I Can See It Now!

Coming soon to a strip mall near you.

Announcing the grand opening of Schitt & Schitt law offices. Unlike any other law firm, we specialize in American Idol lawsuits.

Has somone been disparaging your Idol? Did they say that Clay was gay? Did they post that Daughtry had no talent? Did they blog that Taylor was a loser?

These actions could mean big money for you! For a small retainer, our firm is ready to take on these naysayers.

Stop all that internet gossip about your favorite idol! Call us at 1-800-YOU-STFU today!


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  1. yallarescaringme replied:

    Hahahahahhahaha!!!!! “Hello Mr. Schitt? It’s me, TaylorFan4111, I’m having a big issue on the BB. Can you help me?”

  2. rosie replied:

    Asses, Just racing to be the first. Your words above gave me the biggest laugh I’ve had all week. I now proclaim you the best of the soul patrol.

  3. rosie replied:

    Damn, See I lost that race.

  4. yallarescaringme replied:

    “Hello Taylorfan, I have Mr. Schitt on the phone.”

    “Hello this is Mr. Schitt. How can we make some money?”

    “Well, Mr. Schitt… I am being harassed!”

    “Stop right there. I know what’s going on. You are a victim of Internet Terrorist Stalking. This is very very very dangerous. I can help you. What’s the address of the blog?”

  5. Benedict replied:

    **spirit fingers**

    So, Bluz is callin’ the law and went into the password protection program.

    If I say that I find the purring to be strange, am I goin to jail or am i gonna be sued? Maybe I will be taken away in furry feline handcuffs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. rosie replied:

    Bluz called me “bitch” on Morph’s blog because I held a prayer service to help Taylor with his severe ADD, can I get justice for that MR Schitt? Does it come under the freedom of religion law? This same person falsely accused me of being a troll. How much can I expect to win from this person since she did two things to hurt me?

  7. rosie replied:

    Henry is going to love this topic. Not so sure about a few others.

  8. rosie replied:

    Benedick, They are all singing love songs today in that pw closet, and they are giving Dah a solo. Well maybe it is not a true solo if song by DAH/Berth/BonJovi.

  9. rosie replied:

    Mr Schitt, I hate to bother you again, but my civil liberties are being violated. They won’t let me into the PW protected Taylor Hicks groups. It must be due to either my race, sex, religion or family status. I deserve entry! It is just not fair! I’ve been denied my password. Sue all their asses and I’m going to clean up big time. Thanks, Mr. Schitt.

  10. rosie replied:

    This is so fun. I’ll stop by later.

  11. chill replied:

    Can you help with vote fraud? Or would I need a referral to Dewey, Cheatem & Howe?

  12. yallarescaringme replied:

    “Hello Rosie. Mr. Schitt here. It is obvious to me that this name calling has caused you severe emotional distress. I can hear it in your voice. I’m sure it has affected your ability to work causing you severe financial loss. This is a dangerous situation that can only get worse. You must fight back. I can help you. By the time I’m done with them you will get a settlement for at least 14 or even MAYBE 15 cents and Pawz for Taylor’s Harmonica’s will be yours!”

  13. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    don’t forget, yasm….Mr. Schitt will be taking 50% of that settlement…that leaves 7 1/2 cents for rosie.


  14. yallarescaringme replied:

    “Rosie, Schitt here. It is obvious to me that this is a case of internet harrassified discrimenatory segregation. This is a VERY dangerous and unlawful situation. My brother Senior Schitt and myself will protect your American rights! By the time we’re done with them, you’ll be assigning those password toots from your new house in Vegas. Not to worry. ‘Schitt takes care of shit.’ “

  15. Daisy replied:

    Oh gag me. The bff’s and their threats and tough internet bitch personas trying to push people around would be vomit inducing if it weren’t so whacked and hilarious. They control the frickin’ blog now! Hysterical!

  16. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    I’m enjoying every minute of this!


  17. henry8 replied:

    the inmates have taken over the asylum haven’t they?

  18. yallarescaringme replied:

    This stuff is amusing as hell and Bluzkat sure is feisty. I was surprised that DAH poster was behind the Bertha blog, because that blog is damn funny. Why are they so paranoid over there though? They’re convinced Rosie is FBI or something.

    Rosie, I’m certain that “Rosie” on BB was Secret Stare/Candy/Josie.

  19. jerseyirish replied:

    Knew it wouldn’t take long for them to turn on Rosie, I saw it coming. Awhile back I posted that to her that I didn’t think it would be long before she became their target. They are so predictable, if you don’t think like them they will attack. It is always said over there all views are welcomed, well maybe for a little bit until they have their fun with you.

  20. rosie replied:

    yall, I do recall you saying that it was a secret stare. Contrary to what some think elsewhere, I’ve never read the boogie so I can’t say. Real rosie said awhile ago it was she on the boogie but I assumed dah was using yet another name. Can’t blame me for assuming as she uses about a dozen names on Morph’s alone.

  21. rosie replied:

    JI, Yep you warned me. They can’t see they were all over me begining on the 15th. It doesn’t really matter. It was mostly Dah causing me grief and well Bluz shall we say is super sensitive. Morph said nothing to stop their false accusations and put downs of me as I was the outsider. It is what it is. They just could not accept anyone using only one name and not having an agenda.

  22. rosie replied:

    Daisy, If you mean bff’s Bluz and Dah they seem to be in control.

  23. jerseyirish replied:

    Rosie, Exactly, You were a brave soul to stay as long as you did. Its like they stalk their prey then attack. From what I have seen over there no one takes up for anyone, I think they get enjoyment out of all the bashing for those who dare to have a different perspective on issues.


  24. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    whoever “realrosie” is, she had a lapse of memory, and used the same email as a lot of other “posters” in my spam jail.

  25. Daisy replied:

    They are so predictable, if you donโ€™t think like them they will attack. It is always said over there all views are welcomed, well maybe for a little bit until they have their fun with you.

    Exactly jersey. Just a matter of time until the claws come out and ALL of them join in on the feeding frenzy. All views welcome my ass. Until the place is taken over with bitch slapping and attacks, then the tune is changed to “stay the fuck away” Typical! There’s a little pattern there, say what you want, UNLESS you disagree with us, (especially the new owners) then eventually you’ll be threatened and run the hell off! Nice.

  26. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Who the hell is Josie and why is she screaming her head off in my spam box about using her name?

    I don’t see her name anywhere.

    somebody needs a time out! and maybe some glasses!


  27. rosie replied:

    Hey everyone, On a lighter note and maybe a fun thing for some, I just signed up for Rt Hicks Save new room. Unlike the old pg comments on pics this is well R rated. I haven’t made a comment as yet but did see quite an (exciting) photo of Tay. The comments are naughty and witty. The pics show Tay in a new dimension!

  28. rosie replied:

    Asses, I think I’ve added to both you and Morphs “Spam Hell.” We FBI agents tend to capture the nuts and the guilty. Oh and Bluz if you and your posse are snooping around, that new Adult Only RHS room is not for you. There is more to see of Taylor than just his “cute eyes”. Remember adults only…

  29. jerseyirish replied:

    Rosie, I signed up to but haven’t left a comment yet either, I’ll see how it goes.

    Daisy, I hear you I have seen it over and over and that is exactly what they do, they toy with the poster then chase them out.

    Maybe the person in spam is putting me and rosie’s name together or just looking at the r and seeing a j who knows. Thats funny.


  30. Daisy replied:

    Yep jersey, gang up on them, because certain bullying, berating whackjobs take the place over and don’t “trust” or like what they have to say since it’s different than the total SHIT that they say, or just spot on balls truth, then run them off. Sick.

  31. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Dear Josie,

    I figured out who you are from your IP.

    Evidently, you must have slept through the class on How To Write An Effective Letter. You might want to take a refresher course on that.


  32. Benedict replied:

    Still confused as to why they hate Rosie? I must have missed something. No offense Rosie, but I think *some* on this blog thought you were one of them, posting over here. Now, they think you are one of us, posting over there. Obviously, nobody knows! To me, you were just one of a 1,000 Rosie’s that I couldn’t keep straight. ๐Ÿ™‚ You haven’t done anything to warrant hate, however. They are just using you as an excuse to have MASS hysteria- they love that shit.

    It is official, the blog is on a downward spiral! *back handspring* It only takes a few posts to send DAH, Bluz, HW (outsider) over the edge. Outsider, who has officially admitted her identity, is now defending herself under her new name. Can I get a woot woot!

    And, I am reading that Bluz is gonna ‘git’ them sisters. ROTFLMAO.

  33. jerseyirish replied:

    Benedict, I think they hate Rosie because they couldn’t break her, she just ignored them and kept talking positive Taylor talk and it got them crazy. She is new to posting like I am just started within the last couple of months.

    I believe the are out of control over there it’s like they are having a meltdown. No one trusts anyone over there.

    I read that Bluz is going to get the sisters, wonder what thats all about.


  34. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Meltdown? That’s such a polite way to put it. Here at the “institution” we call it something else.


    They hated rosie because she was a positive poster…not just about Taylor, but about everything. She wasn’t going to be intimidated by them, and she wasn’t going to back down. She just kept on posting! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. rosie replied:

    Benedict, Jersey Irish is correct. Other than Spins and Rhs, and a few other tiny blogs, I never posted anywhere until mid Aug. But I had been reading the blogs since May. I was first going to post over here but it seemed like everyone where tight knit and were the same group from Chill’s. Then also some of the posts were so so long over here and went into personal stuff. So I made the mistake of posting at Morphs. I entered very gently. I would notice that no matter what I said a moonbat and an rcg person would follow me with some mean hateful remark I ignored them. Had I known that rcg was Dah I never would have posted there. I had read up on her. Then when Bluz made her confession in late Sept. I noticed a few days later that moonbat had gone. Dah appeared as Dah when Bluz appeared as Bluz. By then I had also started posting over here. Anyway Bluz and Dah are not nice people and gave me constant grief. I must be wacked to have lasted as long as I did. Bluz and Dah are players and rule the roost and Morph has no clue. Morph and I had a few good discussions. When I saw she put my name in her last blog topic that rosie had been trying to get her to see Grease. I said to myself, the natives are not going to like me getting attention. So I hardly made any posts that week. I laid low. But last week they all started in with calling me a liar, stalker and a troll. I am not a liar and really don’t know what the last two mean. When I knew I’d be leaving I was relieved. Not saying the name calling, meaness and accusations did not hurt, because they did. Sunny kind of warned me way back that one is identified by where one posts. So I learned a lesson.

  36. rosie replied:

    I read the comment about Bluz and the sisters and Bluz sending Tays lawyer information. Within an hour of moonbat, coming out as Bluz, on Sept. 25, 2008 she posted in response to my post, that Taylor Hicks was addicted to cocaine. He said he is too busy using it. My response was “Good Grief”. She did not say she thought he used it, or looked like he used it but that he was definately addicted to it. I recall thinking OMG. The comment was there for 10 minutes and then Morph deleted it saying she wanted no reference to coke. Then I posted to Morph that I thought it was an excellent idea she deleted it. So there you have Bluz, Tay’s biggest fan and out to sue others for libel. Bluz has very poor impulse control, IMO. I’ve kept this quiet until now. But fair is fair.

  37. rosie replied:

    I mean about an hour before moonbat went away and Bluz’ confession.

  38. Daisy replied:

    Holy shit, talk about libel and slander! WTF!

  39. jerseyirish replied:

    Rosie, It was a learning experience for you, they were watching from the very begining, you have caused quite a uproar over there. They just couldn’t figure you out, even their insults didn’t make you leave until you were ready.

    I don’t think Taylor for one minute is perfect, but I don’t think he is addicted to anything, he could not do what he does if dependent on any drug, sooner or later it catches up with you and things start to fall apart, it is quite the opposite with him things are looking better and better.


  40. rosie replied:

    Ji, Well according to Bluz, the man also severe ADD and has problems focusing and she saw it in person at the Boutwal (sp) interview and reading from his book. Wonder posted it about a month ago and I saw no evidence of that. She has said he is not cute or attractive except for his eyes. He did not increase Grease sales, Grease will never get him more fans. He did not make even 6 figures for doing Grease on Broadway, and certainly will not earn 6 figures while on tour with Grease. They all flipped out on me when I told them I personaly know one of the the 3 leads in a broadway musical and with having his living expenses paid, he makes 1,000,000 a year. I tried to tell them 6 figures is no money these days. I told them it was Taylor that Grease wanted for the role but they said AI got it for him. There was lots more nonsense but I only countered when it was something I knew as a fact. I guess I found their negativity interesting. Most of the time I just let it slide. They are a bunch of very boring people who could not, or would not bring up an interesting topic to discuss. I have no idea why I hung in there. Some of them are very nice people. Some are just lost souls. The reality is it is only the internet and most of us will never meet.

  41. rosie replied:

    Daisy, Morph is no dummy so it was deleted.

  42. rosie replied:

    JI, Just to make it clear my “Good Grief” response was not due to me thinking she was correct, but that she was a nut case who hated him. She had three minutes before implied he was Gay and Morph and I said he is not gay. But they all say over there that Taylor has no bigger or better fan than Bluz! Bed time for me. You are a real good soul Jerseyirish.

  43. Benedict replied:

    Don’t know if he does coke or has ADD. And, I sure don’t care if he is gay- though I am pretty sure he is not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    However, the one thing that I know for sure is that Bluz doesn’t know any of these things either. Some shit she heard in a paw brawl or made up in kitty wonderland.

    That’s it, I am calling the slander hotline and she gonna git it on Monday. You just wait’n see!

  44. ifyousayso replied:

    Color me confused. Bluz is upset because people are talking about her doing jail time (didn’t she post about it on a blog….PUBLICLY?). Is it slander or libel if what you are saying is a fact?

  45. Daisy replied:

    Right Benedict, and when you don’t know, you don’t state something damaging as fact on a public fucking blog. Guess that’s why it was deleted. Duh. I love your posts btw, you’re hilarious! Rosie, I know it’s hard to tell, but I’m pretty sure DAH isn’t posting as rcg. Very familiar nonetheless. She has used other names, but that one is someone else, I do believe.

  46. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Holy Crapola!

    From now on, I’m staying home at night. Too much goes on while I’m out.

    By the way, the operators are standing by at the slander hotline 24/7. Our motto is, we can’t sleep if there’s money to be taken.

  47. chill replied:

    haha, Iyss, something tells me that’s a trick question. ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. esmarelda replied:

    There’s nothing tricky about that question at all. It isn’t slander or libel if you are talking about a fact or something that someone wrote about themselves publicly. Once you write a blog or a story about yourself it’s open for discussion. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. littlewing replied:

    Hi rosie,
    Sorry things went down at orphans the way they did. I always enjoyed your posts over there. For the record, I don’t think rcg is Dah either, just based on my own personal experience. They obviously are friends tho.

  50. chill replied:

    Um, Esmie, I was playing with Iyss. I think I knew the answer to that one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. rosie replied:

    littlewing, Hi, thanks for your support. It was hard for me to who was who with so many names used. Just know that rcg and mmonbat were mean to me from day one.It is funny to me that they think I was a troll who began to post over there to cause trouble and to stalk Dah and BLuz. I never ever came across the name Bluz until her confession and then I repeatedly defended there and elsewhere. I never would have started posting over there if I knew they were friends with Dah. She is not my cup of tea. I posted there because I found Morph an interesting person. I still have no dislike for her or most of the other people. Bluz and Dah are the drama queen trouble makers.

  52. rosie replied:

    Makingfunofyourasses, Schitt and Schitt can not afford to take even a half day of rest. Daughtry and Cook fans are fighting and name calling. Mr. Schitt you need to investigate that awful place idletard.com. They slander Claytards, Taytards, Cooktards and every single kind of tard. You will make a fortune from just that one site. But Mr Schitt please take care of the Taylor Hicks fans cases first. He is the best Idol and his fans have been wronged. Tay is so nice that he may even pay our retainer fees. Some of the soul patrol can not afford your high fees.

  53. jerseyirish replied:

    Rosie, That Idletard is awful, just as nasty as another place. Just ripping people apart, no reason for that. The law firm would never be without business that for sure!!!

    I think the whole BK thing was an attention getter thats it.


  54. spinshack replied:

    “Bluz is gonna โ€˜gitโ€™ them sisters”
    When I read that I had to laugh. A Lot.

    Convo with lawyers:
    “Mr. Schitt, I have been maligned and insulted, libeled and slandered, my on-line repurr-tation in total ruin. The purr-purr-trators at large inhabit an internet domain. They call themselves UNofficial yet it seems real to me. I am in a complete cat-astrophic frenzy. I wish to right now purr-sue litigation against them for grrreat anguish and distress against the on-line purr-veyors and operators of that site.”

    Mr. Schitt looking perplexed, “I understand, my dear, could you tell me how to locate these individuals? Oh, and that last few minutes of my time will be $5,000.00. Would you like to set up a retainer, this may take a while.”

    “Certainly Mr. Schitt since I am actually representing a non-profit organization that specializes in placing harmonicas with underprivileged children. My goal is to help them find a new joy in life, musical expression is so beneficial. What better instrument to convey the Blues than the time honored mouth harp? I’d think you’d find it purr-fectly acceptable to handle this, pro bono publico.”

    Mr. Schitt, “Ma’am, while I commend you having heartfelt concern for children, yes, we must always think of the children; to start shit, fight shit and wallow in shit, you must pay Schitt and Schitt.”

  55. chill replied:

    Click to see how long this stuff has been going on.

  56. rosie replied:

    Spin, You are a scream! You can manage to flit about here and there and not create enemies. I enjoyed reading you and Jeanni and Cbb and Esmeralda duking it out and then later sharing toasts. As we sit in one chair in front one puter we speak of over there and over here yet one click on the keys and away we travel over there. Can someone click me to Nice? I need to tattletale to Mr. Hicks and request he pay my retainer to Mr. Schitt because I’ve been a victim of so much Shit. If Mr. Hicks just knew what some are doing to his beloved SP he’d would not be wasting his time on pre-production of his next CD. I just know if I tattletale to him, he will hop the first flight back to take care of his SP.

  57. rosie replied:

    Chill, Dah is ageless. I heard that is how it is with witches.

  58. spinshack replied:

    Rosie, enemies? Moi?

  59. chill replied:

    haha! Spin, you’re gonna be in trouble. Rosie, I know, my goodness, does that woman ever sleep?

  60. jerseyirish replied:

    Spin, That was funny, enjoyed the tongue and cheek.

    Chilled, loved the picture, been going on a long time.

    Rosie, A witch ya think?


  61. henry8 replied:

    You guys are cracking me up today. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m pretty sure you would find DAH in hieroglyphics and I know I have seen those egyptian cats.
    Spin, you and the sisters are going to have cat scratches now. You many have to borrow Jeannis big dog.

  62. Benedict replied:


    friggin hilarious..:)

  63. rosie replied:

    Just weighing in on the issue of Bluz doing the harp and other fund raising stuff. I have no problem with her doing any of that even though she does not seem to be a fan. She told me that at the kids harmonica event she praises Taylor and I don’t doubt her word. She lives in Bama and he is one of the states heros. It is like the people selling celeb tee shirts or team shirts, they don’t have to like the team or celeb. I don’t know the history between she and the sisters so I don’t know if the chicken or the egg came first. I don’t want to know.

  64. spinshack replied:

    At one time she professed to be a big fan, rosie, I’m not sure what has happened. Purr-haps it was just a phase?

    With the sisters I don’t think it matters who came first, if they don’t like ya they don’t like ya. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  65. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Sunny gets the gold star for post of the day!

    rosie, I don’t know the history either. I agree, however, that I don’t want to know it.

    “It is like the people selling celeb tee shirts or team shirts, they donโ€™t have to like the team or celeb”

    Except, for those people it’s a job. It’s how they make a living. Next week, they’ll be selling tee shirts for the next celebrity. It’s not an endorsement, it’s not a relationship. It’s a job selling tee-shirts. They don’t get anything from that celebrity. No publicity, no endorsement, no contributions. However, I don’t think they’d keep their job very long, if they told the customer that the celebrity sucked.

  66. jerseyirish replied:

    I know I don’t know the history either and really don’t want to know.

    I agree MFOYasses this is just a job, you don’t have to be a fan to make a living selling things connected to a celebrity, many people do just that.

    Spin, I’m still amused by your earlier post, was definetly the laugh of the day!!!!


  67. Daisy replied:

    Hahahahaha, funny stuff here today.

  68. yallarescaringme replied:

    I wonder if the Schitt Bros will consider opening up a P.I. agency next? Imagine the money they could bring in tracing IP’s, emails, phone calls, all that important stuff! I think each police station should have a division devoted to AI stalking. They would be so busy.

    I think BK was a big fan and now for whatever reason is over it. It happens. I have a few friends that are just not interested as they used to be. Fans can be finicky. So can cats. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  69. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Actually, the Schitt Bros. are already making plans for a private detective division in their firm.

    They’re calling it the POOP division.

    (Pursuit Of Obnoxious Posters)

  70. yallarescaringme replied:

    I am so relieved to hear this. I just feel so much safer knowing I have the Schitt’s…to help me when I’m in blog danger. Sometimes I fear for my life, ya know? But with Schitt & Schitt I can post and sleep soundly too.

  71. Daisy replied:

    Good Gawd, can those twits be any more LAME over there. Going on about belonging to the BB, which is a Taylor board, when that twit clearly hates him, thus being on that blog, where they love you if you hate Taylor, but no posts, I wonder why…skulking around and spying perhaps? Clearly. Ugh. WHACKED much? I need to go look up that name that some people thought was the other nutjob actually posting there.

  72. yallarescaringme replied:

    You lost me there Daisy. ?

    Hey, I have to ask, who is 15 Minutes? They sure have a lot more than 15 minutes to waste. Talk about obsessssssion. Damn.

  73. tappanga replied:

    I’ve been on vacation. Someone catch me up on WTF y’all are talking about.

    Oh and Bluz does not live in Alabama. She just seems to hold all her clinics here. She lives far from here. Far. In fact, head west and don’t stop until you hit water.

  74. Benedict replied:

    So, my friends, it is Monday.

    What was the big you’re-gonna-git-it-on-Monday news?

    Are the sisters in prison?

    Did the KBI confiscate their computers?

    **patiently waits**

    On a side note, they are all “coming out” on the orphan site. Yet, besides Bluz and DAH, I have yet to see anyone burn their bras. Ladies, it doesn’t count when you only mention the 7 other names you used on that site alone.


    aka Benedict in disguise aka Benedict in sunglasses aka Benedict with a trench coat.

  75. jerseyirish replied:

    Benedict, I looked to see if any gonna git you happened so far I see nothing. Hopefully it won’t be anything.

    I like your disguises they are interesting. I read that some put up all the names they go by. I only go by one jerseyirish that is it, haven’t been around long enough to need another cover I guess.


  76. rosie replied:

    Benedict, Since I haven’t read there since I left I don’t know what you mean by “coming out”. Let me ponder it. Thought no.1: Bluz said Tay only had cute eyes and she was obsessed with gay, so she may have come out of the closet. Thought #2. Did they all come out of the pw protected closet? Thought #3: Could they feel guilt for falsely accusing me of using more than one name and now they are revealing their names? It is fun to know some continued madness is going on over there, yet not know the details. I’m sure I’ll read over there in a few days time just to see if it has gone down hill.

  77. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    rosie, let me give you the condensed version. They’re all about the love for Taylor, all the other fans are loons, they get along with each other because they’re BFF’s, they are keeping it real because as people they respect different people’s opinions.


    And oh yeah, people need to stop bringing up mfoya, because even though they call themselves the mfoya orphans, they have nothing to do with mfoya.


  78. rosie replied:

    Makingfun, Say what! I’m going to go check it out this second. Away I go!

  79. rosie replied:

    Wow, Morph Likes Tay now and wants to see him in concert and gave the link to her fav video. Hey my positive Tay speak worked. Bluz is anxiously awaited his music whilst they all seem to be talking to themselves. There is an all time record number of deletions taking place so they seem to be talking to themselves. And how dare those loons try to post anything to upset their peaceful, real, wholesome, fun loving friendly little kingdom! Dick’s comment is the most absurd and I see someone named outreach or out something told me to go and stay away. Morph told me to go and stay the F away and Dah, or now Jovi is reminding everyone I lied about everything. They are tired of hiding who they are and are going to use their original names. Hehehaha and wooped te do do!!

  80. rosie replied:

    That took me a long time to read from the 17th. It was an all time dull read.

  81. yallarescaringme replied:

    Good point Asses about using the mfoya name. I also don’t think that site has anything to do with the mfoya site. I’ve heard repeatedly that mfoya themselves was not a fan of any of the players over there (I’m sure Spin can confirm) so why keep using their name other than to bring attention to themselves?

  82. rosie replied:

    If anyone wants to call POOP directly, dial #222-222-poop. That way you won’t have to go thru either Mr. I.M.Schitt or Mr. U.R.Schitt.

  83. henry8 replied:

    I see they are sorry for Taylor because of his fans. Well, like every other celebrity I imagine he has those he likes and those he is not so crazy about. Pretty much like the customers at our store. I have a hard time understanding why any celeb would be especially fond of the “fans” who tell him much of what he has done stinks. Never could quite wrap my mind around that. But when that new cd comes out and if it passes their qualifications they will be there. Good , glad to hear that. Since they have no problem making their demands known heres what I want.
    When that cd comes out and if it pleases them, I think all the loons should get a thank you note from them. Why? Because it will have been the loons support for all his projects, for Grease and most everything else that made it financially possible for him to get the cd done, pay for a tour and pleasure them.
    So please, if it happens, I would like a thank you note.

  84. yallarescaringme replied:

    I’m not positive they think everyone who supports Taylor is a loon. I think they’re probably referring to the obnoxious ones who think he can do no wrong and spend a lot of time in the law offices of Mr. Schitt pressing charges. I could be wrong. There’s plenty of fans who support him (like myself) that don’t feel the need to preach about how great he is or go after all naysayers. I don’t think supporting him makes me or anyone else a loon. Takes more than that! ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. 15minsoffame1 replied:

    Just wanted you to know asses the tone of your Website
    has changed. It’s not what it started out to be.
    That’s my opinion.

  86. henry8 replied:

    Y’all, I could count on one hand the number of people who think he can do no wrong and/or spend a lot of time in the Schitt lawyers offices. I think they mean more then that. JMO

  87. tappanga replied:

    What do you mean, 15?

  88. spinshack replied:

    Henry8 they are targeting anyone who is all out squee-geeing over Hicks. Why that bothers them that anyone might be; I have no idea. Tried to figure that out then got bored with it.

    YASM, you are right in that MFOYA was less than enamored with the entire “Orphans” ideal.

    Henry why the hell do you keep falling for that schtick? That whole “sorry for him for his fans” is an OLD technique manipulators have been using on-line regarding fan bases for a long while now. It’s simply a last ditch and simple minded effort to sway the weak minded and tweak the die-hards. Just freaking ignore it. Means nothing, nada. Zero.

  89. spinshack replied:

    Tapp are you trying to get the 15 Minutes worked up? It’s maybe not happy that even though we “put the lotion on”, nobody’s fighting right now. lol

  90. yallarescaringme replied:

    Henry, you might be right. I guess I assumed it was just the over the top fans. Seems to me the hate is pretty equal on both sides, each hating the other for the opposite reason and neither leaving the other alone.

  91. Benedict replied:

    yallarescaringme replied:

    Iโ€™m not positive they think everyone who supports Taylor is a loon. I think theyโ€™re probably referring to the obnoxious ones who think he can do no wrong and spend a lot of time in the law offices of Mr. Schitt


    The place tends to breed those who have been kicked off of sites repeatidly. With each banning or leaving on a sour note, they become more bitter and resentful- and, they do categorize everyone else as loons because they have been treated baaaaaad. If you notice, they constantly bring up other sites. (BB, TMS, SPH, TOSP, AI posters, i could go on) In every instance, it is the fault of someone else. I can understand not liking one site or another. But, to repeatidly be shunned or banned on different sites is not normal. They have gradually showed their true colors with the meltdowns this past week. I am sure Morph understand now “why” these people are not wanted around. Not to mention, 3 of the regular posters are fans of Chris Daughtry. These people are not fans of Chris Daughtry and Taylor Hicks. Trust me on this one ;)They are the Daughtry fans that Joey Barnes (a member of Daughtry) asked to stop bashing TH in a mass myspace message. So, what draws these people to the orphan’s blog? Probably a shared interest in calling the SP loons. They feel validated and want to be part of the fun.

    Regardless, that blog is nothing more than one big choppy mess,with Morph screaming for everyone to go away. It is looking as though that blog is cooked. They will spend their days in password protection. Afterall, Morph loses all credibility allowing Bluz and DAH to roam free. (not that I thought she had much to begin with, but atleast she was sometimes clever)

    Ok. Why do I even care?

    I just want to know if the sisters are in orange jumpsuits at the moment? It is now Tuesday. What in the hell was the big news. ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. henry8 replied:

    Oh, I know Spin, I just like to tweak them back ever so often. I do expect a thank you note for helping to support Taylor till he gets around to what they are waiting for. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I don’t even think I have to do an all out squee-gee just a little ooh will get you classified as a loon.
    But I am a proud loon.

    Tapp, I don’t know what 15 means unless theres not enought blood here to suit her. Not sure. Shes very cryptic.

  93. yallarescaringme replied:

    Benedict, was there supposed to be some big news? I missed that! I think the Orphans blog is filled with different types, but I agree that they share the interest of disliking the SP. Maybe Henry is right and it’s all of the SP that they think are loons. But I know MANY fans who support Taylor and don’t consider themselves SP. I know I don’t. I’m just a fan. I don’t really want to be apart of the SP stuff. Right or wrong.

  94. yallarescaringme replied:

    Henry, I think you might be right about the blood thing. ๐Ÿ™„ Peace really rubs some people the wrong way! haha!

  95. henry8 replied:

    Benedict said–

    “”The place tends to breed those who have been kicked off of sites repeatidly. With each banning or leaving on a sour note, they become more bitter and resentful- and, they do categorize everyone else as loons because they have been treated baaaaaad. If you notice, they constantly bring up other sites. (BB, TMS, SPH, TOSP, AI posters, i could go on) In every instance, it is the fault of someone else. I can understand not liking one site or another. But, to repeatidly be shunned or banned on different sites is not normal.””

    This part of your post caught my eye, because some of the regular posters at orphans are on another spot tonight bashing the hell out of someone and what you said right there is the main reason.
    Ever problem they have ever had is always someone elses fault.

  96. yallarescaringme replied:

    Benedict, why is Morph screaming for people to go away? Hello, Morph meet the IP ban button. And can she please learn how to post YouTube videos correctly. It’s not brain surgery.

    Ever problem they have ever had is always someone elses fault.

    I don’t think that all of them have been banned from sites. I only say that because wasn’t that the big complaint about TOSP (and other sites)? That they allowed “haters” to stay? I don’t think BK was banned from anywhere either. I think they just like it there.

  97. Benedict replied:


    I was referring to the big “thing” that was supposed to happen to the sisters on Monday. According to Bluz, they were in big trouble….I heard talk of attorney’s and I reckon she was callin the law on em.

    And, I agree that both sides play a part. Including myself. I sure as hell ain’t innocent. ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess I shouldn’t even be posting here. It is not helping matters. Hey, atleast I admit it, though.

    Tapp- I read your post at the other place. Very ballsy.

    15 min. – You seriously scare me. And, please don’t write a blog about me for saying that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  98. Benedict replied:

    Sorry, Y’all. I just remember reading about the TOSP. Somebody was bitching about it. Not sure the reason.

    I don’t know if Bluz has been banned. i do know that things haven’t panned out for her on some sites. I know one for a fact that didn’t want her there and made it very clear.

  99. yallarescaringme replied:

    Benedict, maybe Bluz got a set of voodoo dolls and the curse was supposed to take place today? Or maybe they got served Schitt? Schitt is probably very busy repping all sides.

  100. yallarescaringme replied:

    Benedict, I think you’re right about that. Seems to me that the players on BOTH sides are frowned upon at the main sites. Interesting too. Bottom line, they are all shit stirrers. Thats why Mr Schitt follows them wherever they go.

  101. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    “Just wanted you to know asses the tone of your Website
    has changed. Itโ€™s not what it started out to be.
    Thatโ€™s my opinion.”

    It started out as a reaction to the mfoya blog. The mfoya blog is no longer around, but my blog still is. It has evolved over time. Nothing in life is static, it changes as situations change around you. I still “make fun” of the extremes that I see going on.

    I’m not sure how much my blog has changed. Maybe what has changed is the attitude of those who post on the blog. I don’t know.

    My intent has never been to “destroy” other people, it’s never been personal. Shoot, I don’t know anything about anyone who posts here, just as much as they don’t know anything about me. I started out without much knowledge of the “soul patrol” history, and I still am in the dark about most of it. I just look at what’s happening now and comment on it.

    Life is about change, so maybe that’s what you are seeing here.

  102. yallarescaringme replied:

    I don’t think 15 Minutes cares that the mfoya blog is not around. They are still living it like it was yesterday. Weird stuff.

  103. chill replied:

    I just got home from work. Man, you guys sure have been busy beavers! LOL No worries, the sisters, CBB and Jeanni, are alive and well! I saw them next door. ๐Ÿ™‚

  104. tappanga replied:

    Thanks Benedict. I’m not completely innocent because I am opinionated, but I’m not the center of evil in the Taylor Universe either.

  105. chill replied:

    Tapp, where’s your ballsy? I want to see it and I’m a little too tired to be wandering the internet tonight.

  106. chill replied:

    Eh, tell me tomorrow. I’m beat.

  107. jerseyirish replied:

    Henry, Unfortunately I don’t think is thank you will happen although it should.

    yall, I’m not a sp member also just enjoy the man and his music and following his career. I guess you are right we are all guilty of seeing Taylor in a positve light suppoorting his career choices, didn’t know that could be so wrong. Don’t think the man walks on water just think he is going in the right direction to acheive his goal.

  108. Benedict replied:

    tappanga replied:

    Thanks Benedict. Iโ€™m not completely innocent because I am opinionated, but Iโ€™m not the center of evil in the Taylor Universe either.

    I am not real familiar with TMS. However, I have read there and always found the site to be funny. I, of course, didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes.

    Apparently, BW and gang thought the site was fun also. I have yet to see anybody in Taylor’s camp post anywhere but there.

    Hope that it all works out and I think the name calling on the new blog is beyond childish. I see that most of the posters are orphans. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  109. tappanga replied:

    Over on that TMS closing blog.

  110. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    what is the TMS closing blog?

    And holy crap, there’s another meltdown happening at the orphans. I don’t know all the players, but you should bring your popcorn, because it’s a doozie!


  111. rosie replied:

    MfoyAsses, I was just reading Morphs and it is a true meltdown. Jovi, Hanna, and Bluz three difficult people, have taken over the blog. Did you or anyone understand Dick’s two comments yesterday? Now Bluz just loves Taylor and wants him to come to her harp lessons. I suppose if he does she will inform everyone how he is doing with his drug problem, ADD, and with his boyfriend. Jovi, Bluz and Wiggles keep spreading around the love. lol

  112. rosie replied:

    Asses, Idletard.com has a link on the right about the new TMS closing blog. I did not know what TMS was until yesterday. The new blog is so former members can take joy from TMS closing shop. It is a bitch fest and I could only read a little of it since Tapp was the only name familiar to me.

  113. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Um, okay, I went and looked at it.

    My opinion: when people write very long bashing posts faulting other people for writing bashing posts, I tend to believe that it is all just another juvenile game of she said, she said. I hope these folks feel better having “their say”, but I doubt it.

  114. chill replied:

    Oy vey! I went there. Sorry that I did. Why doesn’t it surprise me that I see some of the same names there that I see on the orphanage site?

  115. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    chill, I wonder how many of those “posters” are DAH?


  116. Benedict replied:

    Oh, the humor of it all. HW, who is NEVER coming back, returns. To be taken down, kicked around, and beaten to death on Morph’s blog by some random person.

    Apparently, Hannawiggles has more enemies than Bin Laden and can’t figure out who is attacking her today. The best part is DAH coming to the rescue, furiously pointing fingers at the wrong person. What! ROTFLMAO.

    So, who is gonna kick ole Hannawiggles around tomorrow? I think Tapp should be next. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Where’s the popcorn?

  117. Barney replied:

    Benedict, shame on you! DAH has “come out” and admitted she’s Jovi. Be respectful and call her by her proper name please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. Daisy replied:

    Holy crap, it’s like one of those REALLY BAD, weird reality shows over there! And you’re right Benedict, DAH/Jovi/Bertha/whatever other million names it has, juping in the middle of something she clearly has no clue about, to defend her other new bff was damn hysterical! ROFLMAO.

  119. jerseyirish replied:

    All I can say is wow, meltdown is putting it midly. They are all over each other.

    Thought the same thing on the TMS site could pick out a few of the writing styles wasn’t sure but if others are thinking the same way must be.

  120. rosie replied:

    Hehe, Read someone said mystified = rosie. It is not true, but mystifieds post was the most sane one, so I’ll take that as a compliment. Morphs away and the lunatics play.

  121. yallarescaringme replied:

    Well I’m sure many of the posters on the TMSclosing blog are orphans, but I’m certain there’s a lot more that that too. TMS made themselves a lot of enemies over the years. The stories about the way they run that place have been going on forever.

  122. rosie replied:

    Asses, I’m sure Dah is posting on TMS. I liked her comment earlier today when she said polls mean nothing, yet she did 2 recent blogs about polls. I knew she was nuts when I read her 11 day rant in Aug. (and another thing, and another thing, and Mikki said, and when we were on the street, and Mikki said and got that etc.) Her Aug. meltdown was there for all to see, yet she questioned how I could possably know her reputation. She will still be fighting the soul patrol when she is 70.

  123. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    I had to make a popcorn run…I ran out. I’m in awe.

  124. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Damn…the blog was *poofed*.

    Guess I’m actually going to have to do some housework.

  125. Benedict replied:

    Barney replied:

    Benedict, shame on you! DAH has โ€œcome outโ€ and admitted sheโ€™s Jovi. Be respectful and call her by her proper name please!


    So sorry, Barney. I forgot. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now, has anyone else ever wondered why JOVI calls herself “Daughty Are HOT”? Those words, in that order, sound strange to me. However, I have never been good at verbs, nouns, and all that jazz. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Morph is screamin again. 5-4-3-2-1-

    Bye Bye Morph. Your blog sucks!

  126. rosie replied:

    The entertainment is gone. Morph took it inside where Bluz, Dah and wiggles can whine and play victims. On a personal level I was enjoying the meltdown.

  127. Benedict replied:

    Looks like it is Password Protection for the whole group!

  128. henry8 replied:

    Can you imagine having Dah, Bluz and wiggles as you BFF.
    What did Morph do to deserve that honor?

  129. chill replied:

    When you said “poofed,” I thought I was going to find the blog gone, but I see they only went in the way-back machine.

  130. yallarescaringme replied:

    Hannahwiggles definitely wins “The Most Annoying”, “Biggest Whiner” and the “Biggest Victim” contest.

  131. chill replied:

    So . . . is Taylor in France? ๐Ÿ™‚

  132. chill replied:

    Henry, I think they should consider the Family Talk plan — or walkie-talkies.

  133. chill replied:

    Sorry, I’m tired, my thoughts are disjointed. But answer me this: What sense does it make to talk privately on an open-to-the-public blog? Why don’t they just make the site all the way private and require a password? Should I Google “exhibitionism” for the answer?

  134. Daisy replied:

    Maybe be so bitter about Taylor and criticize and bitch about everything he does? God forbid they like anything he does. Except we all know what DAH/Jovi/Bertha/Hilda/etc etc does, which is utterly amusing to the others mentioned. I wonder if they’d think similar things being done to them and/or Daughtry in DAH’s case, would be quite as “humorous.” Somehow I doubt that. Someone start some blogs posting as several different whacko Daughtry fans mocking them, and let’s see! Or just about them specifically and post using their names sometimes too!

  135. Daisy replied:

    I was answering henry. Sorry, I didn’t address her, didn’t realize others were here too, and are obviously much faster than me!

  136. chill replied:

    Sorry, Daisy, I type fast.

  137. yallarescaringme replied:

    Yay me! My request for Morph to learn how to put up YouTube videos was heard. It looks like she’s cleaning up around there, but that Hannahwiggles is still at it. haha!

    Daisy, the Chrolls are not the only ones at fault in that war. Plenty of the SP has a bone to pick with Daughtry and his success. I will never understand why. They call him names, say he’s only been successful because he kisses Clives ass, made up all kinds of theories and bash him all the time. So both fan bases are reacting are at fault. The Chrolls are just a bit more creative!

  138. Daisy replied:

    Good question chill. Desperate for attention perhaps? *shrugs*

    BTW, what does the way back machine mean?

  139. rosie replied:

    My opinion is Morph can have a somewhat decent blog if Dah and wiggles left. It seem they have the most enemies who come to pay their “respect”. Dah is always in her gang leader role. Just do not think Morph has a clue to all the trouble Dah causes everywhere. It did not help that Wiggles or Dah posing as wiggles were leaving comments on the tms site. Have I said it before, something is wrong with Jovi to be so concerned about Tay and his fans? Yes I have. Amen

  140. chill replied:

    I just meant they went back in time on the blog because they deleted a bunch of comments. It doesn’t look half as bad as it did late last night. LOL

  141. Daisy replied:

    It’s ok chill, I type fast, but take forever!

    Yall, We’ll have to agree to disagree there. I, nor do any other SP I know have a bone to pick with Daughtry’s success. Yes, they say things like that sometimes, however, I see that person all over Taylor articles, under a million different names, and her blogs, on Taylor sites under yet more names, and now on the orphans blog being as transparent and stupid as ever. There are no Daughtry hating/Daughtry fan hating BLOGS that I have seen, nor have I ever heard of SP joining Daughtry sites to cause trouble, and/or skulk around looking for something to hate blog about, then go write something ridiculous on those blogs, or SP on most EVERY Daughtry article. You call it creative, I call it whacked, and a tad obsessed and scary.

  142. Daisy replied:

    Thanks chill. I don’t even see the old blog, just Enough is Enough.
    LOL, rosie. *gang leader role* How totally accurate! Your whole post is.

  143. rosie replied:

    Chill, Morph wiped out her entire blog. There were about 147 comments on her epiphany blog, all of them fighting words. She got home and had a fit when she saw it. That blog is now pw protected and she is moderating the brand new one. Asses and I saw them all go nuts and I was enjoying it.

  144. yallarescaringme replied:

    Daisy, there is a faction of the SP that is very aggressive in their “Daughtry Bashing.” It’s a group that originated on the AI boards and they’ve been at it for years. They have their own private sites which they discuss how much they hate Daughtry and they have trolled on Daughtry sites. This is true. Yes, I agree that the Chrolls are out of control in how they seek revenge but they are NOT the only ones at fault is all I’m saying. Both sides are obsessed but have different ways of going at it.

  145. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Private sites just to bash Daughtry? Well, the one good thing I guess I could say is if it’s private, the filth stays contained.

    Okay, people sometimes scare me.

  146. Daisy replied:

    Like I said ya’ll, we’ll have to agree to disagree. That stuff you said sounds exactly like what that whacko has said many times from what I’ve seen. I simply have seen no proof of it, and I certainly don’t believe her. Did you ever observe HER on the AI boards, or any of who she hangs with? Or just this group of SP you’re talking about? I’d be willing to bet a large amount that DAH and whoever she hangs with have their very own private sites where they rip the hell out of Taylor and discuss how much they hate him and SP as well. How could someone not think that, they have no problem doing it, albeit in a restrained, making fun of way, all over the web, publicly, so I can’t imagine what their private sites contain. Ugh. Did you see these trolls trolling Daughtry sites? I have seen her and others on Taylor sites, articles, and of course the blogs. This is ALL true. Now that I think about it, you don’t have to answer any of my questions, I’m not here to argue with you. You think what you think, and I think what I think. Doesn’t sound like you’ll see it my way, and I don’t see it yours. We don’t have to agree! Night peeps!

  147. chill replied:

    MFOYAsses, I’m jealous of them more than afraid of them. I wish I had that kind of free time. I nodded out in my car at lunch today. haha I was just closing my eyes for a second and when I woke up, 45 minutes had gone by.

  148. yallarescaringme replied:

    Asses, oh yes. Private sites that bash Daughtry. Within the site there’s a forum that’s devoted to JUST Daughtry bashing. haha. Very scary. My point is that putting the blame on just ONE side is really unfair. This crap has been going on for years and both sides are to blame. Not just one. Hell, there was even a site called the “Chroll Patrol” and it wasn’t about Daughtry love.

    Daisy, I’ve seen it with my own eyes from the SP perspective. Whether she’s whacko or not, DAH is not making that particular stuff up. I’ve seen it and so have a few here.

  149. jerseyirish replied:

    Yall, I agree both sides have done their share, but I don’t think anyone has gone as far as they did with posting personal info, that was just wrong. People can agree to disagree but that is as far as it should go.

    Things look to be out of control now with all comments being moderated, never seem to have that problem before.

  150. Benedict replied:

    makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Private sites just to bash Daughtry? Well, the one good thing I guess I could say is if itโ€™s private, the filth stays contained


    I have never seen private sites just to bash Daughtry. But, then again, if they are private, that explains why! I agree that many played a part in the fan wars. However, once again, I have heard that the fans on both sides have made peace with eachother on a random board. I have not seen ANY SP publically bash Daughtry in a few months. So, it must be working. I do, however, see Jovi being bashed. If she would stop posting on Taylor Hick’s fansites, that would probably stop. That lady needs to seek out a yoga class.

    Enough of the Jovi talk.

    Yay, to “Charlotte Girl”! Whoever you are, *high five*! Apparently she is some random chick from the past, who just appeared to give Hannawiggles the spankin’ she so deserved. I suppose the humiliation was so overwhelming, the blog had to be deleted. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ‘Boo hoo. Morph, *sniff* I can’t take it anymore. They are so mean to me. They lie. They slander. Nobody defends me. I didn’t start this, it was not me! I am innocent. *sniff*…….Why is my post in moderation?????? That’s it, I’m leaving!!! This place sucks!!!! You didn’t erase all the nasty posts about me and now you have put me in moderation!!’

    Please, somebody, pass the lady a xanex.

  151. spinshack replied:

    Regarding this comment on 15 Minutes, Henry8:
    “Shes very cryptic.”

    “It’s very creepy.” *whispered in a Lon Chaney accent*

    Missed all the excrement excitement on the “Morph-ing” blog – hate it when I have to travel out to work.

    I’m like you Chill, I’m jellus I don’t have that kind of time all the time. lol

    Maybe someone copied it before it went *poof* – I’ll check around when I get time. (eh, that won’t be today) That’s all the time I have at the moment, later guys.

  152. stepk817 replied:


    Chroll Patrol has been defunct for over a year and a half despite a couple people going on about it. It was not about bashing Daughtry but you wouldn’t know because it was a private site. It was private for a reason.

    For the millionth time it was a smartass play on the term Soul Patrol and was started when several chrolls were making threatening posts about visiting two SP members and threatening to harm one of the SP’s farm animals. It was started simply to keep up with a couple of friends who were being bullied by a couple of criminally deranged bullies.

    Yes we made fun of Chris, we didn’t like him. I still don’t. The last time I looked it wasn’t a requirement for everyone to fake their love of a copycat tool.

    Most of the forum was chit chat keeping up with friends and what was going on in our lives. You wouldn’t know because it was private.

    The only people who go on about that site is DAH and friends. So are you outing yourself as a chroll? Just wondering.

    For the record, I have moved on. There are more important things going on in the world at the moment than this stupid fan war.

  153. rosie replied:

    ATTENTION: Mforphans3—Avitars R Us is offering our entire line of avitars exclusively to your orphans. Have your posters choose from the following: rocks, sling shots, switchblades, brass knuckles, bow & arrows, 14 different knives, guns- from 24 caliber to machine guns, (39 varities including our Sat. night special), poisen symbols, cannons, tanks, whips and chains and bombs. For your less violent orphans, they can pick one of our dozen 4 letter word avitars. Orphans, let your personal AVITAR speak for you. Hurry, while supply lasts.

  154. 15minsoffame1 replied:

    Good one rosie.

  155. yallarescaringme replied:

    Jerseyirish, haha I’m sure if people could dig up info on DAH they would post it in a heartbeat. Seriously. There are no boundaries.

    Benedict, omg hannahwiggles is intolerable. She goes on about her personal catastrophes (TMI), starts shit and expects sympathy. She’s always on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Damn. Shut up already. ๐Ÿ™‚

  156. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    I see the white jacket boys finally showed up with the tranquilizer guns.


    Don’t know about the HW thing. I didn’t see any mocking of the tragedies she’s had, but maybe it had already been deleted by the time I saw it. I would like to think that people would not do that, but I know better, from personal experience within my Lawrence Welk Spam Jail.

    Then again, maybe if she stopped bringing it up in every single post, it would help.

  157. yallarescaringme replied:

    Asses, people do sometimes mention a personal tragedy on a blog and yes, it can be dangerous because you never know how others will react and if they’ll use it against you. But the way she brings it up is the problem I think. She’s crying wolf a little. I don’t mean to sound cold but that’s just how it comes across. She brings it up as a threat to others and to excuse her crazy behavior. “Don’t you fuck with me because this and this happened to me!!!!!”

    We all have stress in our lives, that is not an excuse however to be nuts. If times are tough, it’s best to get off the computer and do something else instead of going crazy on a blog.

  158. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Where do I find that list of excuses to be nuts? Thinking it might come in handy!


  159. yallarescaringme replied:

    I think it’s time for another blog! Haha! “The Top 10 Excuses To Be Nuts”

  160. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    This was just too special not to c & p. Talk about doublespeak!

    I also agree 100% with him not growing his fanbase while he has the SP. Itโ€™s the lunatic behavior that has destroyed his fanbase and people in the real world have caught onto their antics. I have had several people tell me when they google Taylor Hicks, all hate blogs pop up bashing on SP memebersโ€ฆso no, this is NOT a good thing. For a fanbase who is suppose to worship the man they have done an outstanding job in destroying him.

    Ok, let me get this straight. So there are hate blogs out there bashing on SP members, which show up when people google. So the SP should just go away, so he can get new fans? Then all the hate blogs would disappear? Wow, amazing logic, ain’t it?

  161. Benedict replied:

    makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Donโ€™t know about the HW thing. I didnโ€™t see any mocking of the tragedies sheโ€™s had, but maybe it had already been deleted by the time I saw it. I would like to think that people would not do that, but I know better, from personal experience within my Lawrence Welk Spam Jail.

    Then again, maybe if she stopped bringing it up in every single post, it would help.


    I saw ONE post that somebody made to her. It said something along the lines of “stop talking about your brother’s death/using it as an excuse”. (Not sure the exact words.) Of course, meltdown city occured, people were blamed- fingers pointed. The sad thing is, she has so many enemies, it could have been one of her own. Or, as we saw last night, one of those random people who appear to slap her around for a second.

    She apparently had sent someone an email a few days prior to this, which was posted on the blog. She cursed the person out (don’t fuck with me or your doomed type stuff) and ended it with “btw, how is your cerebral palsy? LMFAO!!!!!”

    She admitted to writing this and said she felt no remorse and meant every word of it.

    It never fails, she is the victim. And, when she has been “wronged”, she won’t STFU about it!

    Poor Morph. She tried to be so cool. Her posters suck. Too bad. So sad. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  162. henry8 replied:

    I noticed that asses, almost made me post but not quite.:-)
    You goggle Taylor Hicks and does the annoying SP come up?
    No, the blogs hating on the SP are the first things to come up according to her. (thats not really true but whatever)
    But the problem is not with the hate blogs it is with the SP because they dare to live.
    You know, when Taylor first mentioned SP on AI I didn’t even know what he was talking about, I wasn’t on the internet then. When I did find out I wasn’t really sure I wanted to be part of a group, just wanted to be a fan. Wasn’t all that crazy about the name.
    But the crazies that hate the SP have made me feel like I want to get a large SP flag and fly it from the roof of my house. Eff em.

  163. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Wow, Benedict, that email…I don’t know HW’s history or past, and after reading that, I don’t want to know.

    Going to hang out in my own little world here, far far away from that kind of crap.

  164. ifyousayso replied:

    OK, so I was bored and decided to Google Taylor Hicks, looking for all these famous bash blogs. I gave up after 15 pages. Methinks someone’s “friend” is mistaken.
    I think these people like to think they are way more important than they actually are.

  165. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    iyss…that wasn’t a mistake, that was a literary tool. You know, an exaggeration used to “make a point”.



    hee hee hee

  166. rosie replied:

    I don’t know what they mean when they refer to the SP. Taylor still says it and I assume he means his fans who voted for him on AI and continue to support him. The term is connected to Taylor and his fans and it doesn’t bother me. Perhaps those at orphans mean those fans that think Taylor can do no wrong and is the greatest singer/performer. Don’t think it should bother anyone to be called one of the SP. No one need apologize for enjoying Taylor.

  167. yallarescaringme replied:

    There are crazies on all sides. Does Taylor have his share of crazy fans? Yes he really does. It’s not even a big group, but the problem is they are loud and make themselves known. But he also has some great fans that are not like that at all and they enjoy music, but their presence gets drowned out by the loud crazy ones. As long as people continue to behave selfishly and childishly this crap will go on forever.

  168. jerseyirish replied:

    Yall, Agree with you totally. When I went to see Taylor my daughter went with me. When we were in line to go in there was a group in front of us she said “Mom your not going to go crazy like them are you?” I said no I am just here to enjoy his music and see the show. We had a great time, most there were reserved but some were out of control,loud and pushy real pushy.


  169. rosie replied:

    My entire family and all of my friends think I’m a tad bit crazy for being a Taylor fan and even more so since I’ve been doing the blog stuff. I went out with some friends Sat. night and told them I had been thrown out of a blog and accused of lying about who I was and called a troll and a stalker. Needless to say when I tried to explain those terms they thought me nuts for being involved in the nonsense. It did not help that I told them I was excited because a new R rated Taylor Picture room had just opened that morning. One asked if there were nude photos of Tay in that room. I laughed and said no but that we could make suggestive comments about his Jean pics, chest hair, lips etc. We all had big laugh and when I left early the others said I was going home to get back on the net. So Some may see any or all of as nut cases. American Idol seems to be a breeding ground for nuts.

  170. chill replied:

    I really couldn’t care less about the Soul Patrol name. It doesn’t bother me what he or any of the media calls his fan base, and I don’t take any of the negative inferences to Soul Patrol personally. They’re just words. I’m a fan, period.

  171. mystified replied:

    So rosie,
    I never got back to the orphans place…did Bluz explain why she thought TH would grace one of her events with an appearance after she said all those wonderful things about him?
    And to whoever it may concern, rosie and I definitely aren’t the same person. But I do find Ms. rosie to be very funny!
    And rosie, I’m not really all that sane!

  172. yallarescaringme replied:

    Yes we made fun of Chris, we didnโ€™t like him. I still donโ€™t. The last time I looked it wasnโ€™t a requirement for everyone to fake their love of a copycat tool.

    Yes and thanks because your insults just proved my point. The Chrolls make fun of Taylor and you make fun of Chris, I guess you’re the SP I was referring to. Takes two sides to have a war. Statements like this shows you are just as guilty as those Chrolls.

    The only people who go on about that site is DAH and friends. So are you outing yourself as a chroll? Just wondering.

    Haha. Yikes. I suppose it doesn’t matter that I only mentioned this Chroll site to make a point that two sides are equally responsible for fan warring. Who cares about being fair right? I must be a Chroll. That makes a ton of sense ๐Ÿ™„

  173. spinshack replied:

    YASM, logic flies out the window of the house of reason for those who play that nonsensical fan war game.

  174. rosie replied:

    Mystified, I just noticed your post. No, but she said before she praises him at her harp gigs. She is just waiting for the soulmans CD.

  175. Recycling Facts replied:

    This post made me laugh, I donโ€™t know why! I miss American Idol and I canโ€™t wait for the next season.

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