nice and even attempt to attack us personally. NO…I am not gonna get along with people that have agendas. You are one of them. YOU CAME HERE. Because you wanted to just make a comment? Because you wanted to get to know some of us? Get to know asses? YOU HAVE AN AGENDA! CRYSTAL CLEAR! Taylor said on the stage at the Tabernacle in Atlanta…”People in glass houses should not throw stones”.

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