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  1. chill replied:

    Got that??

  2. yallarescaringme replied:

    The internet really brings out the worst in people. Yikes.

  3. jerseyirish replied:

    Message recieved loud and clear.


  4. chill replied:

    Come on, let’s lighten up. I’m sure we have more in common than what’s his face. Can we explore that and have some fun?

  5. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    I like the rain, long walks in the park and interesting conversation.



  6. chill replied:

    Since there’s already an eHarmony, maybe you can be fHarmony.

  7. yallarescaringme replied:

    Continued from Confused Blog…

    OMG. I just read the Orphans site after Benedict’s comment. I also can’t keep up with what the hell they are talking about. But it is getting funny over there. I did not believe that DAH person was Bertha. Hell, I’m impressed.

    Asses, when I first posted here I did not really understand the point of this blog. It just seemed like a crazy bashfest. Now I realize that’s because some of the posters seemed so extreme. You, however seem very neutral and not off the wall and FAIR. This is a good place to chat about the unimportant things in life. πŸ™‚

  8. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    I’m not neutral, but I try to be fair…sometimes it’s very, very hard. πŸ™‚

    I like to write, I like humor, and I’m amazed by some of the extremes around me. Doing this keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.

  9. yallarescaringme replied:

    I’m amazed by the extremes too. I try to look at each issue separately. But in general, the over the top fanatic behavior is not for me. I like Taylor and his music and I’m always up for a rational discussion.

    Hey Chill where are you? πŸ™‚

  10. chill replied:

    shhhh, YASM, I’m at work. I get off at 4:30, home around 5:30. See you then. *sneaking back out*

  11. Daisy replied:

    Seems we’ve moved on to this blog. Cool. Benedict, I agree with your post. I see no reason to respond to weirdos who examine earlobes and moles, that make wild, whacked accusations, no matter what trash rag they sent it to. Whatever.
    I see the tough guys are still going strong over there. The Great and Powerful Oz has spoken from behind the computer (with two names now) trying to kick someone around some more. The power of thinking you own every damn place you post, and telling people they should leave, or what they can say, must be intoxicating! Funny, I thought someone going by the name morph ran the blog. My mistake. *grins*

  12. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    It seems that Oz is quite comfortable there for being so new to the blog.


  13. chill replied:

    Okay, two quick things, YASM, before I head over to the other side of the rainbow. haha, I hope I cross poppy fields on the way! πŸ™‚ Anyway . . .

    Regarding the photoshopping, I believed the photos were manipulated. Different methodology can produce the same outcome. It’s still illusion.

    Regarding escalating the issue by responding, how many screen names do you think one of them used? Probably two, three, four per person, maybe more. Just like at the orphan site. They were bound and determined to escalate it, in my opinion. They posted comments as fans that were leaving because Taylor lied, blah, blah, blah. Then they’d use a different name to respond to themselves. They had an agenda. More manipulation and more illusion.

    And quoting you here: “I will never understand why Taylor would not put an end to it if it was all lies. Even if to just protect his lady. Sorry, I don’t accept that at all. I don’t think it shows someone of character to allow your love to be slammed that way if it was all just farce? Just can’t swallow that one.”

    My opinion, you don’t give in to blackmail, which that blog could have been classified as. If he had responded, I believe we’d still be arguing the point today and probably many others. Because if he gave a response they deemed satisfactory, would they then just have started blogging happy things about him or would their inquiring minds want to know more and then demand to know more? I think he did the right thing.

    I know I’m in a better mood since I’ve stopped responding to negative things said about me by people who don’t me. I know me, my family knows me, my friends know me, my work associates know me; their opinions matter to me. What anonymous people on the internet say doesn’t matter at all. I even find the humor in it now.

  14. jerseyirish replied:

    Chill, Agree with everything you said. I had responded to Yall on the long thread. Ackowledging what was going on would have only added fuel to their fire, not responding was the right thing to do.

    I also agree the pictures were tampered with.
    I am not a photographer but could see things myself that just didn’t add up.


  15. yallarescaringme replied:

    Chill, let me say I am a major skeptic. Been like that since I was a kid. If those pics were photoshopped I really would think a pro would point it out. I also will never believe that a magazine or expert would not be able to tell. IF those photos were photoshopped, Taylor would have been able to sue that magazine for millions for even printing them. Millions he could use to make his record. haha. Splash and Taylor would have been able to sue Radar AND Aol for publishing manipulated images because that is totally ILLEGAL. I think all the parties publishing had to be very careful to avoid lawsuit. I used to freelance report for a local paper, we could never just print whatever we wanted. They were always so paranoid. It just defies logic that no one would notice and they would all get away scott free at Taylor’s expense. Makes no sense.

    I have no issue wrapping my mind around a new celebrity trying to cover something up. But I can’t believe that some blogger devised some mastermind agenda, creating a blog based on an illusion, perfectly photoshopping photos, spinning them off as real, and experts and media all falling into their trap and no one noticing and no law suits and no sites getting shut down. WTF? That is just too “out there.” That makes the mfoya blogger seem like some evil Einstein who should be working for the CIA or the FBI. Do you really think they were that smart? Hell, I don’t.

    I guess Taylor keeping quiet was strange to me if it was all lies, cause his rep is important. Celebs sue all the time. This wasn’t a stupid little accusation either. It was grimy. And the fire was plenty fueled with or without response. It’s only blackmail if the accusation is true. It’s not if it was crap. So it might have been blackmail. If so, keeping quiet makes sense to me. Otherwise, that makes me think he needs a new attorney and quickly.

    I agree with you, I do think multiple names were used on that site, but I also think many people were secretly posting on that site too out of curiosity. But I think if people were not so outraged by what was happening on other sites, it would not have escalated the way it did.

    I can not say with certainty that I think CL wasn’t a real girlfriend because I wasn’t with them privately. But I also can’t say that she was a real GF or that I think that was her on the beach. There was things that did not add up at all.

  16. enelrac1775 replied:

    Why didn’t Taylor sue, or respond in any way? Could it be because he didn’t give a rodent’s rear about that site or what they thought?? He had better things to do with his time.

    99.9999% of all the people on the planet never heard any of that crap, and most of those who knew about it didn’t care. Thats a fact.

    Repeating something I’ve now said many times….a lot of people take all this internet stuff WAY to seriously.

  17. chill replied:

    Well, we’re all entitled to our opinions and we see things differently. It doesn’t make any of us smarter or more stupid than the other. I said I didn’t believe they were photoshopped. I said manipulated, there is a difference. You can enlarge certain things in photos, you can change colors, you can change the grain of the picture, etc. I didn’t see any photos over there that that I had doubts as to who they were. That’s me.

  18. chill replied:

    And I believe we had the right to talk about it and discuss it in the manner in which we chose to. I don’t think they knew what the outcome would be — getting to Radar, I guess, but I think they wanted attention and were doing everything to get it. They are ultimately the ones that contacted Radar; remember, Radar even referred to them as fans with too much time on their hands, something along those lines. They stated over and over that they were proving their claim, I just didn’t see that proof. And Lois, forget her last name, was most certainly not the slam dunk they made her out to be. They just ended on that note. For every so-called expert, there is another so-called expert that would take the opposite approach. That’s what they do.

  19. chill replied:

    As far as blackmail, you can attempt to blackmail someone with an untruth. Truth and an attempt to blackmail don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

  20. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    A) I believe that the woman on the beach was CL. With all of the great “sleuthing” by MFOYA, no other person was ever identified. Just pictures that were switched, blown up, blown down and hacked to pieces.

    B) If, in some bizzaro world twist, it wasn’t her, I don’t give a rip. The fact that MFOYA and gang decided that it was TH’s responsibility and duty to say anything about his private life, that he owed it to anybody is bull. Don’t give me the line about “he’s a public figure”. Even public figures deserve privacy. The public has become so used to “papparazzi journalism” that they believe that nothing is out of bounds.

  21. chill replied:

    *standing ovation for you, MFOYAsses* I’m with you 100 percent! I once posted an article that an ex-paparazzi had written, and it was so touching. He was remorseful about what he had been doing to Britney and others. I’ll have to find it.

  22. jerseyirish replied:

    Bravo Mfoyasses, you summed it up beautifully. It was a total invasion of his private life which no one has a right to delve into. Public figure or not it was just wrong.

    Chill, Agree also to me nothing was proven by anyone. The magazine folks poked fun at them, but they didn’t seem to see that at all.


  23. yallarescaringme replied:

    enelrac, I didn’t think the site mattered. It was when it hit AOL that I thought something needed to be done if this was all a farce. The press on the internet is more powerful than on the new stands because it reaches more people.

    Asses, I agree Taylor did not have to discuss his private life EVER. I am just talking about his reputation and if the accusations were false I know I would want to clear that up. But that’s me. That is what strikes me as strange. I DO think Taylor cares what people think of him. He makes sure to be very polite, cordial and to keep his image clean. Also, it WAS and IS his private life BUT it wasn’t kept very private. That wasn’t just because of the mfoya site. The SP has had an obsession with Taylor’s private life from day one. I’m not sure if that was a result of People magazine, but it’s something that’s been an issue ever since I was a fan.

    Jersey, Radar did poke fun, but they poked fun at us for being fans in the first place. They are pretty mean over there. But most of those sites are.

    Chill, everyone is entitled to their opinions. I’ve said it all along that none of us know the man and can’t say anything with complete certainty. Anyone of us fans that says “I am completely positive that was CL or I am completely positive that was not CL” is full of it. All we have is our opinions and our perceptions.

  24. chill replied:

    Celebrity obsession didn’t start with Taylor, for sure, and it doesn’t end with Taylor. Look at all the magazines in the supermarket devoted to the topic of celebrity lifestyles. I don’t think we’re freaks of nature because we’re curious about his personal life. What’s abnormal to me is to go on a quest to dig and probe into it beyond the pages of the magazine and to think you’re entitled to more information because you buy a CD and voted for him on AI.

  25. yallarescaringme replied:

    Chill, I didn’t say anyone was a freak of nature. I was just stating that the SP is really obsessed with Taylor’s personal life and yes I think it’s a little annoying. But frankly, there’s more abnormal things too. Following him around to see where he’s going to go next is abnormal too. But I also think it’s very abnormal to get so worked up about negative press or blogs. I think that’s actually the most abnormal thing of all. Being super over protective is not that common. It happens mainly with Idol fans I think.

  26. chill replied:

    YASM, haha, I know you didn’t! And for the record, I’m not an Idol fan. I’m not saying you called me one. πŸ™‚

  27. yallarescaringme replied:

    Ok good. Because I’m not judging anyone for seeing things differently. I wish everyone would be fine with differing opinions. I like differing opinions it makes things more interesting but also makes some people very uncomfortable. Have no idea why.

  28. chill replied:

    We’re an evolving fan base, we’ll get to the point where we can live in harmony one day. LOL

  29. chill replied:

    And seriously, I do think it’s hard in this medium to dialog. We can’t see the body language, we can’t see the facial expressions, a person’s demeanor. That’s the tough part.

  30. yallarescaringme replied:

    We can hope. I just took a peek over at the Orphans site. Too funny. BK is saying she’s sending “The People That Shall Not Be Named” site over to Taylor’s attorney. If that’s true. Poor guy! Or he might laugh his damn ass off for hours and hours.

  31. yallarescaringme replied:

    That’s true too Chill. I’ve actually had a lot of friends say “I met so and so” and she was much nicer in person than online. I’m convinced the internet brings out the worst in people. Alter egos and such.

  32. chill replied:

    You’ve got me all curious now. Which site is she referring to?

  33. yallarescaringme replied:

    The Unofficial whatever they are.

  34. chill replied:

    Boy, you learn new things every day. I want to try something. Somebody that goes by the name JD did that in one of the comments. It looks like a kitty, kind of, over there; as I typed it here, not so much. Let’s see how it looks when I hit reply.

  35. chill replied:

    Hey, it didn’t work?! WTH! LOL

  36. henry8 replied:

    Y’all said-
    “We can hope. I just took a peek over at the Orphans site. Too funny. BK is saying she’s sending β€œThe People That Shall Not Be Named” site over to Taylor’s attorney. If that’s true. Poor guy! Or he might laugh his damn ass off for hours and hours.”

    How funny. I have strong doubts that she does that. πŸ™‚

  37. chill replied:

    You know what I picture Taylor says IF he reads the blogs? “These bitches are crazy.” haha

  38. spinshack replied:

    Chill, that’s exactly why he steps out with so much security around him, he reads the blogs, Chill. hahaha

    Regarding all the lawyer talk, it’s just ridiculous. There are a few who consistently feel the need to constantly holler about their lawyer.

    Henry8 regarding BK, from what I have read, her issue concerns that charity she operates. Apparently she believes the UNofficial site/posters are detrimental to her cause. My take is that whatever those folks over at the UNofficial site have on their agenda – and reading it doesn’t take an Einstein – it should not harm anything she’s working on. They just sound sort of nutty.

    If what she’s doing is actually doing some kids some good that will prevail over anyone on-line ranting on about past history on a Taylor Hicks’ nutty blog.

    BK’s involvement of Taylor’s attorneys is likely a desire for validation. You know, an acknowledgment that what the harmonica program does, and that it is sanctioned by Hick’s and his people. I’m not intending to take up for her, merely expressing how I am seeing the situation.

    So much of the accusatory malicious bullshit is completely unnecessary, and yes, Chill once you see the humor in it all it certainly provides a much different perspective. πŸ˜‰

  39. henry8 replied:

    I always have this vision of some one actually taking all this stuff to a lawyer and trying to explain it to him. That would be hysterical.
    Much like a long time ago when someone told me I should take pictures to the local authorities and have them tell me those were two different girls. Or the same. Whatever. Can you imagine?
    “Uh, officer, theres confusion about Taylor Hicks girlfriend. Could you help me?”

    On BK, the bad mouthing of taylor says to me that there could be trouble in paradise. Just an opinion. πŸ™‚ But whatever, Taylors people are not idiots I am sure, they can handle it.

  40. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    henry, your scenario of going to the authorities made me spit!!!

    I see it’s back to underground again. Reminds me of a story I read once.


  41. spinshack replied:

    Speaking of underground, Henry8 apparently you’re up to nefarious web site surfing. lol Need to grab your spy trench coat while on-line…

    I think that same thing about the lawyers, Henry every time I read one of them yapping about showing these blogs to their attorneys. Sure they’ll look, and be happy to charge you a healthy fee while they do and then go have a laugh at your expense after you walk out.

    Completely hilarious.

  42. henry8 replied:

    When you are underground you are just digging a hole.

    I think I will “Get Smart” and just shut up now. πŸ™‚

    You know, there really should be a soap story written about all this nonsense.

  43. spinshack replied:

    The story is pretty much writing itself, Henry.

    Henry here’s your Get Smart.

  44. yallarescaringme replied:

    I think ALL these people have a screw loose. I don’t believe any of the lawyer nonsense. It’s all total bullshit. Can you imagine the supposed attorney phone call? “Hello Lawyer, I am being slandered and terrorized! Yes sir. Tayfan24 is attacking me under my AI screen name SoulPatrolFeverLady and saying I’m not a real Taylor fan!” Haha!

    Don’t they see how stupid this all is? If they just left each other alone the problem would be solved.

  45. rosie replied:

    Henry, seems bluz now thinks you and I are sisters obsessed with and on her case and just bloging away bashing her. Did someone say screw loose. They have not realized my message today was my goodbye to Morph and the gang. Guess I spoke to softly and did not carry a big enough stick. So now they are bashing me and Bluz is still getting the pity treatment from Morph and the rest. Why, you ask? I made a “funny” about her ADD comment. There is a huge double standard over there. Now I am free to speak in a negative tone about some of them. As you all know I never did that before and even defended Morph and gang over here. Well I did speak poorly about Dah after she used my name and since. So no more walking on eggs for me. Before I was out the door, I was yet again being assused of bashing Bluz. In case you and others have not read that Morph said Bluz is Taylor’s biggest fan and others agree. Also another news flash from over there, Dah never causes problems. I did cheat a little after my final post. When I saw Dah was posting on the old ADD thread, I went in for my final kill. Could not resist as she called me stupid one too many times and not a single person over there can comprehend I’ve only been around for 6 months and only as rosie. Wonder when they will miss me!

  46. yallarescaringme replied:

    I just read that crap. I defended their right to say what they want on their blog and I still will. But Bluzkat has lost it. Rosie defended her and she turns on Rosie like some pitbull? Stupid. Why are they all so suspicious? Reminds me of another set of crazies. “No one trusts you Rosie.” Like any of this shit matters at all!

    Now I understand why they are “Orphans.” Yikes.

  47. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Fruitcake, anyone?

    It seems to go with what I’m reading over there.


  48. rosie replied:

    Yall, When I began posting over there in Aug. Dah was not out or I never would have posted. I was nice and respectful and ignored moonbats and rcgs put downs. Dah posed as rosie on the bb and admitted to it last week. I was still pleasant with everone until they got on my case a few days ago. Now that I’m free I can join asses and make fun of their asses, which will be fun for me. It is a win win deal.

  49. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Love this comment:

    Down to the wire
    I wanted water but
    I’ll walk through the fire
    If this is what it takes
    To take me even higher
    Then I’ll come through
    Like I do
    When the world keeps
    Testing me, testing me

    Well, nail me to the cross and call me Jesus!

  50. Benedict replied:

    Rosie- What exactly did you do? Observer (HW) is so fed up with you she can no longer type correctly. Keep posting fast and furious. Maybe one day you will cause her such extreme carpel tunnel syndrome that she will really leave- without actually saying goodbye for the 45098754903879 time. πŸ˜‰

    Somebody is over there slandering DAH. I saw a post where she was called “respectful”. I need the number to that law firm. Lieing makes one an internet terrorist. I would not feel like an upstanding citizen if I didn’t report such activity. 😦

    This shit is gettin good. Asses, I like twizzlers with my popcorn.

    Yippee, this is about to get interesting.

  51. Benedict replied:

    I made a mistake in my post. It is not “observer” I am referring to. Her name is now “outsider”. Please forgive me. I get confuzzled with all the different names. πŸ˜‰

  52. Daisy replied:

    You’re right Benedict. Some other posters there sound quite familiar too. LOL

  53. jerseyirish replied:

    I noticed the same thing. The name changes but the writing styles are the same. They want to be repsected but give none to others. I’m sure their will be in house fighting over there soon they don’t seem to get along for a long periods of time. There are too many powerful personalities over there that crave attention.

  54. spinshack replied:

    “Reminds me of another set of crazies.”
    How true, YASM. Wow, they are tumbling fast, South. Morph won’t take control except to delete posts and make a disjointed mess. tsk tsk.

    The true sign they’re tumbling like dice is the complete lack of a sense of humor the now main characters exhibit. It’s turned into the Paranoid Stalker Accusation Board.

    I was out last night – concert – so catching up this morning.

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