The Crazy List…Legitimate Excuses for Being Nuts.

Your baby’s daddy ran off with your mama and they’re getting married because she’s pregnant with your sister.

You just got a letter from the IRS. They claim you owe them $2.45 in back taxes and $1,476,345.95 in penalties.

You just received your 1,000th robocall from the Republican Party.

Your neighbor’s son started a garage band…in their garage.

You have to call the customer service department of a major corporation. The last time you called, you spent 20 minutes talking to “John” in India. 15 minutes of that time was spent trying to get John to spell your name.

Accordion/Bagpipe Music is piped into your office. Enough said.

The Jerry Springer show called. They’d like you to come be on the show for a “surprise”.

You have messages from the Law Office of Schitt & Schitt asking you to return their call.

Thank you to YASM for this topic idea. Please feel free to add your own excuses.


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  1. Barney replied:

    So, Ms. Barney. We hope you’ll enjoy your roomate Ms. jovidah.

  2. henry8 replied:

    You just read blog #1,000,000 from Dah saying exactly what the first one said and then you read that she is a very clever author. WTF?

    And hey, don’t democrats make those calls too? πŸ™‚

  3. henry8 replied:

    Aw, their pointing and laughing at me. Someone come hold me, I am so sad. 😦
    The idiots don’t have a clue.

  4. chill replied:

    (((hugs to henry))) 😦

  5. henry8 replied:

    I think I will make it Chill. πŸ™‚ But thanks for the hugs.
    What can you expect from folks who don’t understand hyperbole.

    Everybody must have gotten wrapped up in the World Series tonight. Not many around.
    I love that “Jerry Springer called wanting you to be on the show for a surprise”

  6. chill replied:

    Can being forced to color inside the lines be used as an excuse? I think it traumatized me.

  7. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    awww, henry, I’m so sorry.

    I just read that I’m filled with rage that bluz and DAH are friends.

    After I picked myself up off the floor from the hysterical laughter that engulfed me, I had to clean my monitor because I had spewed my drink all over it.

    I’m better now, thanks.


  8. henry8 replied:

    I should have been there to point and laugh at you.

  9. chill replied:

    haha, henry and Asses. Thanks.

  10. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Psssst…hear that? That’s the silence coming from the orphan blog. Don’t you love it?


  11. rosie replied:

    Being told for the 25th time that I’m not who I said I was and having various ignorant people making false acusations that I was so and so from this or that board.

  12. rosie replied:

    MfoyAsses, The silence will only last during the moderation phase or until someone speaks too highly of Tay.

  13. Morph replied:

    My blog is called ‘Keepin it Real’ -speaking freely about Taylor Hicks and everything else.

    Yet, we are on day two of moderation protection. πŸ™‚

  14. makingfunofyourasses replied:


  15. yallarescaringme replied:

    I just read that I’m filled with rage that bluz and DAH are friends.

    Haha! You can’t sleep at night can you? Honestly, you might throw stones at me, but DAH (who I really didn’t know existed until recently) amuses me. I think those sites she builds are funny as hell and I was surprised she was behind them. Yes it’s mockery but it’s not a big deal. It’s just satire. But I’m glad they can work out their differences and all be friends. Doesn’t hurt anybody to make peace.

    Being told for the 25th time that I’m not who I said I was and having various ignorant people making false acusations that I was so and so from this or that board.

    You’re not alone. Happened right here to me too. I was bluzkat for a long while. πŸ™‚

    Also Rosie, It’s nice when there’s a happy medium and fans are realistic about the man too, which I think you are. That orphans blog has the potential to be that but they get carried away too often. Not everything he does is terrible, but not everything he does is amazing either. I think it’s the extremes that piss off on each side. But for me it’s just not that important. I’m not going to take what some musician does or doesn’t do or what people say about him personally. I have enough to deal with in my own life. Besides, only the media can have an impact with negative or positive press, but fans spouting off good or bad cannot.

  16. mystified replied:

    Don’t need an excuse for being nuts!
    Message for rosie at the end of the old topic, if I ever get out of moderation!

  17. henry8 replied:

    Y’all maybe its because you only recently discovered her but Dah’s “satire” if you want to call it that, loses its charm after she has repeated the same thing for the 900th time.
    If you want good satire try Stephen Colbert or Shel Silverstein.

  18. Barney replied:

    Y’all, you didn’t know dah existed eh? You must be a relatively “new” Taylor fan who never interacted with the infamous Jovi on the AI boards.

    Perhaps that is why you find her blogs humorous. If I say I pooped my pants once, you might laugh. If I say it 435 times without variation, perhaps you would find it boring and annoying like 95% of the people who read it.

  19. rosie replied:

    Yall, Her silly blogs don’t bother me. She still seems to be fighting some people from the AI boards from season 5 and does not get it that many of those involved have moved on. She is either too offensive or too much on the defense. I know she was the main one who caused me problems on Morphs even though when she showed up I left her alone and even tried to be friendly. I do think she is stupid for jumping in to put down Taylor on any article written about him. She did that with the Broadway writer who could care less about AI 5 or Chris or Taylor as singers. Fighting non existant battles with people is her obsession. You informed us there are nuts in both fan bases and I believe you.

  20. Barney replied:


    Etymology: Middle French or Latin; Middle French, from Latin satura, satira, perhaps from (lanx) satura dish of mixed ingredients.

    Jovi is not a dish of mixed ingredients. What she writes is very one dimentional and serves only to boost her own fragile ego. This is, of course, my opinion.

  21. yallarescaringme replied:

    Henry that’s only if you read it 900 times. πŸ˜‰ I’ve only read Bertha a few times and got a kick out of it. Asses makes fun of people here too over things she finds ridiculous. That’s what Dah is doing as well if you think about it. Hopefully those who are being made fun of can have a good sense of humor about it. To be able to laugh at ourselves is not a bad thing.

  22. rosie replied:

    Henry and Barney, She said she did the 2 recent poll blogs to mock the SP. I never knew about any polls and voted in none, and yet she said the other day people spam his polls. I turn to her info to learn what is going on with Taylor as she gets the news first. That is strange considering she is not a fan.

  23. yallarescaringme replied:

    Barney the last time I visited the AI boards was in 2006. I’ve always known a group of the SP has been fighting Chrolls forever because someone I used to PM with was on a board that was into that (though she was not), but I never knew the 411 on the trolls until recent.

    Your definition of satire is about the root of the word, not the actual meaning. Satire is just writing which ridicules its subject through irony, sarcasm, etc. What she’s writing IS satire even though it might offend some. Rosie, I agree she’s fighting battles and taking it overboard but again I think it’s a two way street. If no one paid attention there wouldn’t be anyone to fight.

  24. yallarescaringme replied:

    Rosie, that’s my point. The SP did spam some poll about Taylor and now if you look at it it it looks like more than 50% of Entertainment Weekly’s readers are die hard SP fans waiting for his new album. Well, we all know that’s not true and that yes the poll was spammed so DAH made fun of it. People can certainly do whatever they want, but as we all know, you do something like that and you risk getting made fun of. It’s all the same.

  25. rosie replied:

    Yall, You are mentioned on her newest DAH blog and she may be calling you STEPH. I did not understand what she was talking about but noticed one of the new little monsters (avi) thought it was hilarious. Asses does not hang out on Daughtry blogs or write blogs about him or know the latest on him.

  26. rosie replied:

    Yall, Dah is going to adopt you as one of her new bff’s and you will be able to hang out with wiggles and bluz and Dah Jovi and Bertha. Just kidding! lol

  27. rosie replied:

    Yall, It wasn’t about you. Dah pasted something someone wrote to you on the last blog.

  28. stephk817 replied:


    DAH/JOVI/PSYCHOBITCH from hell is being her usual bitchy deranged self on her stalking blogs.

    Unfortunately she knows who I am. I used my known screen name to set the record straight. I’ve busted her ass as a troll on TOSP and I did it because she stupid enough to use the same email address to register there that she used to register on my Chroll Patrol board.

    Take a wild guess what email that crazy bitch used? (Now that is nuts right there.)

    She has been bitch slapped and banned from just about every site she has been on. She has over 50,000 posts on AI alone and that was a few months ago the last time I logged on there. She had at least that many troll posts in less than two years time.

    You ought to read the reaming she got on VFTW. That was some funny stuff. Oh and she was banned there too.

    For your entertainment here’s the link.

    yallarescaringme is definitely not me. She does have a familiar ring to her posts though. It was something she let slip in that post I responded to.

  29. yallarescaringme replied:

    Wha? Where?

  30. yallarescaringme replied:

    OK I saw the post on the other blog. Thanks for the heads up Rosie. I’m not saying that Asses and DAH are the same. Far from it. My only point was that making fun of people is the same all around.

  31. chill replied:

    Spinshack? You okay? Just putting in a lot of hours, like myself? I do tend to worry about you when I don’t see you for a couple of days. πŸ™‚

  32. henry8 replied:

    Y’all said–
    Henry that’s only if you read it 900 times. I’ve only read Bertha a few times and got a kick out of it. Asses makes fun of people here too over things she finds ridiculous. That’s what Dah is doing as well if you think about it. Hopefully those who are being made fun of can have a good sense of humor about it. To be able to laugh at ourselves is not a bad thing.

    No joke, no one laughs at me more than me. I wish Dah knew how to do that. Because that is the most annoying thing about her. She loves to dish it out but she can’t take it at all and she takes herself very seriously.
    Hard to believe but she seems too.
    And believe me , I have not read her 900 times, probably have not read her as much as you have, its just that every time I read her its exactly the same thing and I know shes been around for ever.
    Nothing like asses, asses pokes fun at people with wit and humor, DAH just rambles about stupid shit.

  33. henry8 replied:

    You’re home before midnight Chill. Yea!!
    Spins missing in action. πŸ™‚

  34. henry8 replied:

    Oh and about that poll that they said was spammed. It sort of seemed like when I first looked at it and almost 49% of people said they had never heard of Taylor Hicks. Well, that kind of looked like it had already been spammed but not by the SP.
    But then its only wrong if the SP does it, I forgot.

  35. Daisy replied:

    The shit’s gettin’ deep, put on your hip waders!

    I’ll repeat like Jovi/Dah/Bertha. I’d like to see some random Taylor fan put up some blogs “mocking” and using “satire” on her and other Daughtry fans that vote in a VH1 video thingie 20,000 times a day, (I read that at her new favorite home the other day) or use ridiculous expressions like WOOT, or incorrect grammar,(DaughtryAreHot?…ok) think Daughtry is the second coming of freaking Bon Jovi, and is the best “rock” singer to ever get on a stage, (not even close) drool over his “muscles” and bald head, I could go on and on,(Some Sp are not the only ones who are way over the top…please) and see how humorous she and pals think it is. She’d freak and be all over saying how evil the SP is, much like she’s doing now, except now it’s the I’m so innocent, lying bullshit how she doesn’t “hate” anyone. Please. It’s nice to see she’s still making a complete ass out of herself though. That’s good for a laugh!

  36. yallarescaringme replied:

    Henry that’s just a matter of opinion on whether you find it funny or not. Maybe your view is slanted to one side. I am not that way. I find a lot of things funny that others might get offended by. That’s just me. I don’t condone DAH or her desire to blog about Taylor all the time or want to be her buddy, but I also don’t really think it’s the end of the world or get pissed off about it. I happen to see the humor in this nonsense. Again, it’s just me.

  37. Daisy replied:

    She loves to dish it out but she can’t take it at all and she takes herself very seriously.

    Exactly my point henry.

  38. henry8 replied:

    Yeah, Y’all actually I find almost everything funny but I am waiting for the day that I see DAH laughing over some satire about her chosen one.

    And I hope there isn’t any. It would be boring.

  39. yallarescaringme replied:

    Henry, realistically I’m more likely to believe that 49% don’t know who he is than 58% are diehard fans. Inflating polls and inflating blogs with positive posts and all that stuff does not amount to anything when it’s not legit. So many blogs and sites on the net are filled with negative content about celebs since that sells well, but not every fan base jumps all over everything to make it look different. I have never and will understand the SP’s need to overcompensate for Taylor.

  40. chill replied:

    Henry, can you believe it? I’ve been home for a couple of hours actually. I can’t wait to have a day off.

  41. yallarescaringme replied:

    I’m sure Daughtry gets plenty of negative press and if DAH can’t take it that’s her problem and it shows immaturity. But Taylor’s fans could rise above it and not give a crap about the negative stuff, since that is also an option and probably a good one. Not like that’s going to ever happen but it would be great in my opinion.

  42. Benedict replied:

    I finally got around to reading (suffering) through one of the Bertha/Hilda/Wanda/Whatever posts.

    Will never do that again. It is about as clever as the “GOT THAT?” shit she is always sayin.


    Hannawiggles must be sedated at the moment. Just saw the first post EVER where she is not waaaaahhhhing over her problems/haters and such. Or, maybe Morph is moderating her heavily. Whatever the reason be, I likey! πŸ™‚ I give it, oh, 24 hours.

  43. henry8 replied:

    chill, a day off once in awhile is nice isn’t it. My poor house could sure use me here a day or two.

    Y’all not sure I understand your reasoning. It seems unlikely to me that almost 50% of the people who just bothered to read an article about Taylor Hicks never heard of him. If you never heard of him, why would you be reading it.
    And since diehard fans with google alerts are the most likely people to read the article, its makes perfect sense to me that most of the people reading it would be fans that planned to buy. I would have preferred that the choice would have been “I am a Taylor fan and I plan to buy” but that wasn’t there. So the only way you could say that you planned to buy was to answer it the way it was.
    No way will I ever believe that most of the people reading that never heard of him. Makes no sense to me.

  44. chill replied:

    Maybe someone should write a book on how to be the perfect fan.

  45. yallarescaringme replied:

    Henry, maybe that had heard of him if they were reading it or they just read Entertainment Weekly which gets tons of readers, but seriously a lot of people don’t know who he is. They might recognize the hair or the name but are unsure. I feel the same way about the kids in High School musical. I kind of know who they are, but not really. That poll also didn’t have realistic options. It was something along the lines of “Yes I’m die hard soul patrol”, or “Yes, I’ll buy the album with extra money” or “Who is he?” If people weren’t buying the album they could only answer they didn’t know who he was.

  46. Benedict replied:

    chill replied:

    Maybe someone should write a book on how to be the perfect fan.


    Maybe Bertha could write it. Since, afterall, she is a creative genius and knows more about TH than any member of the SP. πŸ˜‰

  47. rosie replied:

    Dah has caused problems on Morphs blog and will continue to do so. She likes trouble and fights. Just that link to her new DAH blog will incite the other or opposing nuts to go back to Moprhs and counter argue with her. There are probably several in Morphs spam as I type. She just has fostered too many enemies and does not seem to want to get over anything. The nuts on the other side are the same. They need an open 24 hrs a day blog, with no moderation where the Tay nuts and Chris nuts can go at each other until they collect SS. They can talk about the “boards until they are all bored”.

  48. henry8 replied:

    Its true the poll did not have very good options.
    And its true that many people in the world don’t know who any American Idol is. But I still say that anyone interested enough to read that article would probably be someone who would at least consider buying the album. And I didn’t care much for the choices on how to answer that way either.
    I agree, these polls are dumb and just a way for folks to get hits on their articles. But I do not believe that half the people who bothered to read it are people who would not consider buying. If the haters with google alerts would quit spamming perhaps the SP would quit spamming.
    By the way , I only voted once. Because I think its really dumb. But I can see what happens.

  49. yallarescaringme replied:

    Rosie, exactly. They all like trouble and fights. I’ve been saying this whole time. The nuts are same on both ends and I always thought it unfair to just blame one side, since it’s clearly a two way street.

    Chill, different strokes in fandom. People do whatever makes them happy, but I have my opinions about things I’ve observed, just like anyone else and I always consider both sides…not just one.

  50. chill replied:

    The first board I saw when I went looking for stuff about Taylor was the AI board. It was a fun place until a certain elimination round; after that, not so fun. I never got involved in the mud. Thankfully, I found Gray’s site where there wasn’t much nonsense.

  51. yallarescaringme replied:

    Chill, the AI boards scared me. I read them but the same way you can’t stop staring at a train wreck. Gray’s site was sane and great for a while. When it became official it became like another version of the AI board. 😦

  52. chill replied:

    I agree. When it became official, down it went.

  53. rosie replied:

    Good night all. I’m going to bed with a true crime Ann Rule book. Fun Stuff!

  54. chill replied:

    For me, this is all just entertainment; a way to de-stress and keep up with my favorite musician/entertainer. I find it hard to believe that people look for happiness on these boards.

  55. henry8 replied:

    Well, I’m going to go get started on that perfect fan book, right after I run over and vote a few more times. Once wasn’t enough. πŸ™‚

    Hehe-have to give them something to point and laugh about. πŸ™‚

  56. chill replied:

    Henry, you taking advanced orders? Put me down for one.

  57. spinshack replied:

    “I just read that I’m filled with rage” Yes, ‘Asses that rage is just flowing out of this page. Not.

    It’s likely wishful thinking. Start the battle of who can out-rage the other… now that would be simply outrageous. πŸ˜› (Yes, that was bad, my brain’s really tired.)

    Rosie, I love Ann Rule. True Crime is an absolutely fascinating genre.

    Regarding that Perfect Fan Book, I think ol’ Smartie’s working on the antithesis. She cops expert on the topic.

    Zoom, zoom, away I must go –

    I’ll have some time this weekend to come out and play. hahahaha πŸ˜‰

  58. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    I’m going to be gone til Sunday…a couple of days R&R are just what I need πŸ™‚

    See you then. Have a good weekend, all!

  59. jerseyirish replied:

    Relax and enjoy catch you when you get back.


  60. rosie replied:

    I woke up this morning and felt badly for ragging on Dah, so I’m going to try to refrain. I know how it feels to be put down. I vented for a week and I’m cleansed. It will not bother me if you all do it. Also since this is my day of guilt I pose the following question. Do you think it is wrong to objectify Taylor such as a few of us do in RHS R rated comment room? Me bad for partaking!

  61. soulshoppe replied:

    rosie- I don’t think it’s wrong to objectify Taylor or any entertainer at all. He’s a soul singer. He’s doing exactly what he’s supposed to do, and that’s to invoke women to swoon over him.

  62. yallarescaringme replied:

    yallarescaringme is definitely not me. She does have a familiar ring to her posts though. It was something she let slip in that post I responded to.

    That familiar ring just might be a “sane mind” that some of us are blessed with. I’m sure you’ve encountered sane people once in a while, no? I’m afraid you seem to still have some unresolved issues with the Chroll people, why don’t you gals get into some fan war group therapy together? It might help. I heard Mr. Schitt’s sister Dr. Hollee Schitt is a fan war therapist.

    Rosie, everyone has their days. It’s the ones that keep it going and going and going that have the serious issues!

  63. stephk817 replied:

    I just would like it if I was left alone. You mentioned the old board. I set the record straight. This IS my last post to you because I have moved on.

    As far as thinking you are sane, I’m not friends with DAH/Jovi/and a 100 other troll names she uses to bash Taylor and us. Go ahead and keep thinking more highly of yourself. I.Don’t.Care!

    Good bye.

  64. yallarescaringme replied:

    What does my sanity have to do with you not being friends with Dah? Or are you implying I’m friends with Dah? If I’m friends with Dah I should probably introduce myself first. πŸ™‚

    In my opinion anyone that takes part in fan wars and takes that crap serious, is a little “off.” Anyway, I’m so glad you’ve moved on! It’s obvious you have. πŸ˜‰

  65. Daisy replied:

    Aw, poor DAH! She’s so abused, over there whining about a blog about her. I can’t believe someone actually started one, hilarious! But DAH, it’s just mocking and satire, and it’s funny! Some people just need to get a sense of humor about these things. Oh that’s right, it’s not about Taylor or the SP, so those people are sick, but she’s not, with her like, 2 or 3 cute little “satire” blogs. And yes it is so wonderful she and HW have made peace. It’s beautiful. Even though I heard here that several SP and Daughtry fans made peace quite awhile ago.

  66. spinshack replied:

    WTF, I’m gone for days and come back to the same shit, here. DAH, DAH, DAH… Seriously YASM I’d thought you would have had them steered way the fuck from that topic by now. Man, getting caught up with the flow of the Beast is part of the challenge.


  67. spinshack replied:

    Yes I’m cranky. So shoot me. lol

  68. yallarescaringme replied:

    Spin, I tried. hehe But the Head of the Anti Chroll division had to appear to (habitually) discuss the object of their affections and to also say she would like to be left alone. Never mind that she’s the one who came here because I dared mention that crazy site that is apparently hers. Oh and I also dared to mention that I found that daaahh blog kind of funny. Bad me for not understanding how important this nonsense is. πŸ™‚

  69. spinshack replied:

    Hahaha, yes my dear πŸ˜› YASM as important as mud. How dare you mention that site or that DAH is funny? (I get a kick outta ol’ Bertha too.) Ya know that’s not allowed. DAH is going to have add celebrity to her name soon. She’s reaching that status… CDAH

    Morph accused me of ‘stirring the pot’ when I commented last night. Man, so much for keeping it real. (That’s scary stuff.)

  70. rosie replied:

    What is up with the silence everywhere! I saw a new conspiracy theory posted by Cbb. Seems there is a “middle man”, “mm”, out and about and maybe posting on this blog. She got pms about this “mm”. Some of the unofficials also think Mfoya will join Morph soon. I’m getting scared.

  71. yallarescaringme replied:

    Rosie, hehe. If I had a nickel for every stupid conspiracy these whack jobs create. I’m just certain MFOYA is just dying to join Morph, especially after it’s been said over and over that they were not fans of that blog. πŸ™„ Similar to Asses beingin a rage over all those new friendships. These people are too dumb for words and way too bored.

  72. spinshack replied:

    YASM, MFOYA is back to a degree (not Bouncer, just the gal), just giving the heads up. Check out Smartie’s. Clue?
    Last place any of the MFOYAs might post is Morphs, especially now.
    YASM you know why ‘Asses the rage now… all about being actually real. lol

  73. spinshack replied:

    P.S. rosie never be scared of the real MFOYA. lolz

  74. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    I’m back! Sunshine, ocean, and a whole lotta fun!

    There’s a blog about DAH? You’d think she’d love the attention.

  75. jerseyirish replied:

    Glad you had a nice relaxing weekend, sun and waves can’t beat that.

  76. chill replied:

    Hiya, MFOYAsses, glad to hear you enjoyed some R & R, again! LOL I’m jealous. It’s cold where I’m at today and supposed to have snow mixed with rain tomorrow. Dammit. A DAH blog? Haven’t heard of that one, but I’ve been busy and not on the sites a whole helluva lot. I’m planning a vacation either before or after that cone hits Chicago. haha

  77. chill replied:

    Hey, soulshoppe, just noticed your comment. I’ve been reading fast lately because I’m actually supposed to be doing some work with the computer instead of what I usually do, haha. But anyway, I totally agree with you. Whatever way the music moves you, it’s all good; unless of course, it makes you violent, then not good.

  78. brightlite replied:

    Hey chill. What happened to your blog?
    Was it hit by a silent bomb? What is going on around Taylor land? He better get his butt back to the states, its just too quiet without him.

    hi asses…cute blog. I love the funny comments up there. lol.


  79. rosie replied:

    MFOYAsses, Hope you enjoyed your R&R. Hope Tay is getting the job done in Nice and having some fun. The clock is ticking, Dec.2nd is right around the corner.

  80. brightlite replied:

    Taylor ALWAYS gets the job done. That is what makes him such a winner in my book, he always gets the job done and he gets it done right too.

    Perfect timing too I might add, as well as incredible ability to race against all odds and still come out ahead. If there is one word to describe him, I would say it is tenacious. Tenacity is what the T stands ofr in Taylor. Talented also comes to my mind too.
    He is/was in France lately and with all that bordeaux at his fingertips he might have been Tipsy too…lol.
    Tough life!
    Truthfully Taylor is poised for anything he wants in life because some people, very few but some people are just destined, he is one of them.


  81. henry8 replied:

    P.S. rosie never be scared of the real MFOYA. lolz


    Very true, rosie, nothing to be scared of.
    Bowing down and worshiping tho, thats always a possibility. She was such a smartie, you know.

  82. henry8 replied:

    Good to see you here, Bright.
    If thats you , of course. πŸ™‚

  83. jerseyirish replied:

    Taylor does always get the job done and done his way. He has a tight schedule but I think he has worked out every detail. Hey BL good to see you here.

    I hope MFOYA does not resurface, that would not be good. Taylor doesn’t seem to have anything going on that would cause them to come back, just Grease and the new CD.


  84. rosie replied:

    Henry, But should I be afraid of the “middle man” that Cbb referenced to the unofficials? I forgot about Taylor being invited to the mansion but don’t think he will interupt his pre-production. Now some of those bunnies ARE scarey!

  85. brightlite replied:

    henry…it is me, can’t you see my reflection in the pixels on the screen? Brighter than ever…my back is feeling better, I have been moving beds and dressers, and tidying up.
    Who is the middle man “mm”? Is this code talk? Now you know BL does not get involved in all of this stuff, hate to really put my six sense (code:”ss”) in, but if mfoya comes back, “mm” or not I don’t know if I could keep my “ss” out of it.
    Taylor should go to the mansion! If i were him I would, that is the place to be SEEN. I’d be surprised if he didn’t go, all that bunny skin, and all those cameras and all that publicity. See and be seen I say.

    I don’t know why I am here, just felt like coming over, and seeing what all you guys talk about.

  86. brightlite replied:

    If MFOYA does resurface, it might just be a seasonal gig, some hormonal flare up. It will go away just a temporary inconvenience I suppose, happens.

  87. jerseyirish replied:

    Rosie, I think they are just rumblings about MFOYA. Too many good things are happening for Taylor so maybe someone just thinks they will make an appearence again to stir things up a bit, I’m thinking not, hopefully I am right.


  88. chill replied:

    Brightlite, FYI, I can’t get to the blog from work. I can get to this one though, don’t know why. LOL I have to work after work, haha, but I’ll see you guys tomorrow night.

  89. brightlite replied:

    chill…I know the feeling. At work I am in prison, no posting at all. That is why I closed my blog, I just could not keep up with it to keep it interesting and engaging. Hey I am going to be a bunny this year, made up my mind. It’s fitting, since it fits. lol.
    French maid is pretty hot too, kinda like Mr. Clean and all, with his shiny head, au poivre in the kitchen, and so forth. In honor of Taylor french conection, the french maid is my number two choice if the bunny outfit is sold out. But someone tell me…do the fake silk eyelashes COME with the bunny suit or are they sold separately?

  90. brightlite replied:

    What is tomorrow night?? I love sick days.
    It’s almost over now though, so i got to get dinner going..Roasted chicken, and gravy and candied yams with buttered peas, and homemade rolls. I have to make the stuffing now so I best get going.
    (Bunnylite) lol

  91. yallarescaringme replied:

    Jersey, I agree with you. I don’t see any reason to believe mfoya is going to make an appearance. Why would he/she bother? All the stuff their blog was about is now history and my opinion is that they moved on long ago. There’s just nothing that points to a return other than people just speculating. I did notice the comment on Morph’s blog saying a “he” was helping them out on their blog. Well my opinion is that Morph is wanting people to assume it’s mfoya, to maybe gain her some more respect or something? Also possibly as a rebuttal to the rumors that she was disliked by him, which I believe she was. I think that gal is full of hot air as usual and is playing games.

    Henry, maybe people did worship them and bow down to them. They were smart (not as smart as some think they are with all the outrageous claims things they accused them of accomplishing though). But that’s another reason I don’t think they’d want anything to do with the Orphans. Nothing smart about the orphans blog, especially not lately!

  92. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    This is beginning to remind me of Beetejuice…say it’s name enough times and it may appear.


    smart = orphans blog. sorry, does not compute.

  93. rosie replied:

    I like what is on your menu tonight Brightlite, so I’ll be over in about an hour. Some news for everyone. The entire touring cast for Grease is on Soulthing’s blog. A few of the names were in the Broadway show. Taylor is billed as the Star. I noticed that Chill and JI signed up for the RHS R-rated photo post. Taysharmonica made a post today, stating she will soon delete/exclude, those who have signed up but have not made comments. So some are now comenting like mad. Guess I am exempt from exclusion since I’ve forced myself to make about 15 remarks. I would have made more but some of the pics leave me speechless and send my thoughts racing. It is all in fun and all of you can check it out. I am thankful for MFOYAsses, Thanks, and all of those who put in the time and effort to have blogs and forums and boards, fansights, so we fans can discuss Mr. Hicks. Hey, that even includes Morph!

  94. brightlite replied:

    yall…I agree with you. mfoya came and went because mfoya had no substance. It was obvioud they could not substantiate their claims, and so they went pfft.

    If mfoya does return it is only to start fanwars but I think most people have learnd to stear clear of it.
    I have noticed that anymore most of the fans do get along nicely and have buried any of the percieved hatchets, hopefully for good.

  95. yallarescaringme replied:

    Brightlight, well I think they substantiated their claims to their satisfaction. I believe that they believed their claims and since that is over (the sham or no sham is history) there’s no reason to return. I’ve said it before but I do not think fan wars were a result of them at all. If they were interested in fan wars they would have kept going. Why stop?

  96. rosie replied:

    Spin, If you are around tonight your post about idletard/smartie went right over my head. I tried to log on idletard today but an article on dog poop came up instead.

  97. yallarescaringme replied:

    Rosie, I checked out Idletard to see what Spin was talking about. There was a poster there that had posted some embarrassing pictures. They seemed friendly with “Smartie.” They wrote they got their pics from the “MFOYA site cache.” I just assumed that meant they got pics that were no longer available on Google so they used the cache but I could be wrong.

  98. rosie replied:

    I was not around for the MFOYA stuff. Had I been, I believe I would have made many comments. I did not get the impression from reading what Morph said that she in any way meant Mfoya. I think she was talking about someone to offer technical support to spruce up her blog. It was on the USP blog where I read they thought the he she was talking about was Mfoya. I was just kidding about being scared. Cbb said there is a middle man posting on Asses and I was just having some fun with all of it. I assume Cbb was saying someone was playing both sides in order to cause trouble. I have no idea who she meant. Hope my wacky sense of humor is not taken too seriously.

  99. yallarescaringme replied:

    Rosie, middle man. Hehe. I sure hope Asses has been notified about this middle man situation!

  100. rosie replied:

    Yall, Are you now getting the dog poop crap when you click on idletard, or is it just me. As of yesterday, smartie has been posting Tay stuff for a week and much of it is very raunchy. Wonder why anyone would write Taylor slash! Anyway poor Tay and all of the idols who have such weird fans.

  101. soulshoppe replied:

    Why does everyone think MFOYA is back on Morph’s? Am I missing something? Please don’t tell me y’all are falling for Morph’s cryptic messages such as she has someone helping her with her blog now. It’s probably some new minion she has. Morph is a legend in her own mind.

  102. soulshoppe replied:

    Smartie sends all proxies to that dogpoop site. The last I was there, she was tearing up TMS and Adora.

  103. jerseyirish replied:

    Yall,Rosie, I think the pictures on Idletard are from when MFOYA came back, to out the folks at TMS before the TMS moles took over some of the pictures looked familar to me. There were some terrible things said there also and the fan fiction horrible. Don’t get all this gay fan fiction what is up with that, really sick stuff. Can’t believe someone took the time to write that.

    Rosie, Just always forget about the other site, get to her other one daily, I read a little just didn’t have anything to add.

    Soulshoppe, Don’t think anyone really thinks MFOYA is coming back just that a mention was made, possibly to stir things up.


  104. rosie replied:

    My bet is that Taylor will skip any gig whatsoever at the Playboy Mansion. Hugh Hefner and his sad, young hangers on, are so much yesterdays news as in 1970’s old antiquated stuff. Taylor knows who he is and knows what is important to his life and career and future. Tay does not need to show up anywhere in the hope of even getting a second of press. Hefner, is a very old man at age 82. He once was some what relevant to changing morals. He now is so no longer relevant and to most is a joke. Taylor Hicks will not show this year.

  105. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    I don’t know any of my guy friends that would skip an invite to the Playboy mansion. Ever.


  106. jerseyirish replied:

    Asses, Agree most would jump at the chance to be there, the only reason I’m thinking he may pass as his schedule is so tight he has things to wrap up.

    Rosie, I agree he doesn’t need the exposure but most men love to be surrounded by beautiful women getting the attention, I remember reading that he really enjoyed the other time he was at the mansion, and the pictures of him with the bunnies, pretty much showed that.


  107. brightlite replied:

    I thought I saw Taylor at a Playboy party at the Kentucky Derby in June, or am I wrong? If that is so then Taylor must have changed his morals and attitude towards Heff since then. If he has, that’s great, Playboy is antiquated and it objectifies women, but it is part of Americana, if not a seedy part but still an part, and Taylor has been seen in the past, the recent past at the Playboy functions, so my guess was that he would attend since he was honored eith an invite, but who knows.

    JI has it right…what is wrong being surrounded by beautiful women and getting press too at the same time. But maybe TH has altered his ideas of what kind of press he is aiming for since Grease? Again, past history says one thing, present actions are yet to be seen.

  108. brightlite replied:

    yall I am not sure why they did stop, I lost interest soon after I saw the supposed forensic evidence and being a scientist with a degree in chemistry, and having several courses in foreensic under my belt, I was astonished at their gullibility and the koolaid drinking habits of the followers. I don’t want to comment on MFOYA, it is distasteful.
    Be well.

  109. brightlite replied:

    It is nice to think that Taylor is making his choices based on his future as you write. That’s good to hear.
    persoanlly I never had any problem with Playboy, or the magazine, as it is entertainment, but some women and perhaps men find it objectionable. I think it has changed alot since I was younger, crossing lines into what turned from wholesomeness to sluttiness, which was always what the Playboy image avoided in the 70’s.
    My opinion. Tired of this already actually. I bore easily.


  110. 15minsoffame1 replied:

    “soulshoppe replied:

    Morph is a legend in her own mind.”


  111. yallarescaringme replied:

    I’m with Rosie, in my opinion Hefner and the Playboy Mansion is not nearly as cool as it once was. I don’t know if Taylor will show but wouldn’t be surprised if he missed it.

  112. chill replied:

    Well, none of us know Taylor’s schedule, but I would say if it’s doable, he’ll go; if not doable, he won’t. LOL Seriously, he’s a freaking man, Hugh may be 82 years old but I’d bet that the majority of those attending parties at the mansion are far from that age — men and women — and I don’t know a man out there who would decline an invite. Antiquated? Sex will never be antiquated. I doubt anyone there will be concerned with who wins the contest for Best Costume.

  113. brightlite replied:

    Good morning all. I just put on coffee and the dough for my cinnamon buns is just about risen enough to get rolled out and ready for the oven. The chicken was tasty Rosie, sorry you didn’t show! Bicuits and gravy are a favorite around here but you must be quick!
    chill I agree…he is a man. So whats the big deal about a little bunny fun. However his schedule might not fit that gig in, although he might be beyond the Mansion…been there done that even in his younger days before Idol. Taylor has outgrown it already? Now that is sexy. lol. JI said she will wear the bunny suit this year for Taylor instead.
    All in good fun, no harm done.
    I am rambling and my cinnamon buns are calling…
    Have a nice day all.

  114. henry8 replied:

    I say Taylor will never be too “grown up” to pass up a good bunny or a good cinnamon bun. πŸ™‚

  115. rosie replied:

    Henry, You are so funny! I just meant Tay is very busy and unless he could work a flight and visit into his schedule he will not show. Sure he likes looking but the girls he dates are way more classy.

  116. rosie replied:

    Just tried to go to idletard and got the dog crap site. I have not made any comment on idletard since early Aug. and have never used a proxy.

  117. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Some days I get the idletard site and the dog crap site confused with each other.


    I heard that Vegas is the place to be next year.


  118. chill replied:

    I’ve been to idletard never saw the dog crap site. LOL Can you believe we’re saying these things? Idletard and dog crap site, too funny. Anyway, why is Vegas the place to be? Inquiring minds and all that. I’m at work, looking for some entertainment.

  119. rosie replied:

    I know the idletard admin. blocks some she is angry with by sending them to the dog crap place. I’m getting paranoid because I haven’t posted yet am blocked, banned, kaput! I need to call Schitt and Schitt about this dog shit stuff. I want my idletard rights of free lurking! Oh, maybe Mr. Poop will handle this crap of an unjustice. It just stinks!

  120. rosie replied:

    Morph had a chat about getting her pretties, er bitches of witches, to get together in Vegas. I think she wants to show them her cubbies.

  121. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    rosie, maybe you need to do something to be “featured” on the site?

    How about a life size version of Taylor’s head tattooed on your butt…that should do it.


    Chill, in their orphan chat last night, evidently the orphans are thinking about a get-together in Vegas next year.

    *checking my frequent flyer miles*

  122. brightlite replied:

    I won’t go anywhere there migt be dog crap lurking. Ew.

    LOL henry…Taylor would not pass up a good bunny? How about a bad bunny? Would the prerequisite of behavior have ANYTHING to do with his “passing” on a bunny? Me thinks good bunny bad bunny or indifferent bunny, Taylor would not pass. But why should he? I agree Rosie that he probably date women with class, but who said he was going to date any of the bunnies. Did you ever hear of eye candy? lol. It is trick or treat isn’t it?
    I think Taylor likes treats. Speaking of which my buns were delicious this morning, even the neighbor was attracted to the aroma coming from the kitchen and I gave him one fresh from my oven. Like a good neighbor Brightlite is there…
    Got to get dinner rolling again…hmmmm tonight is tbones on the grille but the rain is pretty harsh, still I’ll get them grilled, garlic mashed potatoes, au poivre sauce (yum) and my favorite veggie asparagus. I also made a quick french bread a few minutes ago, so it will be out of the oven soon. LOVE to cook, it s the chemist in me.
    So I am going to reitre tonight early, I was up early this morning getting the buns in the oven.

    Have fun. Be good. Most of all have good fun while I’m gone.

  123. brightlite replied:

    mfofyourasses…in that case I pray that whatever goes to Vegas, stays in vegas. I can help them with a reservation in the middle of the desert where there is NOT a computer within five hundred miles.

    They’ll have to post their insanity by beating their fingertips on a saguaro spine while they pull scorpions from their toes, and sand from the butts. Sounds like the perfect getaway for them. lol

    oh I think I better go now. They might come here and beat me up. Don’t forget my middle name is Wonder Woman, watch me spin!

  124. jerseyirish replied:

    Rosie, I have never commented at Idletard but for awhile I couldn’t get to the site either wasn’t dog poo I don’t think I got a picutre of a lady holding a can of Idletard didn’t notice if it was poo or not. I deleted the site waited a few days and then was able to get back in. Thats weird not leaving comments and still banned.

    A summit in Las Vegas could be interesting.

    Bl, Me in a bunny getup don’t think so. Back in the day one of my friends sisters was a bunny, she was home and had some of her bunny suits with her. We got into them and was amazed how those suits could make a tiny chested 13 year old look like she had something going on. HaHa!!!

    Have a good one all.


  125. rosie replied:

    Taylor left an audio message from France. He spoke only a few french words so if he goes to the Nice bars he will have to speak to the girls with his eyes. He could always sing the Alabama song with the french lyrics.

  126. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Wonder if he took my travel guide with him?


  127. henry8 replied:

    Makingfunofyourasses replied:

    “Some days I get the idletard site and the dog crap site confused with each other.”

    You are not confused, there is no difference.

  128. brightlite replied:

    That’s funny Rosie. I didn’t think there were an nice bars in France. I heard they were all dives. lmao. Just kidding of course. I am AWAKE! Finally. My kids thought I died. I turned in at 8:30 and didn’t wake until 6. I LOVE to sleep. ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    I have dreams galore and they are my favorite kind of dreams, the kind that are hard to forget. Now that’s what she said!
    The new song sounds amazing and I am happy he is recording and he sounds relaxed and well. All good as they say. I’ll have to get over and sign up to hear it. Or I could wait for the CD and be surprised. I love surprises, all kinds.

    Have a great day. πŸ™‚

  129. brightlite replied:

    Hey JI…the bunny costume should NEVER be put on a 13 year old. It just ain’t fittin. And it just ain’t right. lol. Seriously now, no 13 yr. old should ever be in the same room with a bunny costume and all that the bunny suit implies. lol.

    This bunny has an idea for a costume. That’s it actually. Hope it’s a good one.

  130. chill replied:

    Brightlite, it’s on Taylor’s myspace now so you don’t have to go to HQ.

  131. spinshack replied:

    Bright, baby where is your blog? Went there to contact you and you were gone.

    Chill, isn’t it nice he’s leaving that on the myspace and not on just the paying site. I really hate the whole concept of paying to be a fan. lol

  132. spinshack replied:

    P.S. I’ve been high-jacked lately by money making pursuits. It’s annoying but we have to face them time to time.

  133. chill replied:

    Eh, I don’t look at it as paying to be a fan, but we’re all entitled and all that. I just join because it’s there, haha, and for advance ticket sales. I did get a random meet and greet from there when I bought tickets to a show, but I got sick and couldn’t go. 😦

  134. rosie replied:



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