Trick Or Treat!

Halloween will soon be here.  Need ideas for a costume this year?

How about going as your favorite Idol contestant?   Idol performers are not just known for their musical talent.  The most memorable are known for their hairstyle!  Just pop on one of these wigs and you’ll stand out in a crowd.

First, you’ll need your Idol Number:

Then pop on one of these “American Idol” wigs, and let the fun begin!  See if you can guess who these Idols are:

Happy Halloween!!!


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  1. chill replied:

    haha, I see Daughtry (3), Jason Castro(4), Taylor :-), Sanjaya (5). The rest, I have no idea! LOL

  2. chill replied:

    Eww, I think I recognize the dirty, greasy hair in # 7 now. I can’t even say the name. Consta . . .

  3. jerseyirish replied:

    Chill, I thought #1 could be Chris Sliegh with the big hair and #2 Fantasia bright red hair, and I think your right about #7 and the rest, #8 I don’t have a clue.

  4. rosie replied:

    One could be Justin G. or Chris Sleigh. Two could be either Nicki Mc something or that heavy set redhead from season 1 or 2. Three could be Phil Stacey. The next three were said. The second to last could be Bo and have no idea who the last one is.

  5. henry8 replied:

    Some people think David Cook has a comb-over, maybe the last one is supposed to be him. I don’t know. 🙂

  6. chill replied:

    That goofy look on the guy that’s wearing the “Taylor” costume is cracking me up.

  7. henry8 replied:

    I think thats supposed to be his sexy look, Chill. Look at him, I can just hear him sayin “Hows it goin, Babe”.

  8. chill replied:

    Or what’s your sign? LOL

  9. henry8 replied:

    yeah, thats it. hahahaha

  10. jerseyirish replied:

    Henry, Think you are right on the last one David does sorta wear his hair in a comb-over.

    Rosie, You maybe right also with Nicki knew their was another one with the bright red hair couldn’t think of her name, only started to watch from season 5.

  11. chill replied:

    Where’s everybody at? I’m at work, bored out of my ever loving mind. Thought I could come here for some laughs, but no one’s been around. Some drama happening somewhere that the filter won’t let me see?

  12. brightlite replied:

    Just listened to Taylor audio blog,
    The music in the background was elegant. It had some really beautiful chords that reminded me of jazz but it also had an R&B feel to it. I only heard a ffew bars of it like you guys, but it was soothing and freeing in its rhythm, reminded me of easy breeze in spring, over the newly budding fields.
    I know that probably sounds corny but that is how I listen to music, everyone gets different notes, kinda like wine tasting, it is highly individual for people, for me it is very heady to listen to new music. I got some impressions there, earthy impressions mostly, but as well I sensed more than ethereal I sensed a spiritual quality to the sound. To me it was a brief, even subtle look at the combination of earth and air. Very nice.

  13. brightlite replied:

    Hi chill, I am here. Just got home. Tonight is meatloaf night, got to get my hands down into some groundbeef and breadcrumbs right now. Think I am going to bring in some beer too, not for the kids! For me.
    I usually make some great baked potatoes, but I am out of potatoes, so I am going to whip up some macaroni and cheese, homemade of course.
    Later dudes.

  14. jerseyirish replied:

    Chill, Lost eleectricity again today for 5 1/2 hours the wind is intense here. My daughter and I fought over the only deck of cards in the house, she won. Couldn’t even get out of my driveway for a time a wire was down going right across it. They came within and hour, but it didn’t fix the problem, they said somehting with a main got hit by a tree.

    BL, Wasn’t the audio blog wonderful, your right the music was very soothing, so Taylor can’t wait for the CD.


  15. rosie replied:

    Chill, The only really quiet, as in dead place, is Morphs. This is the 3rd straight tempting menu at brightlite’s. Makes me hungry.

  16. yallarescaringme replied:

    I loved the background music! So excited for his album!!!!

  17. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Dinner at BL’s!

    Interesting title for a post, don’t you think?

    “Morph Out”


  18. brightlite replied:

    JI we had some nice weather here, cold but no real winds or rain. You are further north so I imagine it is colder and probably higher winds at times as your elevation is greater than mine here.
    It is good to know you are okay, it is going to be a cold winter. The emissions are down all over the world, less fuel use, less emissions, less heat…the earth is going to cool slightly.
    LOL Rosie, mfoyasses. Dinner at my house? No problem. Hell I already have begun tomorrow’s dinner. Roast beef, slow cooked. I set the oven at the temperature I want the beef to be, which is 200 degrees and I cook the beef for 12 hours in liquid, a mix of water, red wine, olive oil, and the magic ingredient…tomato sauce and I use basic spices like oregano and basil and onion and by tomorrow morning it is the tenderest roast you ever had. I am hell on wheels in the kitchen!
    Although Rosie, I think you just want beer. lol. I know your type, and asses I think is a meatloaf fan, I see that got your attention. ALL the meatloaf is gone, not one crumb left! I made some damn good bread tonight too. C’mon over folks, you can eat at my place anytime!
    Hope you all are well.
    Where is henry?
    APB for henry8. I think I am going to put out an amber alert for henry8.
    Night night.

  19. brightlite replied:

    asses, if I am to post here I need a link back to chills!
    I can’t find my way sometimes. I know I should know better how to navigate but I end up surfing all the way to Australia to get to Canada.

  20. Barney replied:

    Methinks “Morph Out” is just another “look at me” tickler for those who can’t get in to the precious password protected fog, I mean, blog.

  21. rosie replied:

    There sure are a lot of people who think The music on Tays audio will be on his CD. I just hope he chooses songs in the right or best key for him. The Deal is a favorite of many, but I think when he goes into I don’t mind a whole lot of wiggling it is the wrong key for him . While I love the lyrics in The Fall, the song does not showcase his great voice. I remember on Idol when Randy said In The Getto was the right key for Tay and I agreed. I hope Taylor takes some advice from the producer. It seems Taylor has really gotten good when choosing cover songs on tour to suit his voice. I just hope the new ones he has written show his range and are in a good key for him. Don’t know if I’m the only one having these thoughts.

  22. spinshack replied:

    Hey, rosie, the ‘In the Ghetto’ on Idol was a song I blogged about for him to do (during Idol). It was perfect for him.

    Man, the whole Tay’s audio thing. I’m just wondering about some of that.

  23. spinshack replied:

    Barney, don’t worry about some of the PW sites, they ain’t got anything to think about.

    Her title is to intrigue the folks to tune back in – to see if she’s gone. Teaser, ya know?

    Loved how she asked me when I offered my first critique if I was bored with this site. hahaha. Man, one who speaks “Keeping it Real” still walks on the Keeping It Confined side. (I thought ‘real’ meant ‘open’: silly me.) lolz

  24. spinshack replied:

    While I am apparently talking to myself tonight, Bright – Man where art thou Blog? WTF?

  25. henry8 replied:

    rosie, I’m sure Taylor probably doesn’t mind “a whole lot of wiggling” but isn’t it a “whole lot of waitin”?
    A whole lot of wiggling just makes me giggle. If it turns out you’re right I WILL laugh.
    I think the keys fine, love that song.

    Spin, who knows if the audio music is from the album, I liked it, don’t know what it is so it might be, but he might, since he was in the studio, have just decided to give his audio some background music.

  26. brightlite replied:

    Spin…It is lost in space. Danger Will Rogers danger.
    Hey MY Phillies, yes MY Phillies have won. If any of you know me, then you KNOW I am a baseball fanatic, my favorite sport, and the Phillies are MY team!
    Dang we are kickin it up HERE! I got my sister on the Me: Pat? Can you here me??
    Pat: mmmrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Me (screaming): Pat all I can hear is mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I know it’s crazy there but can you say anything to let me know exactly what it feels like to be in the streets of Philadephia tonight?”
    Pat (and 25000 other nuts) : mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrwooooooooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Me: ok ok I got it. Now can you repeat that for my friends here on asses?
    Pat (and 25000 other nuts) : mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrwooooooooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Me: thanks I am sure all my buds at asses got that too.
    and put down the jello shots Pat.

    Well that’s it from the streets of Phuladelphia tonight.
    It is freezing out but they don’t care, they are gonna party all night long.

  27. brightlite replied:

    You’re back!
    My Phillies won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  28. rosie replied:

    Sunny, I talk to myself quite often. No one is usually around when I pop in to chat.. I’m one of those independant contracters and usually work at home, so my hours are not the usual. Does Taylor seem like he is singing in the wrong key on The Deal? He did Trouble, Something, You Are So Beautiful, You Send Me Ghetto and several others so well on Idol, but he had coaches. I’m hoping for a few ballads on the new CD. I think he over did Georgia, and should have cut In Your Time, in half. Just hope he doesn’t over work any of the new songs. Gee it is easy to be a critic, especially when I’m talking to myself!

  29. rosie replied:

    Henry, Beats me, he has that Draaawl.

  30. spinshack replied:

    Man, Bright my friend, I’m a little concerned. You OK? Hey I wrote that email you sent me as private on a tablet. That page wound up as my youngest note page and is gone. I went to msg you and you were pooofed.

    You know how to email me, do that again and I’ll this time copy it to my regs. I did not immediately do that because I was like, hell, I know where to find her. Seriously I’m wanting to know you’re good. ‘K?

  31. rosie replied:

    Someone is Happy!

  32. spinshack replied:

    Yeah, rosie you are on target. One thing more, and this may cause rocks, (virtual ones) to hurl my way but if you are utilizing a guitar – NEVER wear it like a scarf. It is a musical instrument. Period.

    DO you know what I’m referring to rosie?

    I’m just saying…

  33. rosie replied:

    Spin, I told you my IQ drops 10% in the fall and winter, hence I know very little.

  34. spinshack replied:

    Rosie that is disappointing. I only claim a lull in IQ ratio when I’m in love or drunk.

  35. brightlite replied:

    Spin… I am fine. Why are you worried? My Phillies won tonight and I am happy!!!!!!!! But now the streets are on fire!
    Philly is burning! omg.
    I have to call my sister and brother.

  36. spinshack replied:

    Bright I worried because I adore you. Lost your email and now have no way to contact you.

    I’m so glad you are excited about the Phils. I just don’t get baseball. I’m a football junkie.

  37. brightlite replied:

    My sister is still on the streets, I am worried about her. My brother is with her so I know she is ok, I just cannot hear them at all, just screaming!
    My brother is a big guy he will protect her. I get afraid of her being out late at night in a crowwd of people who are all drunk and nuts like Philly fans are.

    Spin. Thanks for writing that and if that is true, I am honored that you would say that. I am no one special and adoring me is probably a hazardous thing.
    I do appreicate your concern, and I recall you apprciating mine as hurricane winds were bearing down on you in Texas. People need people, let’s face that, and we all need each other, in so many ways, to just make it though the day. Hence the reason we all come back and support each other lest we die in the absence of someone who is essential to us as breath.
    I don’t mean to be poetic, it is just my way.
    Love you kid.
    I will find my way to your site and drop you a line.

  38. spinshack replied:

    I’m glad, Bright. Google IDOL BLUES. You are one of he folks on-line that are now important that I keep tabs with; there are many I don’t bother with anymore. Give me a shout out, soon; actually I might need to talk to you.


  39. spinshack replied:

    *one of the folks* (typing ability nil to none)

  40. brightlite replied:

    omg sunny you are scaring me. Are you sure you know who you are talking to here? It’s Brightlite, remember me? lol. Let me tell you how important I am…look at this dot
    Now place that dot in the cosmos. Surround it by infinite worlds and unknown explored corners of the expanse of the universe. Multiply that effect by
    See that dot. That’s me and that is how important I am.

    Got that.
    Now I have to get to bed. I will be by, promise.

  41. brightlite replied:

    change explored to unexplored.
    But you get it don’t you? I am just not important at all to anyone except the people who depend on me sunny!
    That be three kids.
    I do what I got to do.
    Reminds me of a song. Broadway show I love, no not Grease, I love that too but this one is my show, it is my play , my passion. A Chorus Line. This song is my favorite broadway song.

    Why sunny? Why did you bring me HERE.
    Thanks alot. Forget the email, I shall never talk to you again. (just kidding)

  42. yallarescaringme replied:

    Not much drama Chill. But some are trying really hard to make it happen! I did myself a disservice and took a peek at the Unofficial Witch Hunt Blog, what the hell are these people smoking? Now it’s a witch hunt after GC. More contrived conspiracies and nonexistent scandals about people that are not even around anymore. According to them GC’s hiding behind a mask, fooling people. He’s been likened to a demon.

  43. chill replied:

    Please tell me you’re joking.

  44. jerseyirish replied:

    Yall, I didn’t get that at all about GC, I was not around for GC so maybe thats why I don’t pick up on things, I thought it was more gearded MFOYA/Morph. Just talked about Halloweens past as a kid. I guess I am totally off base with some of this stuff.

    Rosie, I also work at home. I go in the office once a week for a 1/2 day and for any meetings other than that I am home. The weather here is really cold for Oct. I remember last year this time I was still wearing sandles and short sleeve shirts. Nothing you can do about mother nature.

    BL, You are wound up, good to see you in high spirits. Hubby is the sports person in the house he was rooting for the Philly’s also. My daughter is a Hockey fan goes to as many Devil’s games that she can.

    Have a good day all.


  45. chill replied:

    There is another screen name with those initials, maybe they are talking about her.

  46. jerseyirish replied:

    Chill, I am totally lost, just talked about halloween guess I missed what it was really about. Oh well.


  47. chill replied:

    Don’t feel bad, Jersey, I’m pretty much in that state too lately. I’ve missed a lot, but I’m okay with it. haha

  48. yallarescaringme replied:

    Chill, if you read the comments on the two blogs, it’s obvious they are talking about Gray.

    “IMO, these people that get “free” tickets to concerts or backstage passes…”free” interviews…”free” items from Taylor…All the perks…”FRONT” row seats or the better seats…Well…that is gone for now. Isn’t it? They are not reaping the benefits right now, are they? No. Too bad. Grow up. Find something or someone else to drain, live off of…benefit from. Like a leach draining blood. Sickens me.”

    “I have this person figured out. It is a HE, imo. I venture to say…Egotistical? All vamped out as a superstar wannabe. Insult the world and that brings people on board? Common trash way to get attention…and fill that ego. Oh well, at least he is busy. Wouldn’t want to see him with idle hands causing him to go back to doing what he used to do.”

  49. jerseyirish replied:

    Chill, Totally out of the loop on that one, never would have picked that up. Guess you would have had to experience Gray to pick up what was being said I always chalk everything up to the other one.


  50. BraxtonHicks replied:

    What “two blogs” are you guys referring to? When I look at the merry land of mfoyaorphans it’s all password protected and stuff. Are you hesitant to link to them for some reason? Can someone spell it out in plain English?

    My contractions are killing me.

  51. yallarescaringme replied:

    JI, sorry to say but that blog is just playing games. It’s the same people we all know posting under different names trying to fool people. They mention evil hiding behind screen names, but they’re actually talking about themselves. They live to cause drama and are actually hurting Taylor’s fan base with their never ending conspiracy garbage. If they had good intentions they would have dropped the crap long ago like everyone else. But they don’t and that’s because they don’t have good intentions.

  52. chill replied:

    What two blogs are you and or they talking about, YASM? I’m at work right now, can’t get to too many places, but I can look later on. I really don’t know why Gray would be brought up this long after his departure. Can you enlighten me?

  53. brightlite replied:

    WooooooooooooWay over my head.
    All the GC stuff. All I can remember as far as GC is concerned is I signed up at Taylormade and posted a few times and compared Taylor to Elvis. That be it.
    Other than that, I have no clue. So don’t feel bad Jersey.
    Chill, I got your email and I have to get back to you, but my filter at school would not let me in after lunch today, dang it. No one heard from me after 12 noon because my computer was putting up all kind sof red flags. Sorry chill and JI. 😦
    I am in good spirits, things look great on the horizon, alot of changes coming my way but all good, my life is taking shape again, MY life, finally.
    I am going to get my nails done, pick pumpkins for carving tonight (mischief night!) get dinner going again, tonight it’s my famous spaghetti and marinara sauce, but I need some italian bread, and I didn’t get a chance to make the bread fresh so I am off to the market to get a nice fresh loaf. I also need parmesian cheese, I am fresh out of that. So I am off, to get done some things.
    Be well. my friends…

  54. chill replied:

    BL, try Fontinella, much better for marinara. 🙂

  55. brightlite replied:

    I love Fontanella! My kids don’t care for it.
    I am a huge fan of olives, all kinds, greek and stuffed ones and I just go crazy for them. If I see an olive I gotta have it. My favorite olives come with Grey Goose on the side as a dipping sauce. lol.
    I have a feeling I will be serving up a few of those very soon.
    Spoke to my firned today and we talked about the clubs, one of them is a gold resort and the clubhouse is where the lounge is, and the drinks are served. We spoke about the ettiquette and such that the girls who serve must be careful not to cross the line as the wives can get mad. I know how to walk those lines already. Been doing that for years. 😮
    So the other place is more of a club, and the other one is a restaurant with a lounge, it’s very upscale. Just waiting to see which one will hire me, I am not 22, so that might be a problem, but I look 32 so that might help 🙂 And of course I am not experienced 😦 so that might be a problem but I learn quick 🙂
    So we’ll see, she said you have to schmooze, so that might be a problem 😦 but I can substitute flirting 🙂
    All in all, it will be a toss up, I probably won’t get hired, it is kinda slow right now, the season is the slow one, I am really looking for summer work, but I believe in the old foot in the door trick. I just have to get something.

  56. brightlite replied:

    omg a “gold” resort! smacking myself in the head!
    I hate typos.

  57. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    You guys were spot on with your guesses:

    Answers to the Halloween Quiz:

    1. Justin Guarini
    2. Fantasia (that’s who I thought of, but Nikki McKibben could be right too)
    3. Chris Daughtry
    4. Jason Castro
    5. Sanjaya
    6. Taylor Hicks
    7. Constantine Maroulis
    8. David Cook

  58. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    rosie…evidently you’re a troll.

    “A certain poster was over here trashing one site and claiming to be accused of being a stalker, then going over to the other site and claiming the same about this one. She was called out for being a troll, didn’t like it so now she’s trashing us on her other home site. Good riddance and I hope she stays there.”

    And Sunny…I never thought of a guitar as a fashion accessory. LOL

  59. rosie replied:

    M,Asses, I don’t know who or even exactly what you are talking about. I just noticed that despite 6 topics it is dead over at orphans and Morph is talking to herself. Guess they have nothing to say unless they are fighting with someone. Maybe it is one of her bored pretties visiting here. I saw Dah had a blog about Braxton Hicks, and I see that name above. I also suspect a certain someone may have posted using my email on Idletard since I’m still blocked but have not posted for almost 3 months. About 5 days ago I gave Dah a congrat on one of her blogs about polls. I was tring to be nice to her.

  60. rosie replied:

    Y’all, I went and read the blog you referenced and I thought they were refering to Morphs. While I never read GC, I thought he was positive about Tay. Yes, I did notice the avis and that the people we thought were so and so have different avis from the other posters. To me it does not matter who is who as it is just another blog to read. I call all of this “Taylorland.”

  61. jerseyirish replied:

    BL, Good luck with the job interviews. Every lit bit helps. I did macaroni the other night. Tonight just kept it easy, made mac and pot salad with steak sandwhiches and french fries. Friday is my night off, don’t cook. Usually go some place local and inexpensive.

    Y’all, Thanks for the info. Since I am so new I don’t know a whole lot about who’s who. I try to stay neutral with everything, since I was not apart of anything that went on after idol.

    MFOYasses, We did pretty good with your treats.

    Chill & Braxtonhicks, I was talking about MFOYA and Morph’s those were to two I was refering to. When Y’all stated they were talking about GC I said I thought they were refering to the two blogs MFOYA abd Morph, so in my confusion I guess I caused even more confusion. Sorry.


  62. rosie replied:

    Brightlite, I did not know you were going thru a divorce until I read Chill’s. It is a very hard thing. Did it myself after many years and three children. Just try to live one day at a time and my thoughts are with you.

  63. yallarescaringme replied:

    Chill, the stuff I read was on the Unofficial Soul Patrol. The site reads like a bad horror blog where everyone is warned about the dangers of rapists, stalkers, opportunists demons and trolls. Haha. I don’t know why GC would be brought up but I also don’t know why anyone from the past would be brought up. Boredom I suppose.

    Asses, along with the word “stalking” if I had a nickel for every time someone was called a “troll” I would be even richer.

  64. yallarescaringme TWO replied:

    Rosie, if you use a different name on a blog you have a different avi. I just did it.

  65. yallarescaringme replied:

    Rosie, when you change your name on a blog, it changes your avi too. I just tested it here and my comment is in moderation. Asses has to approve it but my avi is now different.

  66. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Haha…I’m quick today!

  67. yallarescaringme replied:

    Thanks! 🙂 I think I prefer my mauve avi!

  68. chill replied:

    Brightlite, I don’t want to hijack MFOYAsses, so I’ll answer you about not having the wives mad at you over there.

    <———— Follow this line to next door. haha

  69. rosie replied:

    M,Asses, I just went to Morphs to read the latest comments. I saw Bluz’s answer to Spin about being grouchy. Does she mean me? If so she is delusional. I did not bash you or your posters over there and I did not bash them over here until they tossed me out. She needs to get a grip and realize she is not in some street gang. I sure hope I don’t make anyone feel grouchy. If a troll means posting comments on more than one blog, then isn’t that special, as in using only one name to post. Guess I am So Special!

  70. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    chill, there’s no set topics that people have to talk about….

    People are more than welcome to talk about whatever.

  71. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    rosie, I see your mistake now. You’re trying to be logical in an illogical situation.

    Don’t argue with crazy…you’ll never win.


  72. chill replied:

    Thanks, Asses. 🙂

  73. chill replied:

    Brightlite, regarding your comment up there about not getting the wives mad, true, very true. The place I work part-time now, the wives love me. They bring me candy. haha The surefire ticket to getting them to like you? Compliment them. Tell them how great their hair looks, their dress, their jewelery. Tell hubby how lucky he is to have such a great wife, etc. Most importantly though — downplay yourself, act reserved and shy. LOL, they love that. If they don’t like you or are jealous of you, forget it, hubby won’t dare leave you a big tip.

  74. rosie replied:

    Chill and BL, Can’t recall the last time I made a wife or female feel Jellus, or unnerved. Lets think what decade was that? Maybe the 1980’s or very early 1990’s. Early onset senility keeps me from recalling the date. But a guy about 70, wanted to get into a long conversation with me about organic veggies at the grocery store only yesterday. Most likely he has forgotten about it by tonight.

  75. yallarescaringme replied:

    Rosie, the way they freaked on you on the orphans was just stupid and uncalled for. Bluzkat is definitely crazy. Am I the only one that thinks the majority of these people are crazy, on all sides? I read this stuff and I can’t help but think WTF? Is this a joke?

  76. chill replied:

    I think that every single time I peruse the boards, YASM. I know I’ve been involved in some of it, but that was then. In order to not get sucked into the psycho vat permanently, you have to walk away and stay where the normal people are. My “to do” list of sites has narrowed.

  77. chill replied:

    Rosie, you need to get out more! LOL The thing is, I don’t want their husbands, wouldn’t take them if they gave me a million dollars, let alone a $50 tip. I’m there to make mad money, period.

  78. yallarescaringme replied:

    Psycho Vat, haha Great way to put it Chill. It’s human to get involved in crap temporarily but for some of these people this crazy shit is a permanent residence.

  79. henry8 replied:

    *treading water in the psycho vat*


  80. rosie replied:

    Y’all, I realize some are crazy in Hicksville. I am restraining myself from a counter attack. Asses, you are right on. There is no use in trying to reason with nut cases. I also read that Autumn said that Taylor did not try on his CD because of his good looks, hotness, whereas Daughtry and Elliott were not good looking so they had to put their best effort into their CD’s. How smart was Asses when she decided to name and start her blog! It was the era of Mfoya and as nutty as that was the insanity goes on and on. Taylor sure did get himself some die hard fans but I doubt he would feel comfortable in a small room with any of us.

  81. chill replied:

    *throwing henry a harmonica-shaped floatie* I can’t lose you, girl!

  82. henry8 replied:

    I saw that autumn remark, rosie. I don’t think I have saw very many work harder than Taylor and she comes up with that crap. But probably just a effort to create controversy. There was a time I would have took the bait and yelled at her, but no more, someone like that is just not worth the effort. So I just rolled my eyes and went on.

    Chill, you couldn’t just throw me Taylor? 🙂

  83. rosie replied:

    Henry 8, Wearily and sadly I do agree. Just give it up!

  84. brightlite replied:

    Good morning folks. chill look for an email today, I need to ask you something. Your advice is sound and I understand what you mean. I think that my personality is perfect for the type of work, in that I am shy and reserved naturally, and sincerity is the core of my being. I am also a hard worker, if not busy serving or waiting on a table, I will be prettying and straightening things, helping the bartenders, and just being productive. I can’t stand around and just gab.
    Brings me to another topic, I can’t be involved in the all the sites, like Morphs and then Mfoya, and others. Not that they want me to, they don’t. I am a . remember? Nobody cares really, but I find no redeamig value in all the stuff that is talked about, half the time it isn’t about Taylor anyways, and if it is I find it is negative, like the crap on coke use. I simply have no interest in the drama, so Rosie…I hope you don’t include me in the “little room” analogy you made up there. I am certainly not crazy.
    I appreciate your support and kind words regarding my divorce. It was harder before but now it has just come to the realization stage, where both of us know it had to end, it was not the right match. We remain friends, close, but firmly accepting that our lives are not going to spent together. My three kids are not his, so it doesn’t have the same impact as a divorce from their natural father did when they were babies.
    In the meantime…got my nails done real pretty, I got to get to a tanning booth to grab some fake bake, I look way too pale, and I need some sharp black pants and a pretty blouse to interview in…so I am going to shop!
    Jersey look for an email today, I am going to sit down and write some out. I didn’t know you travelled in your work, you’ll have to fill me in on that. I love steak sandwhiches…yum! Philly chesse steaks with fried onions is my favorite treat.

    Have a nice day!

  85. jerseyirish replied:

    BL, Before my kids were born I did alot of traveling with my job, not only in the US but Europe also. Been to Germany, England, Canada and Japan. They were fun times met alot of nice folks, didn’t know any of the languages but had some help guides that would get me through. Took 10 years off, they called me and asked if I would be interested in setting up a telecomuting program work completely at home, they needed someone with managment background to do it. Set the standards have been doing it for 12 years, was able to be home with my kids when they were sick one now out of college the other just starting. The best part is that they bridged my time, went back was still fully vested in my pension was given full benefits still had 5 weeks vacation it was like I never left. They keep trying to get me to come back into the office full time, but now I am so used to working on my own don’t think I want to. I have none of the headaches of being in management anymore just do the work and put my 8 hours in. I would be happy to do this until I retire, hoefully they will let me.

    Nails and tanning sounds good. Divorce is never easy, glad that you are working things out and both realize it was not a good match and can move forward.

    Got my candy ready for the trick or treaters we start at 5 and go to 8.

    Happy Halloweening!!!


  86. rosie replied:

    Just want to give everyone a heads up. Check out TaysHarmonica Halloween pictorial story about Taylor. It is too good to be missed. Also Taylors angels was nice enough to post videos of the AI5 commercials.

  87. soulshoppe replied:

    WTF is going on at Morphs? Comments in moderation.. then some “Morph Out” thing..

    Could we be so lucky as for that blog to finally implode or is it just another plea/ploy for attention?

    Yeah.. it’s attention. Sad, sad people. Why spew such hatred all the time?

    rosie- I saw TaysHarmonica’s pictorial story! Hysterical stuff! She’s such an asset to this fandom. 🙂

  88. chill replied:

    I saw RHS this morning. Cracked me the hell up! LOL

  89. jerseyirish replied:

    Rosie, Just got over to TH that was great, she is so clever. What a nice Halloween treat.

    SS, it is scary quiet over there nothing going on at all, guess Rosie shook them all up.


  90. rosie replied:

    M’Asses, I’m sure you would welcome some of those sad, bored poor little orphans over here if they behaved themselves. We know some of them are always lurking. If Morph wants posters she needs to stop moderating and let the other guys who like to argue and bash join in. Many of the orphans enjoy fighting bashing and whining. Those who don’t like the bashing should come and post about Taylor or life over here. You know, “all opinions welcome.” lol!

  91. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Trust me, rosie, they’re already here. They’re in spam jail right now. I just looked in and they’re listening to “The Chicken Dance Song” played on the accordion.

    As a special treat for Halloween, I’m going to switch it up though.

    They’re gonna love it!


  92. rosie replied:

    Yasm, I hope I’m not starting something but I went back and read the brownhairedgirls blog to try to figures things out. They are talking about you on the prior topic. Y’all this and that. I also think the he Cbb refered to is Mfoya who she now thinks is smartie on Idletard. Just wish Jeanni, Cbb and a few others would get off the evil mask nonsense and be a little more trusting and accepting of people. They were suspicious of me and now if they see this post they will be calling me one of the evil doers behind a mask. Wish they would just spell out who they make hints about since they state there is freedom of speech. I laugh when I read some of their comments. It is Trick or Treat over there.

  93. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Mfoya = Idletard?

    I don’t think so.


  94. jerseyirish replied:

    Rosie, As you can see from earlier posts I don’t pick up on who they are talking about. I was never on the BB or other places. I just talk about what I know and what interests me.

    Asses, Ya think?

    Bl, Hope the Bunny thing is working well tonight. Let us know how the job interviews go, have fun.


  95. yallarescaringme replied:

    Rosie, no, they don’t think mfoya is Idletard. They are insinuating it’s Gray. Unless they now think mfoya got interviews, backstage passes and front row tickets from Taylor and made a living off of him and are now bitter they can’t get that anymore so they started Idletard. 🙄 Don’t think so. Remember these people think mfoya is Aaron Ruffcorn. Haha. Now you weren’t around when the mfoya site was but seriously, fandom is 1000 times crazier in my opinion since that time.

  96. yallarescaringme replied:

    Also, how much more obvious can it be? They wrote “GC” and then all the stuff posted about the interviews and the HE etc. It’s obvious who they are referring to.

  97. rosie replied:

    Yasm, Why in the heck would they think GC who was a fan of Tays is now on Idletard bashing fans of all the Idols. The Smartie person stated that he/she never watched season 5 and wasn’t GC posting during AI5. What with all of their hints and conspiracies No one can get what they mean. I even thought they were referencing Bluz and certain people who write blogs about the free tickets. I know they mention you as being a double agent. They also keep saying certain people are dumb as dirt! Like I said if they have something to say about anyone then “just freaking say It.” It seemed even BHG doesn’t know what they are talking about half the time. Anyway since this blog is about making fun of people and Morphs is dead, I went over there to see what the Unofficials were up to. The name should be changed to Unofficial Nonsense, Inc.

  98. henry8 replied:

    I don’t read at idletard much, its so damn boring but I read a couple of blogs and I couldn’t help but notice how much they sound like mfoya back in the early days.
    But probably not, could be anybody.
    Certainly not GC.
    I had a few problems with GC , but no way would he waste his time on that crap.
    He wasn’t crazy.

  99. rosie replied:

    Tay is back home and he posted on his myspace. He sounds excited about his CD.

  100. yallarescaringme replied:

    Rosie, you might have missed it but there were a lot of GC haters that accused him of all kinds of crap and hating Taylor. So that’s why they have resorted to accusing him of being behind Idletard. How funny, I’m a double agent on a blog. Hehe. Important stuff. Top secret CIA here.

    Henry, Idletard does have a similar ring to the mfoya site especially the irreverence and outing people stuff, but I think the mfoya’s were far better writers than Smartie. But yes in the early days of mfoya they made fun of people the same way maybe not quite as harsh. Idletard is really preoccupied with peoples weight and such.

  101. chill replied:

    LMAO!!! Henry, I swear you make me spit my f’ing coffee sometimes.

    “Certainly not GC.
    I had a few problems with GC , but no way would he waste his time on that crap.
    He wasn’t crazy.”

  102. chill replied:

    I haven’t even read the message at his myspace yet! You guys could have posted it for me. 😦 Henry, I’m still laughing. I have a bad habit of reading from the bottom up, and I can’t get past that comment. 🙂 Hopefully somewhere up there ^ someone has linked the message. LOL

  103. henry8 replied:

    Hehe Chill, I tend to read from the bottom up to.
    You go “what the hell” a lot when you do it that way.

    Y’all, when I said early days , I was talking before the mfoya blog started, some idletards remarks are similar. I plead guilty to making some smartass remarks myself back at that time.
    But like GC, I wasn’t totally crazy, despite popular belief.
    I’m not accusing anyone of being idletard, I have no real idea. Just saying there is a familiar ring to some of it.

  104. 15minsoffame1 replied:

    I can guarantee you GC is not behind Idletard.
    Idletard is a very unhappy and miserable person.

  105. yallarescaringme replied:

    Are you a happy person 15 minutes? Haha.

  106. rosie replied:

    Just popping in to say Hi. I’ve been real busy looking for my alter. Alter, alter, where are you, who is you? Man this OFFICIAL ALTER SEARCH is time consuming!

  107. jerseyirish replied:

    Hi Rosie, those alters can hang out in the stangest places, keep looking, wish you luck.

  108. yallarescaringme replied:

    Sorry Rosie, I’ve been really busy myself being a double agent over at the other blog that I infiltrate and double agent at. Anyway, “Charlie” is going to call me on speaker phone any minute now. So I best get going.

  109. rosie replied:

    Yasm, I think I am the one CBB is threatening to name and expose as the double agent everyone is talking about behind my back. I had the orphans connection and CBB knows who I am. Since they read here please say my name and come forward with your theory CBB. Yasm, is correct GC was listed under a demon so BHG can reveal who that is. Also you did call MM a middle man. MF would be a middle female. Stop the hints and nonsense and name names if you have something to say. The accusations are getting old. I deal in facts and I prefer to be positive and give people a break. Halloween is over, so maybe you should quit with the demon stuff until next year.

  110. henry8 replied:

    rosie, I finally went to the blog you are talking about and read that. You’re going to have to point me to where GC was mentioned because I didn’t see it. I was sleepy, I might have missed it. And I always thought MF stood for mfoya. I don’t know, I lost interest.
    I do that when things go on and on and aren’t clear.

  111. rosie replied:

    Henry, The tags under the video. BK, Demon, Duh, GC, Halloween, Psychosis, Trolls.

  112. henry8 replied:

    Oh, I never think to look at the tags.
    Ya got me.

  113. jerseyirish replied:

    Henry, I never look at the tags either, clicked on the GC didn’t get it.


  114. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Damn technology!

    My computer’s been dead since Friday, and I’m trying to get a hold of my computer geek friend to come fix it.

    I’m on a friend’s computer right now. 😦

  115. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Idoltard is written by Smartie, who is a big poster and a moderator at VFTW.

    You can find the origin of Idletard here:

    There is also a backlash site called:

  116. yallarescaringme replied:

    People are so ridiculous. It was too obvious they were trying to smear Gray and now surely they will backtrack but it won’t stop them from smearing him again. Maybe he’ll give them the attention they seek. 🙄

  117. soulshoppe replied:

    CBB and her sister are wrong about Gray being Idletard. Smartie is a long time worster. And, a woman.

  118. jerseyirish replied:

    MFOYasses, Sorry to hear about your computer, my son is going through problems with his won’t give up that he needs a new one, he gets it back for a few days then it crashes again. Good luck.


  119. rosie replied:

    Jeanni and CBB can write all the nonsense they choose but when they say I wear a mask, drink, am not innocent and imply I am someone else well I’m going to speak up. I went thru all of that a few weeks ago.

  120. rosie replied:

    M’Asses, I didn’t know about the backlash site so I clicked on. They are also getting the dog crap site when they click on Idletard. Still have no idea why I banned, but don’t miss it.

  121. henry8 replied:

    I still don’t think anyone thinks Gray is idletard. Maybe I’m wrong.
    The whole idea of Gray spending his days searching the internet for a fat Archie fan or whoever else to make fun of is so silly it makes me chuckle.
    What kind of total loser does that anyway? A very bored one apparently.
    I know that it is smartie from VFTW, but who pray tell is smartie? Maybe its just the VFTW background but there are some very familiar words and phrases. And attitude. Who knows, who really cares.

  122. henry8 replied:

    Asses, I clicked on that origins of idletard you put up.
    I see old smartie in approximately a year and a half has close to 18,000 posts and thats just on VFTW. Then you add the time spent on her own blog.
    And SHE makes fun of obsessed people. give me a break.
    Oh well, whatever floats your boat. Hope shes having fun.

  123. rosie replied:

    henry 8, She has several ads on idletard of a purient nature so maybe she makes some money. People supply the dirt for her. I know back in early Aug., I blasted her in a snarky way and she posted my email and blocked me for a week. So now I just drop by to see if there is any Tay stuff but would not dare leave a comment. I thought it was rotten she posted my email just because I made fun of her. She can dish it out but can’t take it. Hmmm, reminds me of a few other people.

  124. jerseyirish replied:

    Rosie, Wow they posted your e-mail that is pretty nasty. Sometimes these folks just go too far, I think it is a power thing because they have your e-mail and can track info. That place is another one I would never leave a comment at, they are just hurtful with some of the stuff they do, and seem to take great pleasure in it.


  125. henry8 replied:

    LOL, rosie, I only posted a few short comments there. She didn’t seem to like them. I saw that she posted the emails of people when she didn’t like what they said. I can’t even remember if she posted mine or not. If those aren’t bullying tactics I don’t know what is.
    I thought it was funny , when I posted something she didn’t like, the next time I tried to get on there I went directly to some weird website. But that was easy enough to get around. It did make me laugh tho.
    The last time I did try to comment, she just didn’t put it up.
    I really shouldn’t have commented anyway, she doesn’t get a lot of comments and shes best ignored.

  126. rosie replied:

    Asses and henri, I clicked on VFTW to check it out and because Henri said there were so many smartie posts. I thought people just posted during the Idol seasons. What a boring site and now I agree smartie is a looser who has devoted her life to putting others down and digging up dirt.

  127. yallarescaringme replied:

    Henry might want to read more carefully. Of course to you and me the idea that GC would even be considered to be Idletard is stupid, but don’t expect the same logic from others. That site has been hinting to bash GC and now they’re doing it of course in their passive aggressive manner because they’re too wimpy to come out and say what they mean. All their denials are nonsense. They’ve been throwing out the hints (ding ding “GC”) and now Brownhairedgirl (I mean esmarelda,, lmao4 and however many else names she has) is really laying it on with the rumors about GC and how he is “very very bitter.”

    Some seem to like getting manipulated by their own. 🙄

  128. rosie replied:

    In case Henry or anyone is interested what Yasm is refering to it is in the Full Cast of Grease Is Announced thread from Oct. 28th-31st. It all reads to me like some old Wonder comic books. I usually stuck with Little Lulu and the Donald Duck family.

  129. rosie replied:

    I think I mean Marvel comics, like the Avengers.

  130. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    First of all, to all you grumpy people in my spam jail: Thank you for being so concerned about my getting a life…however, the fact that you keep posting comments about me tells me that you seem a little bored, with quite a bit of free time on your hands.

    This is for you:

    As far as idletard…some of the stuff can be funny, but it crosses the line way too many times, posting personal information…not cool, not funny, too mean spirited.

    It’s that old story all over again. To feel better about yourself, tear someone else down.

  131. jerseyirish replied:

    MFOasses, Are you back up and running with your computer? Hope all is well.

    I too think they go over the line, some of the things they do are just wrong. Getting personal is just not a good thing.


  132. henry8 replied:

    “some seem to like getting manipulated by their own”

    I have no idea what that means. I am not going to read anything more carefully, less carefully, or standing on my head. I’m all read out.

  133. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Naw, my computer is still kaput…I pop over to my friend’s house to check in. 🙂

    Getting ready to go home and attach myself to my television screen to watch election results!

  134. jerseyirish replied:

    MFOYasses, Sorry to hear your puter still isn’t working. I know the two days I lost electricity for 5 1/2 hours each day I was lost without mine.

    Hope to see you back up in running soon.


  135. rosie replied:

    Hi everyone! I feel very good about our country. It has nothing to do with how I voted. I just feel proud and thankful. We have a new president elect!

  136. chill replied:

    Hi, Rosie. Looks like it’s just you and me. LOL I feel pretty good tonight too. The president-elect’s speech was uplifting and moving, really made you feel like better times are ahead. And my kid actually went to the polls without me having to remind him, threaten him or bribe him with cash. Barack Obama did inspire our youngest voters, and I see that as a good thing.

  137. jerseyirish replied:

    Hi Everyone, His speech was very uplifting giving hope that maybe things will get better for the economy.

    Chill, I had said it was my daughters first Presidential election didn’t realize it was also my son’s his missed being able to vote in the last election by a couple of days. They were both eager to cast their votes yesterday. My daughter a Freshman in College said their were folks at the school all day encouraging the kids to vote and all her Professor’s during class did the same. She said most of her friends were all going to vote they were very interested in this election, which is a good thing they are taking part at an early age.

    Have a good day all!


  138. henry8 replied:

    I have bitten my tongue completely off.

  139. jerseyirish replied:

    Henry, So sorry to hear you have bitten your tongue off. That is not a good thing to happen.


  140. henry8 replied:

    No, I’ll have to learn sign language.

  141. chill replied:

    Henry!! LMAO!! You know I work in a political situation, right? You know it’s a Democratic political situation, right? Just going with the flow, you know, don’t want to be in the unemployment line, haha. So, yeah, I bit my tongue off a long time ago. 🙂

  142. jerseyirish replied:

    All this tongue biting off going on. Politics is so hard to discuss with all the varing opinions. I blame both parties for the situation we are in now, this didn’t happen overnight this has been a long time coming.

    I was impressed with McCain’s speech also last night it came from his heart. It was a good campaign for both I am glad it is over and hope to see some positive change in the future.


  143. rosie replied:

    I’m starting to get fidgety about Taylors time frame before he has to go on the road with Grease. He not only has to get the CD done, but needs to rehearse for Grease. Also, he needs to rehearse the single with the Grease band. Could it be that his band will also go on the Grease tour so he can sing the single with his musicians? I’m getting as fidgety as a Tay with severe ADD!

  144. jerseyirish replied:

    Rosie, Can’t get much worse than Taylor with severe ADD. My son is in a band and they all have varying forms of ADD, and they all fidget differently.

    I think Taylor has planned this all out down to the minor details. It would be nice if his band came with him on the Grease tour, but I would think he may just use the Grease band for the one song. I am hoping the new single is released before Grease starts, and that it gets airplay. It is only a few weeks away, and I am sure he is very busy trying to tie up loose ends. Has anyone heard if he has started rehersals for Grease?


  145. chill replied:

    I’m hoping The Boogie Board will host a cell cert on December 2.

  146. jerseyirish replied:

    Chill, That would be nice. I’m sure by the next day fan vid’s will be up, waiting.

  147. rosie replied:

    JI, On Broadway the band was up high and I don’t know if they have all the instruments Taylor might need for his single. Anyway besides rehearsing the play with the new cast, he will need to rehearse his song with the band. Sometimes creative people do their best work while under the pressure of little time. Taylor did fine on AI, so I guess I shouldn’t worry about him.

  148. jerseyirish replied:

    Rosie, I think the anticpation is getting everyone wound up, he has such a tight schedule but like you said creative people do their best under pressure. He knows about pressure. Do you think they will release the single before he starts the Grease tour? Someone said Jennifer Hudson’s single is being released I think the 10th and her CD is not due out until the week after Taylors. One can hope.


  149. yallarescaringme replied:

    I’m happy with the election results. As McCain said “our country has spoken and they spoke clearly.” I really like McCain (always have) and was impressed by his speech last night. He was very gracious and sincere. He is a good guy. But his choice for VP was a bad idea in my opinion. I believe it cost him the presidency.

    Obama’s campaign was flawless and he made all the right decisions to win the election. I believe he will make the right decisions for the country as well and I have a lot of faith in him.

  150. jerseyirish replied:

    Yall, Very nicely said. I thought both campaigned well Mc Cains speech was spoken from the heart and Obama’s was well presented. It is time to move forward and let his part in history begin.


  151. rosie replied:

    I am happy the almost two year election talk is over. Even George Bush gave a nice speech today. It will be interesting to see if Obama, Pelosi, and Harry Reed try to push a far left agenda. I don’t think that will work as I think most people are moderate.

  152. rosie replied:

    Where have all the Orphans gone?

  153. jerseyirish replied:

    Rosie, Very quiet over there since you left. I guess you left your mark!

  154. henry8 replied:

    Actually adding Sarah as a VP gave McCains campaign a shot in the arm. He knew he had to get the conservatives interested to have a chance and she did that. Even tho this was an electoral landslide the popular vote was much closer.
    I like Sarah very much, hope we see more of her.
    I will never forget the day I was dying laughing at one of the news anchor babes almost in total shock because Sarah had a baby shower at a gun club. Hell, people do that here all the time, they have a very nice room they rent. So silly.

    And where have the orphans gone? guess with no public fights they lost interest. Oh well, as I said, I have cut my reading down to about 4 places. Just tired of the same o, same o.

  155. yallarescaringme replied:

    The conservatives weren’t about to vote for Obama and would vote for McCain just so Obama wouldn’t win. McCain catered to the wrong people.
    McCain needed to cater to independents and swing voters and those people in the most part had no interest in Sarah Palin. She was considered amusing but not someone who majority ever wanted to see as the potential President of the United States. According to many political analysts Palin was his demise. I agree. Yes the GOP thought it was his shot, they were wrong. It backfired. Most of the Hillary feminist voters were not swayed by the fact that Palin was a female either. Where you live, maybe guns and moose hunting is OK but many take offense to it. Frankly, I laughed my ass off watching the Katie Couric interview with Palin. If you want to see more of her, there you go. Amusement at it’s best.

  156. yallarescaringme replied:

    BTW these are obviously just my opinions. Here’s an interesting article too in case anyone is interested

  157. chill replied:

    I agree with you, YASM, Sarah was his demise. Just had that same conversation with someone last night. McCain picked the wrong running mate.

  158. henry8 replied:

    Nope, you are both wrong about Sarah. I don’t go by what the current popular opinion by the pundits on tv is. I go by the internal polictical polls.
    Of course the conservatives were never going to vote for Obama but most just weren’t going to vote because McCain just wasn’t their man. Sarah gave them an interest and as many said “Now I have a dog in this hunt”
    I know what the popular opinion is, but they are not speaking the truth. I go for the internals and I know what they show.
    There was a big part of the country that loved Sarah and still do. And yeah, guns and moose hunting kept our ancestors alive and are just fine.
    She was amusing to the elites , she was good people to the rest of us.

  159. henry8 replied:

    Sorry, if I make anyone mad and I probably will but I have a real problem with people who look down their noses and find offense with the lives our ancestors lived to stay alive and build this country.
    I have guns, I hunt, and I am extremely proud of it.

  160. chill replied:

    haha, henry, I can’t be mad at you! Maybe I should have put it this way: Sarah Palin was the demise of my vote for McCain. LOL

    Henry, I love ya, you know that. LOL You and I have disagreed many times over lots of things, but it doesn’t change how I feel about you. 🙂

  161. yallarescaringme replied:

    Henry our ancestors did a lot of crappy things as well. Only it is 2008 not 1863. You can go to the grocery store and buy your meat or play around on the internet for fun. Times have changed. There’s really no reason to shoot an animal for your dinner or amusement anymore. If it’s not for survival its just cruel. Luckily times have changed.

    Clearly we are not wrong Henry. Look at the result of the election. Look at the reaction to Sarah Palin. The vast majority didn’t like her other than some in the GOP states. My biggest problem with Sarah Palin however was that she came across as ignorant. I went to University and Grad School so maybe I expect more from our countries leaders, but at least know how to speak and answer questions. Agree with Chill, McCain lost MY vote and pretty much everyone I know. Internal polls? Haha I have my own internal poll.

  162. henry8 replied:

    Y’all, you live in a bubble. Your own little ivory tower.
    In my life , in my world , people do hunt to put food on the table and need too. Believe it or not.
    Where I live, the vast majority loved Sarah. You not only have your own internal poll you have your own elitist, nose in the air, I am better than you, view of the rest of the world. Oh yes, those pesky GOP states, us stupid rednecks, the idiots of the world. The pain in the ass, old redneck, trailer park trash. I am very much a part of that world and very, very, very, proud of it.
    You try getting along without the truck drivers, the garbage collecters, the ass wipers and see how far you get. I would rather be part of their world than that ivory tower group you are so proud of. Sarah Palin only came across as ignornant to you because of your own prejudices and ignorance.
    I’m sure you have ON PAPER a better education than I, but I have been reading since I was two and know more that most of the college grads that I know.
    And that I am positive of it is not just an opinion.

  163. yallarescaringme replied:

    Henry, seems you have some hang ups about your background. Wtf? If you’re a “redneck” or “trailer trash” or whatever you would like to call it, so be it. But I never called you one. Please don’t project your obvious anger at the world in my direction. You don’t know me and these are your OWN issues to deal with.

    Sarah Palin came across ignorant because she couldn’t answer questions. Period. I’m far from ignorant, Katie Couric, yeah she’s pretty much far from ignorant too. You should take your anger and rage and do something useful with it. Just try not to take it out on a deer. 🙂

  164. rosie replied:

    Since I’m not shy about giving my 2 cents worth, I shall so so. This was the first time I ever voted for a democrat.. Md. was going to go for Obama anyway and I wanted to be a part of history. I was hoping there would still be a balance of power in congress and while I think they will give Obama a year long honeymoon, The country will return to moderate. I believe his election is good for the morale of the country and much of the world was pleased by our choice. His winning means so much to African Americans and I felt their joy and pride. He will do what he believes is best for America. I have no problem with hunters. Sarah Palen brought some conservatives on board, but in the end those same conservatives probably would have voted for McCain anyway. She did not capture the votes of most of Hilarys supporters as McCain thought she would. In the end McCain became too negative and to most under 40 he seemed a tired old man. No matter what political views anyone has, Barack surely looks and acts presidential and maybe at this time in history our country needs that. We needed a leader in 1980 and Reagen was a strong leader. I have to admit I was never thrilled with McCain, and almost did not vote at all, but feel good about voting for Obama. Sometimes things swing too far in one direstion and then swing back in the other. CA, voted against gay marriage is one example of that swing.

  165. yallarescaringme replied:

    Rosie, I agree with most of what you said. Only I actually really really liked McCain.

  166. rosie replied:

    Yasm, They encourage hunters to shoot deer as in many places there is a huge over population.

  167. yallarescaringme replied:

    Rosie, they do this with kangaroos in Australia too. I’m not extreme in my views about it at all. But I don’t encourage killing animals as a sport for humans. I’m not anti-fur or a vegetarian, I just find it kind of sad especially when it’s for “fun.”

  168. rosie replied:

    henry8, It is a good thing that the elections, popular vote, are close. The comedians do make fun of some states, such as Alabama, Miss., W. Virginia and Kentucky, but I don’t believe news reporters or commentaters engage in that. Henry, you might enjoy seeing Ben Afflecks portraying Keith Obermann (Sp) on Saturday Night Live, Nov.1st. I lmao. I don’t care for Keith, but I do have a soft spot for Chris Matthews, and that Chuck Todd, is a rising star.

  169. yallarescaringme replied:

    BTW Rosie, I’m a little disappointed in California’s banning of gay marriage. They’re more sympathetic with the rights of chickens than of gays. I understand why majority banned it, but I don’t agree really. I just don’t think it should be anyone’s business on who marries who or that it is our place to ban another from marrying someone they love and denying them the rights that come along with that. I realize it’s a lot to swallow for some but it’s still too bad. But on step at a time. Obama was a big step towards equality for all.

  170. brightlite replied:

    You know this discussion has caught my eye and interest. I have to comment although I should just click the x button up in the right hand corner and go check on the lasagna in the oven. But since you all started this conversation, and it is a bit heated, I think I’ll fit squarely in with my opinion. I am afraid the people who voted in Obama were snowed. Unfortunately, the only change that Obama will enact will be the complete and thorough destruction of democracy. I am proud of this country, my ancestors built it. I take offense at anyone who would remark that the ancestors wsy of life offers no valuable insight as to how we should live today. It is not only offensice y’all, it is downright idiotic. What I mean is this, history has way of repeating itself, coming back and re-establishing itself. Why? History cannot be erased or eradicated because it is foundation and that foundationi swhat we build upon. To say that the foundation of this country, it’s essential building blocks and it’s essential elements are outdated and archaic is simply a travesty, it says that you and everyone else who thinks like you aren’t willing to learn from the past, and keep the same mistakes from happening again. McCain was not the perfect candidate, but he fought for this country and would hsve died for it, evidenced by his crippled arms and disabled leg. He wasn’t the perfect candidate but he has proven his love for this country, and his love for democracy and all it stands for. Many people do not understand democracy nor do they appreciate it. The fact that y’all can have a college degree and master’s is demeocracy’s gift, and by virutue of this election, the new regime of Obama will unravel that. look at the socialist countires around the world, see how many of them have degrees or even careers or anything beyond essential for that matter. Socialism is budding. It has been said by someone wise, that socialism is the state of government rule that exists between capitalism, and communism. We are in that state, and while I do not blame Obama, far from it, it isn’t his fault…I do think the country has made a tremendous error in electing a President that will hasten the demise of the core values that this country was built upon, one of opportunity and the realization of the American Dream. Nothing against Obama, he is eloquent and intelligent, but I am afraid his charisma and charm outweighed his substance and his policies and experience will be tested over the next few months after he takes office, be prepared for the most dramatic and perhaps most devestating changes to our own way of life, the way we have always known, it is disappearing, and as henry said over there at chill’s there isn’t anything any one of us csn do about it.
    Palin is good people, Real people and real good people simply liked her. We liked he simplicity, not simple-mindedness but her simplicity. She would have made a wonderful president, and to judge her credentials and her life style and make remarks regarding her intelligence is just an example of ignorance. If y’all are so smart and she is so dumb, then why weren’t you on the ticket. At least she can say she was there, she made history, like Taylor did.
    Be well. and peace.
    I will go away now. The lasagna smells wonderful, it’s just about done.
    Good night.

  171. yallarescaringme replied:

    Well I don’t know what you’re smoking or where you come up with lines like:

    To say that the foundation of this country, it’s essential building blocks and it’s essential elements are outdated and archaic is simply a travesty, it says that you and everyone else who thinks like you aren’t willing to learn from the past, and keep the same mistakes from happening again.

    Huh? You are talking about something that has nothing to do with anything I mentioned. I believe the only thing we mentioned was the lack of appreciation for sport hunting. Get a grip.

    I take offense at anyone who would remark that the ancestors wsy of life offers no valuable insight as to how we should live today.

    You’re kidding right? Do you use electricity? If so, that’s a travesty. Our ancestors used candles for light. Do you pee in a toilet? That’s a travesty too. They used the woods.

    As for your politician comment. I’m not a politician, nor do I have an interest in being one. If I was one however, there would be something to compare. But I will tell you something that I have done. I have traveled to almost every single state in the United States and to many countries around the world and that’s not because we were rich or elite. It’s because I wanted to. I wanted to see the world and see what was out there. I wanted to learn and know. There was a time where many things were acceptable that are not today.

    Times have CHANGED and those who do not want to move forward with the times are the ones that are kicking and screaming at this very moment. Those who claim ridiculous crap like that democracy is over need to get out of the house. Educate yourself.

    Ignorance stems from lack of knowledge and awareness of what’s really going on in the big picture. There are many who have never left their home states and view the world through that filter alone. THAT is the bubble. Some still live in the past and operate as if we were in another decade. Some people actually believe Obama is a terrorist. Some believe that you can’t walk the streets in the middle east without being shot and that all Muslims are dangerous. Some people believe they are superior based on the color of their skin. That’s what our ancestors thought too. Unfortunately they didn’t know any better. Our ancestors did not have many options. People today have OPTIONS. With the internet, television, libraries galore, there’s no excuses for lack of information. Information is available. Knowledge is available. Racism, prejudice, small mindedness, fear, needless killing, that stems from lack of knowledge. That is ignorance.

    “Bright light” you claim you’re spiritual? Peace? Uh huh. Through the name calling I just would have never guessed. Gotta love people who claim peace and spirituality and live in a state of fear.

  172. rosem15 replied:

    Just want everyone to know that due to a freaking screw up, I am now rosem15. Still call me rosie. I can’t stand WordPress. I don’t know how this happened! Now I will be falsely accused of being about a dozen people… I can’t seem to undue this mess.

  173. yallarescaringme replied:

    I have to add that anyone that believes that “socialist and redistributionist” bs and does not realize it was spread by the GOP to instill fear into the American public to not vote for Obama… well it just makes me laugh. Good lord. “Socialism is budding.” That’s sad if you actually think that’s what Obama is about. Really sad.

  174. brightlite replied:

    Sorry y’all but you this is not worth my time to respond.
    Peace out. I sure hope you had a blast copying and pasting though.

  175. brightlite replied:

    Oh one thing though, my ancestors built this country and you should thank them for your advanced degrees.
    What took my family 400 hundred years to build…this new order will destroy in 1% of that time. You do the math.
    Night night

  176. yallarescaringme replied:

    Brightlite, It’s not worth your time now? Haha. That’s convenient. What exactly would I be copying and pasting, you lost me on that one. It seems you’re a little ticked that I actually have an education or something? You can’t get past that. I think that’s weird.

    “Your family built the USA”.. haha. Yeah my family was just playing cards while yours was building the USA. “New order” That’s too ridiculous. It’s like you’re repeating propaganda but I don’t even think the GOP went that far. I feel sad for you that you believe this crap. That would be a scary way to live. (Not very spiritual either).

  177. enelrac1775 replied:

    Why do you think Obama will hasten the destuction of the core values of this country? His life is the embodiment of the “American Dream”. He understands it, perhaps better than most.
    As for Palin being good people, perhaps she is. I can’t determine that because I’ve never met her. I did not see anything in her resume or in her speeches or interviews that came any where close to convincing me that she was in any way qualified to be President. I don’t want a President or VP that is like me…I want someone that is MUCH more intelligent that I am. Someone with the intelligence, education, and vision to have at least a chance to solve some of the serious problems we face. We had eight years of the guy who acted and sounded like us, and its been a disaster.

  178. brightlite replied:

    Y’all are cracking me up now.
    Forgive me for “fearing” and for not being as “spiritual” as y’all thought I was. But to be perfectly honest, from where I stand, I don’t gauge my spirituality, nor my reasons for what I think, say, or do on an Internet blog. If y’all do, that is your misfortune.
    Political views are a hot topic, I made my point, you msde yours, we don’t agree, so the peaceful person in me says ok, we just don’t agree. THAT is America. I don’t have to argue, don’t care to. There is still freedom here right, we haven’t crossed into communism yet have we?
    enralci…we just don’t agree but point taken.
    Later dudes.

  179. brightlite replied:

    enralci…Bush was nothing like us, he was spoiled brat who never worked a day in his life. I have disdain for Bush, I happen to think he was in the pocket sof the Arabs, and made billions while in the Oval Office. I cannot stand Bush no rhis policies and he is not like me, he may be like you, you speak only for yourself I assume, but he is NOTHING like me. Yuck. I won’t answer your question concering Obama exceot to say that with me it is not a racial issue. People want to believe that and make it into a racial issue as y’all attempted but it is not about race. I said it up there, he is NOT qualified to head this country. He has not been groomed. My opinion, and I am entitled to it. Y’all you don’t know my background, you don’t know who I know nor do you know who I have loved and lost, so please do not pull the racial card out, it isn’t polite. I never said that up there you did, and your attack IS offensive.
    Good night finally

  180. enelrac1775 replied:

    Where did I say ANYTHING about race, or attack you in any way??!

  181. brightlite replied:

    You didn’t but y’all did. sorry if that was not made clear, I write that to indicate that y’all brought race into this,not you.
    I apologize for the confusion.

  182. yallarescaringme replied:

    Actually brightlite, I wasn’t pulling the racial card at all. Go back a reread without being so defensive. I was merely making the point that there are many things done and said in the PAST by our ancestors that do not have a place in todays society and that racism for one is the result of ignorance. You chose to make it personal. It was not directed at you in particular. I did not attack anyone or call anyone idiotic. I said Palin came across as ignorant to me. Based on her interviews she seemed totally unqualified as President. Absolutely. Now did I call you ignorant? No. But if you are Sarah Palin, forgive me for calling you ignorant but you sounded like it again and again.

    Sorry Britelight, but spirituality is a state of mind, no matter if you’re on a blog, in a store, or in your own home and no matter what the topic is. Peace comes from within and the words you write on this blog give a good glimpse to how peaceful you truly are. It’s easy to say “I’m peaceful,” acting like it is another story.

    Enelrac, well said.

  183. yallarescaringme replied:

    Enelrac, I agree that Bush sounded too much like a regular old guy. He was endlessly mocked because of it and it was embarrassing. I think Palin’s inability to articulate was something that reminded people too much of Bush and it really rubbed them the wrong way. Another reason she hurt McCain’s campaign. Again, I liked McCain and would have possibly voted for him had he chosen a different VP.

  184. henry8 replied:

    Just one thing, if I can contain my great rage for a moment. If you only knew how silly that was. For all your great education y’all, you don’t read all that well. You pretty much misunderstood what I said and much of what Bright said.
    First I did not call myself a redneck or trailer trash, I’m not. I am what people like you think of as that. Just as you thought of Sarah Palin as an uneducated backwoods hick. You can deny but your words and attitude betray you. It very much seems to be what you think.
    You had to make sure that we knew how educated and well traveled you are in order to show that we are inferior.
    And your remarks about never getting out? Again trying to make others inferior to you. I think of my mother, who never had the chance to go much of anywhere, but books took her all over the world and she knew more than most well traveled people. Yes, I have been in that big building where they keep the books. Just like I have also been in that big building where they keep the food, seen all them shiny things on the shelves, even bought a few.
    What on earth are you talking about with the electricity and peeing in a toilet? Bright was making the point that we can learn from the values and self reliance of our ancestors not that we had to physically live like them. As I said you didn’t comprehend all that well.
    Believe me, I have not been frightened by the GOP, someone seems to think that a persons only source of information is from one political party or the other or from the news media. If thats all you listen to, you don’t know much. Right now, I am fairly upset with some in the GOP. In a effort to cover their own butts they are making Sarah Palin a scapegoat. The claim that it all her fault is coming more from them then from anyone else. Thats what you do, put the blame on whoever doesn’t have the power to fight back.
    As far as I can see, Sarahs list of qualifications is ever bit as long as Obamas. I don’t believe I have ever seen a more unqualified person get elected. But with the media in the tank for you, it doesn’t take much. I wonder if Chris Matthews ever recovered from that tingle up his leg.
    I’ll be watching our new president, hes going to get his shot at things.
    With one of the board of directors from Fanny Mae as the Chief of Staff we should have the financial mess cleaned up in no time.
    Everything he has voted for or said he believes is socialist or close to it so we shall see. As far as the end of democracy, well our government really isn’t a democracy, it is a republic, but one based on the principles of democracy and I have to admit the guy celebrating Obamas win in the crowd in front of the White House the other night by flying the flag of the former Soviet Union didn’t thrill me all that much. Whoever he was, he must be expecting some changes.

  185. brightlite replied:

    Y’all. You would not know spirituality if it crawled up your ass and bit you on your cerebral cortex, so bug off.

    My God you are a pompous arrogant asshole, if I ever saw one, lmao.
    What gives you the right to judge me and my spirituality? And my peacefulness? Make me laugh out loud!
    How many screen names do you post under? I am real, obviously you know who I am, can’t say the same for you.
    Internet alias queen. Sadly you know I am right.

    ohhhhhhhhhh sorry I am not being the peaceful brightlite, I beg your pardon and beg your forgiveness oh wicked queen of Internet aliases…


  186. brightlite replied:

    I am stunned henry8, never quite saw that side of you. Your points are well stated and I especially agree with your comment regarding the resume of Obama vs. Palin. I don’t suspect that either one was ready to run this country but we have to make our choices. I did not see the communist flag you spoke of but if I did I might have gotten sick to my stomach. Every day I stand in school and I recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and to me it is not just a bunch of words, it is a creed. It is a pledge to honor this country, its core values, its heritage, and its traditions. I can’t help that I am happy as hell with America the way it was, and that I am not happy with where it is going, and I am speaking of the socialism aspect here now. The banks are owned by the government, big first step, nationalized banks… But that has nothing to do with Obama, I just don’t see how his policies are going to bring this country out of the mess we are in.

  187. yallarescaringme replied:

    Henry, sorry but I honestly feel you are projecting your own issues on me. I haven’t a clue who you are or where you’re from. Not my business. But you’re creating all kinds of things, taking them to mean one thing when they do not. When I said “I went to University and Grad School so maybe I expect more from our countries leaders” I was saying EXACTLY that and EXACTLY what Enelrac just said. I want someone SMARTER than me to lead this country and yes, its possible I feel that way because I DID spend a lot of time in school. It wasn’t an insult to anyone here, it was only the BASIS for WHY I feel the way I do. Why are you two taking it all so personally and making it about you?? What is that about? It’s not.

    I wrote ” There’s really no reason to shoot an animal for your dinner or amusement anymore. If it’s not for survival its just cruel. Luckily times have changed.” That’s what I wrote. Very simple statement.

    Brightlite responded I didn’t value the history and way of life of our ancestors by saying that. That’s so ridiculous. That is why I said they also pissed in the woods and it must be a travesty that we use toilets today. The point being, times have changed. Old mentality and old beliefs are not necessary today. It’s a different era. Period.

  188. brightlite replied:

    Just to end this on a positve note, if that possible, I don’t think anyone can disicuss politics/religion/spirituality without it going through a metamorphasis. In a way the very topics themsleves opens up cans of worms that ultimately lead to a broader and deeper understanding of others and of ourselves. While I am not a fan of these discussions, I do agree with henry on this and I came here tonight to do that…agree. I don’t expect it to be turned into a heated personal attack on any side but politics is never cool. Let’s just all agree that we disagree and leave it at that.

  189. yallarescaringme replied:

    Brightlite, classy. So you show your true colors. Figured. I just call it how I see it. When you make insulting, angry statements and end it with “peace and be well” don’t be surprised when others point out the irony of it all. Haha. Too funny. Oh and now I’m alias queen? OK, you are definitely not psychic.

  190. yallarescaringme replied:

    Brightlight, are you speaking for yourself here? Who here made it about personal attacks? I did not. If I did, please please show me one line in this blog where I personally attacked or called someone here a name. You won’t find it.

  191. brightlite replied:

    You can’t bother me at all with your remarks, as I said I know who I am and what the heck are you talking about?
    I am not a psychic. lmao. I am a teacher. Maybe you have me mixed up with someone else? And why should I wish you peace when you obviously have venom spewing out of your eyesockets and it is aimed right at me? I am not a pushover despite what you may think. Did I ever say I was a door mat? You don’t have to lay down and let people walk all over you, and walk away like a beaten dog. That is not my style. I have tons of class, in that I don’t need your validation of it. You insulted me, attacked my spirituality, and assaulted my own self assessment, so who ever you, if I know you or don’t, at least I am real.
    I don’t care if you are the Queen of Sheba, you are not making any sense to me tonight. Sorry.

  192. henry8 replied:

    I wrote ” There’s really no reason to shoot an animal for your dinner or amusement anymore. If it’s not for survival its just cruel. Luckily times have changed.” That’s what I wrote. Very simple statement.

    And the fact that you repeated that shows two things.
    One, you did not carefully read what I said or chose not to understand what I said when I addressed this earlier.
    And second it shows that there is a whole world that you know nothing about.

  193. brightlite replied:

    y’all are you sure you aren’t a tornado?
    Because you sure no how to twist things. What a master you are at it.

    Peace and be well.
    I mean that.

  194. brightlite replied:

    Now I am confused. 😮

  195. brightlite replied:

    I think we need something.

  196. yallarescaringme replied:

    Brightlite, once again, if you could show me ONE line where I insulted you, attacked you or whatever… that would be great. I pointed out that your peaceful offerings don’t mesh with your negative words. It was an observation that you were being hypocritical. Obviously in your world having that pointed out to you equals “venom spewing out of my sockets.” Okaaay… 🙄 I didn’t attack your spirituality or insult your self-assessment, you did that all by yourself by writing angry words and name-calling in a political discussion. I pointed it out. Bad me. If you had made your point by being a little nicer I wouldn’t have noticed the glaring contradiction. You’ve accused me of things for no reason and called me names. I did nothing of the sort to you. You also appeared in this discussion and went for the jugular, now you’re crying about not being a doormat? Color me confused.

    Henry, I understood and read perfectly well. You are the one having trouble here by assuming endless things. Just read my words and take it for what it is. Stop reading between the lines and creating shit that doesn’t exist. I’m not mind reading you so don’t mind read me. Nowhere did I question the values of our ancestors. My statement was about hunting. That’s what BL was reacting to. Problem is , I wasn’t even questioning the values of our ancestors or saying it was time to ditch them. I was talking about sport hunting and that there’s no need for it. Understand?

    “And second it shows that there is a whole world that you know nothing about.”

    And henry, that’s the point. There’s a whole world that you also do not understand and it seems you don’t want to. If you understood it you’d understand why majority did not like Palin and you’d understand why Obama was elected.

  197. chill replied:

    My opinion. I don’t think this election was won or lost on specific issues, really. I think it was an emotionally-charged, frightened American public that put Obama in the White House. The economy is in the shit house — uncertain pensions, record high gas prices, foreclosures, job losses. They voted for the one who seemed to give them the glimmer of hope that there is an answer and cure for the problems they are facing. Obama’s campaign, whether or not by design, provided that.

  198. henry8 replied:

    “”And henry, that’s the point. There’s a whole world that you also do not understand and it seems you don’t want to. If you understood it you’d understand why majority did not like Palin and you’d understand why Obama was elected.””

    No, you missed the point completely. I know that world very, very well, often predict what they will do before they do it and understand it perfectly.
    That world is mostly based on emotion, feel goodism, and good intentions.
    Used to be very much a part of it. Believe me I understand it all to well.

  199. rosem15 replied:

    O’kay, Hmmm! Anyone up for talking about religion! Rosie

  200. brightlite replied:

    I don’t want to continue this but I remarked in my first comment that your comment was offensive to me, the comment regarding our ancestors. I calle dit idiotic for good reason, and henry picked up on it. I was referring to history, and I explained that in my first comment. We need to study and keep history in mind, when making new decisions. This country is in turmoil and it is on the vege of financial apocolypse in my opinion, being saved only by the government injections, and if we are to know what to do and what not to do, we need to know history. Our ancestors are our history, and they are my people, my family which goes back to the 1500’s on my grandfather’s side, in Virginia, and my 1650’s on my grandmother’s side in Massachusetts. So when you insulted me and possibly others by referring to our ancesotrs as peeing in the woods and whatever else you said, I was offended. I said your comment was idiotic, I did not say you were idiotic. Then you came back and attacked me, attacked my spirituality which has nothing to do with anything, and in a nutshell went for my jugular, as you so adeptly wrote. I dont frequent these blogs, so you have a leg up on me, how to twist and turn every thing, copy and paste words, like you did up there, then make accusations to to start a fight. I am not interested in it. If you dod attack me, and choose to go down in the gutter I will attack back, not letting anyone walk all over me. My opinion of Obama is very low, I think this country is in for real trouble, and I don’t need a reason to justify that, it is a feeling and I am not alone in that feeling. So your answer instead of defending Obama’s credentials is to pull out a race card, and call people who don’t think he is qualified ignorant? Please. If he has one redeeming quality besides “community organizer” in his resume, I would love to see it. So far his silver spoon existence, fancy degrees at Harvard and his fruitless years in the Senate are not winning me over. I am just not impressed and I am not convinced he even loves this country.
    My opinion. Sorry you don’t like it.

  201. yallarescaringme replied:

    Brightlite, ya still can’t bring up one sentence in which i insulted you, hm? Everything you wrote was again your personal interpretation depending on your sensitivities. Yet you brought up the racism comment again after I ALREADY stated it had NOTHING to do with you personally. And funny, my peeing the woods comment came AFTER you claimed you were offended. Now you claim that’s what offended you? Hahahahha. Let’s get it straight now please! I also never insulted our ancestors, but If i wanted to I could insult my ancestors all day long if I please since it’s my ancestry as well. You apparently just like to feel insulted. Have fun. Peace and be well. Haha.

    Henry, sorry, you’re not Nostradamus. And no you don’t know much about anything. I’ve read what you write on this blog and generally what you say is so far from the truth it’s curious. You believe yourself. That’s pretty much it. You’re not logical and most of what you write is based on the emotion fear. That goes for everything. Even totally useless things. I’ve never seen someone get so “upset” by trolls and chrolls and the stupidest nonsense ever and worry about poor Taylor Hicks and what these terrible people might do to him blah blah. Yeah, fear. To assume you can understand various kinds of life through “books” is just freaking sad. I suppose it goes hand in hand with how you seem to think you know people you’ve never met. I do think you should get out more. You might see things a bit differently.

  202. yallarescaringme replied:

    Oh and Brightlite, “I dont frequent these blogs, so you have a leg up on me, how to twist and turn every thing, copy and paste words, like you did up there, then make accusations to to start a fight.”

    What a joke. Not only have I seen your name on every blog which I don’t post, YOU came here with a chip and responded to something I wrote to Rosie and to Henry. NOT YOU. You came and you started with insults and fighting. Read your own words. Luckily, it’s right there for everyone to see for times when your memory doesn’t serve you correctly. 😉

    Neither of you know how to have intelligent discussion without personal attacks. Guess I’m not surprised. It’s just very telling.

  203. tappanga replied:


  204. yallarescaringme replied:

    The fighting is boring me already too. I enjoy discussing politics, with those who feel differently too, but without all the defensive anger stuff. If that’s possible.

    Henry, as you know, I didn’t vote for McCain because I did not find Palin to be qualified and I believe that it caused him to lose votes. However, it is absolutely not her fault that she was chosen as his running mate. They did indeed pick her. She didn’t pick them. So I agree that using her as a scapegoat is UNFAIR and that the same people who tried to sell her to the people are the same ones trying to put the blame on her for his loss. Don’t think people cannot see that. It’s pretty clear who is to blame. In my opinion they picked a running mate with the sole purpose of bringing in a certain demographic, instead of thinking about what is truly best for the country and it backfired.

  205. brightlite replied:

    Y’all despite what you think, my heritage includes people who hunt, fish, and milk the cows for their daily sustainance. When I was at my gramma’s last July, we ate duck, freshly killed, in the air as it flew away. My uncle is an expert marksman, owning several rifles, with scopes suited for hunting. He kills man a deer, even while I was there, I felt bad, but it is food and people do have to eat, and this IS how some people still live and survive, despite the fact that you think it is outdated and archaic. Sorry but henry is right, there is a whole world out there you know nothing about, and that world includes people I love and cherish.
    Obama insulted the people of Pennsylvania early on in the race, and I for one have not forgotten his remark. There are people who don’t have computers and prefer to live a simple quiet life away from the trash and muck of the Internet world. Many see the Internet as evil and I think it is in many ways. Not everyone has a computer, and if one doesn’t come into the age of computers then that is there choice it doesn’t make them backwards, it is simply about choice.
    I burn oil lamps instead of electric lights. Does that make me backwards? I prefer the look, feel, and scent of oil lamps to some modern looking sterile lamp. I guess I am weird?
    Again, modern voices are only a reflection of trends and today, and if they have no regard for the past voices, then they shall fall silent in the long run.
    I do thing differently than most people. I do things the hard way. There is something to be said for doing things that way. Today we all have everything with no work and no investment and it isn’t rewarding to have something that way, and humans love rewards more than anything, Pavlov called it conditioning. This country needs to get back to the basics, learn how to fish instead of being given a fish, as someone wiser than I thought long ago. If we went backwards a little bit, in the way that we were to learn from our ancestors the value of hard work and figuring things out instead of having all spelled out for us, than this country would return to very important survival skills needed for a nation. We are too quick to want ti all today and now, and when it is best to wait sometimes and let things come into view, like inventions once did, like the automobile and the airplane and electricity. America has lost its ingenuity folks. That ingenuity has been lost upon immediate satisfaction of whims and desires. hunger and desire makes people work and drive for something better, and foreign powers are hungrier and desire to rise up more than we do I am afraid.
    So, no I won’t indulge you y’all and go back and forth with you over what has been said or was said or whatever…I want you to learn that indulgence is your downfall.
    Good night.

  206. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    And this, ladies and gentleman, is why I never wrote any blog about the election this year. There was a WHOLE LOT that I could have made fun of, but I didn’t, because it is such an emotional issue to everyone, and there are very few people who can discuss it without taking it to a personal level. It’s hard enough to do it face to face, but when you’re just reading words, without hearing people’s tones and inflection, you can take those words so many ways.

    The election is over. I believe, as John McCain himself said, that the time for all of the disagreement is over. The country has a new President. He’s not the Democrat’s president, he’s not the blacks’ president, he’s not the young people’s president, he’s every American’s president.

    Back to the important stuff: American Idol!


  207. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    Sorry you got stuck in spam jail, rosie. My computer is still down, and I wasn’t able to get to one yesterday to post.

    How was the music while you were waiting?


  208. yallarescaringme replied:

    BL, I believe you have made a mountain out of a mole hill here with my past comment. Because I don’t even disagree with much of what you wrote. About hunting I simply stated, “If it’s not for survival its just cruel.” In other words, if people just kill animals (mammals) for the hell of it, for fun, for amusement, and it’s NOT for survival or even monetary gain, I find it senseless and very cruel. That’s exactly what I meant. If people hunt because they need to eat and it is their survival, more power to them! There are millions of people in this world that live this way. They do not have other options. It is their survival and I have absolutely no issues with that AT ALL. Good grief, it would be ridiculous if I did. It is life for many. I do not have an issue with milking cows, I don’t even have issues with sport fishing.

    I simply have an issue with needlessly hunting animals (which I believe have emotions) for pleasure and amusement and not even eating it at the end of the day.

    If people do not have computers because they can not afford it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I do not ever take issue with those who do not have opportunity. I take issue with those who DO have it and who DO have access to information and knowledge and choose to look the other way and not move forwards. That is all.

    There is nothing wrong with simplicity, but I do not believe that Palin was simplicity. This is where we totally disagree.

  209. yallarescaringme replied:

    Asses!! Yah! Finally! You’re back! Sorry I missed your posts before I wrote mine, but I’m done anyhow… Although I would be curious to know what you think of the election. 😉

  210. makingfunofyourasses replied:

    YASM, if you want to know, click this link:

  211. brightlite replied:

    YASM. I think cooler heads prevail when we take a step back and read everything again, without responding. Contemplation is the mother of concillation and the father of forgiveness. So with that in mind, I say to you that makingfunofyourasses is correct. In that it is hard enough to voice opinions regarding politics in person where ther eis inflection, emotion, body language, and contextual expressions, it is virtually impossible to voice them in text format as we all did here without animosity brewing. I clearly wanted a different outcome, I am not ashamed of that. You clearly got your way, and my way was denied. That’s how it goes, that is democracy, that is ok by me. I am protective, even defensive of the roots of this country. After reading again, I was probably more motivated to step in and side with henry with whom I shared the same view, and I may have been a bit too aggressive in that regard, and for that I apologize to you, and to anyone else who felt I was starting trouble. I really wasn’t. I don’t look for trouble, it just seems to find me I think. 😉 The asshole comment was pretty harsh, but I was feeling attacked, and to be honest, I really do not know you, no nothing of you, never met you, been introduced or otherwise have ever been in your presence I don’t think, yet you seem to have such preconcieved notions of me, of my personality, of my beliefs, and of my character. I wonder if you have been following me? Please say that isn’t true. Also you mkae remarks that “everyone” will read and “see” and I have to laugh at that. YASM, I hate to break it to you but I am not that important, no body cares what I think or say or do, I am just not that interesting I don’t think. Now THAT comment made me LOL. 🙂 Not worried what “everyone” thinks, at least not yet. I am not here to fight or cause trouble, but I am a defender, and I do champion causes, it is the libra coming forward. I am a peacemaker however, but only after everyone has aired their piece.
    So I will end this with my usual closure, and I truthfully wish you well and peace.

  212. yallarescaringme replied:

    BL, only thing I know of you is what I have observed on this blog and on Spin’s blog. I have no big notions about you other than you sort of made an effort to be somewhat conscious and peaceful. So I just found your immediate harsh delivery to be contradictory to what I had read previously.

    If McCain had won I would not have been upset. I try not to allow external factors to upset my core, regardless of the topic because I believe that fear, anger, resentment, worry etc is a waste of time and is the antithesis of peace.

    I was honestly not attacking you or anyone here. I’m sorry if that is how you perceived it. It’s not how it was written from my end. Politics are not personal for me. Nothing we discuss here is. I don’t look down on anybody who shares a different opinion. It’s usually how they share their opinions that I have issues with. Thanks for the apology…

    Asses, 🙂 So you’ve been break dancing?

  213. henry8 replied:

    Y’all said,

    “”Henry, sorry, you’re not Nostradamus. And no you don’t know much about anything. I’ve read what you write on this blog and generally what you say is so far from the truth it’s curious. You believe yourself. That’s pretty much it. You’re not logical and most of what you write is based on the emotion fear. That goes for everything. Even totally useless things. I’ve never seen someone get so “upset” by trolls and chrolls and the stupidest nonsense ever and worry about poor Taylor Hicks and what these terrible people might do to him blah blah. Yeah, fear. To assume you can understand various kinds of life through “books” is just freaking sad. I suppose it goes hand in hand with how you seem to think you know people you’ve never met. I do think you should get out more. You might see things a bit differently.””

    And who is it that can’t argue without getting personal?
    I don’t know who the hell you are talking about but that sure ain’t me.
    Whoever you are, you don’t know beans about me.
    I fear nothing and no one.
    I am extremely logical and I may not know it all but certainly know more than you.

  214. henry8 replied:

    Y’all, do you perhaps have me confused with someone else?
    I don’t believe I have ever typed the word chroll until now and I haven’t mentioned a troll in so long I can’t even remember.
    Why is it that people seem to think that they know everything about me when they have never met me but I’m not allowed to have an opinion on anybody I haven’t met.
    Seems a bit of a double standard to me.

  215. enelrac1775 replied:

    BL, Obama has had FAR from a silver spoon existence. And he “community organized” the GOP right out of the White House, so perhaps being a community organizer is nothing to sneer at!
    That being said, I think you have an inaccurate picture of who this man is and what he intends. I’ve met him, he is highly intelligent and has a much greater understanding of this country and its people than you think. I understand that he was not your choice, but I think that you’ll find that he isn’t what you now believe him to be. And that the fear and worry expressed by some people is misplaced.
    I hope all is well with you and everyone involved in this sometimes acrimonious discussion. We are in for some difficult times, but hopefully things will work out for us all.

  216. yallarescaringme replied:

    Henry calling someone an elitist, nose in the air, ignorant, saying “people like you do this and that” etc etc is an outright attack. There is nothing I have written that provides you proof of any of these things, these are assumptions on your part. Meanwhile, what crime did I commit? Let’s see.. I said I felt that Sarah Palin came across as ignorant in her interviews (You know Russia is close to alaska and stuff?) That’s you getting personal and insulting me for my opinions.

    Meanwhile, you have repeatedly written things that were illogical (such as your accusations about Obama etc), and gotten emotional based on fear that this President is just the worst thing ever. I made statements based on exactly what you’ve written, I didn’t call you harsh names. Yet you’re even in denial of your own words. It’s kind of weird. I also saw you get absurdly upset over that dah person and her being friends with that bluzcat. I believe she is a “chroll”. I’m sure you’ll deny that too…

    Seems you are always writing things as if you just KNOW (such as you said “you are wrong about Sarah”, instead of “I disagree”). Maybe it’s the whole Nostradamus thing, but you don’t KNOW much as these are simply your opinions.

  217. henry8 replied:

    Well, y’all, I think you come off as an arrogant know it all. Maybe because I don’t accept what you seem to just know. I don’t recall actually accusing Obama of anything. I suspect him of some things. Time will tell.
    If you thought I was emotional, you were totally wrong.

    I don’t believe I ever accused DAH or anyone else of being a chroll. Although it seems she has called herself that, not really sure. I could not care less what she is, she isn’t worth the time it takes to type her name.
    I won’t discuss Bluz, also unimportant, but her association with dah was only a small part of it.

    I have never denied one single thing that I have said.
    You keep telling me I have said things I did not say. Just because you THINK I said them does not mean that I did.
    Now this whole thing has become as boring as it gets.

  218. henry8 replied:

    One other thing before I fall asleep. When something is just my opinion, I will say so. but when I am basing what I say on a fact of which I am sure, its a little more than “simply an opinion”

  219. rosem15 replied:

    I just read on southings blog that Whomp At The Warfield can be pre ordered on, and will be released Feb. 17th.

  220. henry8 replied:

    Yeah rosie, juliegr and I put that on chills blog and a article about Taylor visiting his Dad on Tuesday. Did you see those?
    Can you believe the DVD’s finally coming out.

  221. brightlite replied:

    Obama opens mouth inserts foot…ALREADY.

    When a reporter asked Obama if he had spoken with any ex-presidents since his election on Tuesday, he responded that he had spoken to all former presidents “that are living.”

    “I didn’t want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about, you know, doing any seances,” he said.

    Nancy Reagan, wife of 40th President Ronald Reagan, was derided in 1988 when his former chief of staff Donald Regan revealed in a book that the first lady had consulted an astrologer to determine the president’s schedule.

    Obama apologized to Reagan “for the careless and offhanded remark,” Obama transition team spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter said.

    This is what I mean. Obama cannot even hold one press conference without saying something stupid. He has been president elect for two days and he makes a fool out of himself, and insults a former first lady who is respected and admired. If Palin had done this you better believe the press would have a field day with her.
    enralci, you can try like all get out to convince me of Obama’s merits, I can assure you I have tried to convince myself, but I am not an advocate. i have always haeld that the President should be respected and admired, it is the American way, the right way of thinking, but something in my gut says it isn’t right, that he isn’t fit to hold that office. I know many of you voted for him, and that many of you like him and think he is suited to lead this country, and I respect that view, but I see a man who is eloquent when a speech is prepared for him but fumbling when he is having to speak without preparation. I see a man who is unsure of himself and unsure of his own policies, vacillating from one view to the next. I just don’t think he is ready, and if I don’t think he is ready, there are leaders of other countires, very powerful and dangerous countries who think the same thing, only they are going to test their suspicions. Not trying to cause fear, just openly venting my views.

    WATW is out and I ordered mine!!
    Taylor looks wonderful. Life is good for him and he deserves it! 🙂

  222. yallarescaringme replied:

    Henry, yeah I know how to my point across. I know how to write, spell and articulate my point. I do have an appreciation for intelligence. Not sure why you have a problem with this or what the root of your bitterness is. But I never claim “knowing”, only my opinion. However you’ve said you are certain about many things (such as how much you know for certain haha) meanwhile I’M somehow the “know it all”. That doesn’t really add up. I also kind of remember reading that you believe Obama is a “socialist.” Sounds like an accusation to me. But you deny this. Now you say you have all these so called facts from these so called “internal political polls” (and yet have shown absolutely NOTHING to back these statements. Nothing. I’m done discussing this aspect of this debate because you talk in circles, deny the obvious and it’s a waste of time.

  223. yallarescaringme replied:

    BL, I think we all seem to judge these people based on how much we like them or don’t. I didn’t think Obama’s statement was stupid since it was meant to be funny, if anything it was maybe not appropriate. But that statement isn’t going to prompt anyone to think he’s a moron. Yet every time I heard Palin speak, I would cringe. Not only was so much of the content ridiculous, how she said it was even worse. How hard was it to answer this question?

    Katie Couric was hard on her, but Palin couldn’t hack it. She was so intimidated. Is that a characteristic we want for the President? Easily intimidated? No way.

  224. brightlite replied:

    Y’all…good try but weak. Obama is the President elect, and Palin was never running for that, now that I think of it, it is comparing apples to oranges. Obama should not and cannot make inappropriate comments, not if he is to be taken seriously.

    I guess I find it offensive, again that word creeps in, sorry- but I happen to love and cherish Nancy Reagan, as a lasting historical figure, one that I cried with as she saluted Ronald Reagan at his coffin, in California a few years ago. I cried like a baby to see the love and respect and admiration of this very humble, very intelligent, very dedicated woman. I happen to think highly of her and would never think of slighting her with an off color comment, a sneer, a joke or remark that pokes fun at her, causes her embarrassment or distress. But that underscores my point I have been trying to make all along. That being that Obama seems to display that he does not repsect or revere the symbols of our government, the people that shaped and molded our nation. It was not only disrespectful of him but it was telling as you say, telling that he would insult not just anyone, but someone that is symbolic of a respected administration and integral part of American history. He made fun of what is remaining of the core of our living line of President’s. I can say that had Reagan heard that comment, he would have come to her defense, President Reagan and Mrs. Reagan were so closely bound that either one of them would have died for the other, I believe, and I am certain that he is turning in his grave right now, aching to jump out and slap Obama upside his fool head. I think his comment was more than a misspeak, it was a indication of what he truly feels. There is truth in jest. The Reagan years were some of the happiest years for this country, much of the freedom around the world was due to the policies of Reagan. Maybe there is something to be said for that astology stuff? I seem to recall the Cold War ended, the Berlin Wall fell, and China opened it’s doors for the first time to the outside world or something like that? Let freedom ring.

    Taylor looked great at he dentist office! Maybe he just got a nice cleaning? His smile was beatific!

  225. henry8 replied:

    I can think of sereral reasons why she didn’t want to be specific with that question. Dumb question IMO.
    Bet she knows how many states there are.
    Saying someone is a socialist is not an accusation, I just going but what he says, what hes written, and how he votes. What else can I do?

    Cartoon for you.

  226. brightlite replied:

    Also I am not judging anyone including Obama based on liking him. I don’t know him so I cannot say whether or not I like him. If I wee to meet him and talk to him I would find most likely that I like him very much. I like most people I meet unless thye give me a darn good reason not to like them, even then I try to still like them, it’s my nature. We got off on the wrong foot, you insult my friend henry, and I am not liking that but I am still trying like heck to like you, and so far I am feeling okay with you tonight, except the henry bit…please lay off her. (grrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
    My point is that I don’t like or dislike personally Barach Obama. I don’t think he is qualifed to hold this office. I think of all the President’s I have seen, and those whom I haven’t seen, before my time, he is the only one who never really had any governing experience to speak of. He never governed any office, not any city, not any county, not any anything. What qualifies this man to govern this nation all of a sudden?
    That is my quip with him. The community leader position, well I can’t say for sure but I suspect that it isn’t enough to have applied for this job, but he WAS elected, and that only proves one thing…not that he is quallified, but that the people who vote are unaware of what substance is, and how the lack of it in the Oval Office will bring more than terrorists to our doorstep. Not instilling fear just stating fact that lack of experience is one thing when you apply for a job at the A and P, the Oval Office is no place for it. He is not qualified for this. My opinion only.

  227. brightlite replied:

    hey henry. It’s nice to see you. Whomp is out!!!


  228. brightlite replied:

    omg I watched the video! Foghorn leghorn was one of my favortie cartoons growing up. THAT made me smile! Thanks.
    I also think that Palin’s comment was humorous but in a way you can’t really underscore that we all don’t live in eyeshot of a nation that once threatened to blow us into the next galaxy. That thought is unsettling, and although those doors are closed, or maybe ajar still, the though that Russia is right there is kinda weird. Alaska is a very important state, being a buffer of sorts for this country and the former SU. Couric probably did not like palin and did what she could to twist her statements. Couric remarks following that proved her inward feelings.

  229. henry8 replied:

    I see ya bright, I left you a message on Chills. And I was jokin with you, just so you know.
    Thanks for your support.
    First I was in a rage, then I was absurd and now I’m bitter. It just doesn’t end does it?
    Did you see my cartoon? I liked it.
    But you see I know how to write, spell, and get my point across too. And I have a great appreciation for intelligence also, my own included. And I am not intimidated. Neither is Mrs. Palin. But she doesn’t suffer fools well.
    It could be barely possible that y’all and I are two arrogant assholes butting heads.

  230. henry8 replied:

    No matter what Palin said Bright, it would have been twisted. Count on it.

  231. yallarescaringme replied:

    BL, I really didn’t find Obama’s comment about the seances as him putting Nancy Reagan down. I didn’t read it like that at all, especially how he said it. It seemed harmless. Apparently they had a nice conversation afterwards and I really can’t imagine her even being offended over that. She does not strike me as that anal or insecure.

    Henry, if that was a stupid question… was foreign policy a stupid question too?

    BL, I definitely do not think Couric liked Palin at all. The issue is that Palin was so freaking intimidated and mousy. Not good. And given McCain’s age, she was pretty darn close to being the President. That’s what the major issue was.

  232. brightlite replied:

    henry8 you are cracking me up tonight! You aren’t an arrogant asshole, but you are butting heads and I like to watch, it is fun! That be the goat in you! ooops no horoscope references, now, would not want that thrown in my face down the road! I saw your comment and zi left you a cute Batman video with a really bad shark in it. It ought to make you laugh out loud. You always have my support, any time of the day or night, you know that. Why, we’re practically kin now! lol. Aunt Cee!
    lol 🙂

  233. brightlite replied:

    I just look at Palin and I see a real woman, someone likeable, someone real. I see truth in her where I see something else in others. I may have trusted her more thsn McCain although I can see how people would think she isn’t qualifed either to run the country. It was a very tough election, a very bad choice of candidates in my opinion, I was really saddened at one point that the people who are qualified to run this nation, won’t for fear of exactly what I am afraid of. I won’t say what that is.

  234. henry8 replied:

    Good God, y’all do you judge all politicians on the basis of one interview. If so, you are going to have to throw all of them out of office.
    Palin is as qualified as Obama, if she had had as much trouble figureing out how many states there were as he did you would be playing that for me. Because it was her, no other reason.
    Did you watch and LISTEN to your cartoon?
    Or do you just hear the sound of your own voice.
    You love Obama. Hes in. Good luck.
    I like Sarah. She not in. Hope she makes it back.
    I really don’t give a crap what anybody else thinks about it and I’m done.
    Try reading something on here besides your own words.

  235. henry8 replied:

    I just went back and listened the the “forgein policy” question. I had saw it at the time.
    Katie is an ass, I knew what she meant in the first place. Katie reeked of condesension.
    When something is right next door to you, the worry of it is more real, why would anyone need that explained to them?
    Now I am done. That is it. Period. End of story. Rave on as long as you wish.

  236. rosem15 replied:

    I think our country will fine if we can improve the finacial crises. When reading some of the above comments, I can see all parties got a little too personal at times and I feel certain all can get over it. Asses is correct, it is hard to communicate just by typing words and thoughts. This was the first time I voted for a democrat. My oldest sister, Ann, 15 yrs, my senior, passed away on Sept.4th. Having been a life long ultra liberal who marched for blacks and gays, she did not live to see the first black president. When I traveled the 2 plus hours to attend her funeral on the eastern shore of Maryland, I was surprised to see the police were directing the heavy flow of traffic. About 25% of those who attended and spoke were African Americans. She was given a Martin Luther King award and some local yearly award will bear her name. When she marched for gay rights in the 70’s and was also featured on local TV, as wanting to be the first woman Catholic priest, many in the family, including myself, thought she was a little nutty. Now I think she was just ahead of the times. The nutty stuff was because she was married and had just had her 5th child. Now even the idea of a married, female Catholic priest does not seem wrong to me. Sarah, being a woman and mother of 5, would never have been on anyones ticket in the late 70s. It seems unfair to me my sister is gone, as she took such good care of herself, and still had much to offer to her community and family. It does not seem unfair to me that Obama and Biden won, as the people voted in a fair election. It does make me feel sad to read the name calling over the past few days, on this blog. We now have more good Taylor news. Strange as it seems, It was posting about Tay on Morphs and here and a few other places, that helped me get thru my sisters, untimely death.

  237. jerseyirish replied:

    Rosie, So sorry to hear about your loss, it is never easy. Your sister sounded like a wonderful, open minded, caring person, that is hard to let go of. My deepest sympathy to you and yours.

    The election is over it is time to move forward and let history happen. I don’t think anyone going into office has a magic wand to fix what is wrong, it will take time, lots of time.


  238. brightlite replied:

    My sincerest condolences go out to you Rosie for the loss of your sister. I have a brother who is ill right now and I understand the pain that one endures watching a cherished brother or sister fight for and ultimately lose their life. I have not been myself for various reasons, under a great deal of stress, and during times like these, I think we tend to vent. Be well.


  239. brightlite replied:

    Hey JI…I agree. There is no magic wand. confidence is a major factor in the financial world. We must feel hope for the future and trust in the system in our leaders. That is why it is difficult for me, but time will tell if Obama has the ability to stand against the world leaders who threaten our national security, and if he has the power to persuade Congress to support his ideas. Whatever the outcome, it has to be better than this, that is for sure.
    Be well.

  240. chill replied:

    MFOYAsses, do we need to start an orphan blog now or are you coming back?

  241. rosem15 replied:

    Chill, ha,ha, Asses Orphans! Or Orphan My ASS! Where are the puter Geeks? rosie

  242. iyss replied:

    www dot mfoyassesorphans3 (3??) at wordpress dot com.

  243. 15minsoffame1 replied:

    Couldn’t be better news from Sal/shesalie/mfoyaorphans or Morph/head loon/porn shop lady as some call her blog.

  244. chill replied:

    Rosem, I like the Orphans My Ass name, haha. Good one. But I am starting to feel neglected. 😦

  245. chill replied:

    Iyss, yeah, I never got the “3” thing. LOL

  246. henry8 replied:

    I have a theory, that whoever takes care of Taylors myspace and Rosie are off somewhere together. 🙂

  247. rosem15 replied:

    Henry8, Huge Props to you this morning! You know, what I know and feel from the heart. Right is Right!

  248. chill replied:

    Henry? What does that mean? LOL

  249. chill replied:

    I know you’re all sleeping, but guess what?!! 🙂 I have a confirmation in my hot little hands for two meet and greet packages for opening night in Chicago!! LOL I’m going to sleep now.

  250. henry8 replied:

    Eeeeeek!!!! Chill, you got them. You lucky dog.
    You are going to have so much fun. Been a long time since you’ve seen him hasn’t it?

    And what did it mean?? Well it meant nothing cause I was half asleep and I screwed up. Taylors my space has been very neglected also and I meant that whoever takes care of it and ASSES were off together some where. Sheesh.
    I had just read something by rosie and had her on my brain, I guess.

    And by the way rosem15, Thanks.

  251. chill replied:

    July 12, 2007, is the last time. 🙂 So, yeah, we’re overdue!

  252. iyss replied:

    Yay, chill! I am so glad you got the M&G!

  253. rosem15 replied:

    M’asses, Hope everything is good with you and hope you don’t have to lay out to much money for your computer. It is crunch time for Tay, since the Grease tour starts 3 weeks from today. Since it starts on a Tues. and all new CDs are released on Tuesdays, including singles, I’m wondering is he will release his single Dec. 2nd. There has been no media mention of such a thing. Chill great news about your M&G! rosie

  254. brightlite replied:

    Am I allowed on here?

  255. chill replied:

    Why wouldn’t you be allowed here, BL? I think by now all the ones not allowed go directly to spam where they listen to bagpipe music.

    Rosie, I can’t wait for the meet and greet and hearing Taylor’s single firsthand. I’m sure we’ll all have heard it well before January 6th, but it will be fun to cheer him on in person. We’ve had a lot of great moments being fans, but I think the best is yet to come.

  256. brightlite replied:

    hi chill…nice meet and greet!! Be prepared to be glow!
    You will emerge a new way…

    Hell, I caused so much trouble last time, didn’t mean to. I don’t hear bagpipes, but I do hear crackling sounds…omg my meatballs are burning!

  257. brightlite replied:

    hey chill……..

    Nice. I agree with you, not that I don’t always, I usually do. Hey chill I emailed you 10 days ago, no reply, did you get it? I might have sent it to the wrong address, I am bad that way. If you got emails for henry forward then to her please. lol.

  258. jerseyirish replied:

    Chill, I am so happy for you. You will see the show, hear the new single and get to spend some time with Taylor, doesn’t get much better then that, enjoy!!!!


  259. chill replied:

    BL, I didn’t receive an e-mail from you lately. Just letting you know.

    MFOYAsses, please come home. You’re scaring us. We don’t want to be orphans. 😦

  260. jerseyirish replied:

    MFOYAsses, Chill is right, hope you get back up and running soon, everyone misses you.


  261. chill replied:

    Damn, girl, is there no Geek Squad in your area?

  262. jerseyirish replied:

    MFOYAsses, Come out,come out where ever you are, we miss your humor. Like Chill said get the Geek Squad on it. Come back soon!


  263. chill replied:

    Just checking. 😦

  264. rosem15 replied:

    Hey, female friend! Hope you are A Okay! Some of us are getting worried about you. If at all possable, MF,asses, I’m still not sure as to how to address you, please leave a comment. We miss you. You were my online buddie, blog owner, operator, when I decided to go online about Tay, and needed a place to express and vent, and well just read and digest. Hope all is well with you.

  265. spinshack replied:

    Man, I’m back chica – only the good die young and you know I’m no good. 😉

    Hope you are well. Time to saddle up and play this game again. Giddy up.

  266. chill replied:

    haha! Welcome back, spinshack. Good to see you! You had me worried. We are just one big family, aren’t we? Dysfunctional, yes, but a family, of sorts, nonetheless. 🙂

  267. spinshack replied:

    Chill, I was surprised to receive your email, sent ya one back. Strange thing, I was listening to Ben Harper, “Diamond on the Inside” was up – the line, “Her name was truth” just played and there was your email – interesting. ha.

    Yes, a dysfunctional family but I like it.

  268. superserious1 replied:

    (-: ˙ʎɐʞo ǝɹ,noʎ ɟı sǝɯıʇ ǝǝɹɥʇ ʞɔouʞ ˙ʇɔɐɟ uı ‘snoıɹǝs ɹǝdns ˙snoıɹǝs ɯ,ı ˙sǝssɐɟɯ ‘ʇsod ǝuo ‘uoɯ,ɔ

  269. chill replied:

    Hey, how did you do that? LOL I’m beginning to think she’s not coming back, like, she’s ditched us. haha

  270. superserious1 replied:

    chill,tried to post the site but got send to the reject pile twice. google upsidedownletters.

  271. jerseyirish replied:

    Wasn’t sure if that was a cryptic message or not, interesting.

    Chill, Hope she is not ditching us, that would be sad.

  272. chill replied:

    Superserious!! haha, I love that!

    Jersey, it would be sad. Would she do that to us or would she not? That is the question. Is she sitting out there wondering how long it’s going to take us to realize she’s gone for good? haha

  273. superserious1 replied:

    www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=PldQczB_VSs

  274. jerseyirish replied:

    Chill, I hope she is not gone for good. I really enjoy her sense of humor and that she is fair to all. If her computer is gone that is an expensive item to replace. We got my daughter a new laptop for graduation, it was on sale for $598, by the time we got done with everything we were over $1,000.00 not a cheap venture. Hopefully she will work out the problems and come back soon. Or we will just keep the thread going until she does!

  275. chill replied:

    It will be January of 2010 and the thread will be 8,020 comments, maybe then we’ll know for sure.

  276. superserious1 replied:

    jerseyirish, i was in a ʎןןıs mood last’s hard to be snoıɹǝsɹǝdns 24/7.i do hope mfasses is not gone.

  277. jerseyirish replied:

    Chill, Too funny.

    Superserious1- Still don’t get your cryptic script, but it seems fun. I went to the site you put up but didn’t see what you were talking about. Enjoy your fun mood.


  278. rosem15 replied:

    Asses, I would not blame you if you just decided to exit. I hope everything is great in your life. Having only been involved in the Taylor Hicks, on line group, for less than four months, I have felt shock, pain and hurt. I don’t even want to mention the latest lie about me. Should you decide to return, or if you are willing and able to do so, then I may well reveal the sad, but true latest on lie fable rant about me, by one very wicked woman. Do what is best for you, both spiritualy, finacialy and relationship wise. We fans will survive. I was such a fan, before I ever posted one word on line. Thankfully, I recall that.

  279. superserious1 replied:

    jerseyirish, if you google upsidedownletters, you should find a website called sevenwires. if you typeyour text, the text comes out upside down and backwards. then you can copy and paste.
    the video was hall and oates “she’s gone”. again, just me being silly.

  280. chill replied:

    Superserious,that’s a cool site. I will be playing with it! Thanks.

    Jersey, around August of last year, I went through some big time problems with my DSL and phone line. Long story, but I was out of commission for a little over a month. So there is hope that she’s still trying to work out some bugs. I miss her and I’m hoping this last entry here, “Trick or Treat,” wasn’t giving us a sign. I would have given her lots of candy, Godiva even, if I thought there was a possibility of a trick, haha.

    MFOYAsses, come on, send a smoke signal or something. Maybe we can help!

    Rosie, I have to say, you get the award for Most Misunderstood Taylor Fan. Don’t give up being online in Taylor fandom, there are a lot of good people here, really.

  281. jerseyirish replied:

    Rosie, I am so sorry people are still giving you a hard time. You are honest and open and very sweet, I always enjoy reading your comments.

    Chill, I remember when you were out with that problem. Computers when they are working they are great, but when you have a problem they can be the biggest headache. You know there has been talk of Soul Patrol abductions lately. 😆

    Have a good one!!


  282. rosem15 replied:

    Chill and JI, I was upset when I came across someone spreading more nonsense about me last night. Today I’m not upset. Some of those that enjoy making up nonsense and gossiping are old enough to be grand moms! My strategy is to just ignore them. The few times I have responded to their nonsense in the past, was a mistake on my part. I’m just going to drop it and not read their fables.

  283. jerseyirish replied:

    Rosie, Agian sorry that folks are doing that to you. It must be upsetting to read stuff like that, when you know it isn’t true. You are probably right about the age thing, some just never give up the Middle School stuff. Ignoring is sometimes the best thing to do, dosen’t give them fuel for their fire. Go where you feel most comfortable.

    Has anyone gone into the private blog? I haven’t just wondering if anyone has seen whats going on.


  284. chill replied:

    Not me, Jersey. I’m glad to see they’ve found a way to bond without others raining on their parade. Good move.

  285. 15minsoffame1 replied:

    Does it really matter what is in the private blog.
    It is as good as gone since it has become private.
    That’s good enough for me.

    Some one will probably hack it and copy and
    paste the content somewhere. That would
    be pretty funny.:D

  286. jerseyirish replied:

    Chill, 15minutes, Your right doesn’t really matter, let them have their privacy. I had just wondered if anyone had gone over, I haven’t.


  287. brightlite replied:

    Hello all. Hope everyone over here is well and in good spirits. I see asses is still awol. If her computer is on the fritz it would be awkward to use a neighbor’s computer regularly and depending on the nature of the problem, it could take a while to get things rolling again. Or maybe asses has made her mark, stated her point, and feels this blog has accomplished what she set out for it to do. We all go into things with some idea in mind as to why we are doing anything. Time is prciosu and seconds are few enough, so as we invest what little of time that all have, we may decide that the mission has been completed. Who knows why she has not returned, maybe just taking a breather…we all have done tbat too.
    We all just wish her well and hope she is safe. I think that is what concerns the posters, at least from what I have read…not knowing if she is okay is probably the biggest impedus in seeing her come back and say hi.

    But her blog is a good one and the discussions here are usually quite spirited and thorough.
    Be well.

  288. brightlite replied:

    prciosu = precious

  289. jerseyirish replied:

    Hey BL, Yeah everyone is just concerned about Asses. This is a great blog always good discussions going on. Hope she gets her computer woes straightened out and comes back soon! 😦


  290. chill replied:

    brightlite replied:

    prciosu = precious


  291. brightlite replied:

    bdaytispt = bad typist


  292. spinshack replied:

    I’m thinking she’s sitting back watching to see how long we keep typing here. lol I know she’s around. 😉

    Really though the trick or treat not quite a fitting ending to this spot. Really will miss her holiday posts as she made some good ones last Christmas.

  293. jerseyirish replied:

    Spin, Never thought of it that way, hopefully it won’t end like this. I too enjoyed her Holiday posts, her story was the best! 🙂


  294. chill replied:

    Spinshack, she’s around? Damn. Okay, I get the hint.

  295. rosem15 replied:

    I just stopped by and noticed the new comments. Spin, I hope Asses is okay. Do you know something we don’t? rosie

  296. jerseyirish replied:

    Since Spin has said MFOYAsses is “around” and seeing how long the thread can go, I thought I’d share a Thansgiving memory of long ago, they say timing is everything. Here is my story. I was 15 it was the day before Thanksgiving we had a full day of school, I managed to get myself suspended. My father was not a happy camper picking me up at school, my Mom was less happy. She was trying to prepare for a house full of company the next day. My Dad grabbed a screwdriver and escorted me to my room and switched to door knob so the lock was on the outside. A bit later I heard him by my window, he nailed my windows shut from the outside. Me being the enterprising young lady I was, I got out. My misfortune was I hooked up with my girlfriend Mary Grace who wasn’t always so full of Grace. She had this brilliant idea lets go to a bar. Her sister bought a friend home from college they were 21. I talked to them as she took their licenses we were now 21. Smart girls that we were decided to go to a bar in another town no one would know us. Out of all the bars in NJ we picked the one that got raided that night. We were dancing having a real good time when we heard “ABC FREEZE” I looked at her and said is this a new dance? Soon we were put in the back of one of those paddy wagons and taken to police station. Back at my house my brother and a bunch of his friends tell the story that they were the good kids and were going to White Castle’s and knew my Dad loved them so they stopped to see if he wanted any, translated they had no money, they knew my Dad would pick up the tab. Remember I said timing was everything, that commercial had just come out a few days before “Its 10:00 do you know where your children are?” My Dad was doing a victory dance and the phone rang, “Orange Police your daughter is here want to come pick her up” The rest folks is very unpleasant history. To this day I have never told anyone how I got out that night. When it first happened it was just pure fear of my Dad, then I saw how crazy it got everyone and it became a game, Wed will mark the 41st anniversary of that Thanksgiving Eve. Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


  297. spinshack replied:

    Of course I could be wrong; hopeful she’s okay and that she returns with a great adventure tale on where she’s been.

    Rosie, psst, I was simply looking at site stats. I’ve no word from her, and I have emailed her as well.

  298. henry8 replied:

    Probably just a severe case of writers block. 🙂

  299. jerseyirish replied:

    Henry, pretty funny, just hope all is ok with MFOYAsses, if you are checking Happy Thanksgiving!!! 😀


  300. rosem15 replied:

    M’ Asses, Number 300 post, and now Thanksgiving is almost over. I just shoved a few celebs, out my door. I hope you are healthy and content. Should you decide to just drop your blog, hey that would fit with Mfoyasses. I have come across some real nut cases, on line, posing as Taylor fans. I could write a book. Wish you would check in, if at all possable, so some of us won’t worry about you. Best wishes, Rosie

  301. jerseyirish replied:

    Rosie, 301 and still counting. Hope everyone had a nice Holiday. No clebs at my house just a bunch of my kids friends, which always makes things interesting! 🙂


  302. rosem15 replied:

    I’m really worried about the mental health of Cbb/ Silverslipper. For months she has been living, acting, writing as two separate people on the unofficial blog. I mean the whole 9 yards, double personas, multi personalities. All the while she has been writing about people with multi personalities, people who wear masks, mentally ill people. The reason I know so, is she has been both implying by huge hints, and out right naming me as not being Who I have said I was and am, from day one. When someone continualy accuses someone else, of doing the very thing they are doing, it is not normal. She seems consumed with hate and anger towards me. How sad for her, and I have requested she stop calling me a liar, such as saying I am not who I’ve said I am, and in the past she has even threaten to expose my identity to the orphans. I could go on and on and give so many examples, but I’m not going to do so, as I am not mean or vengeful and I hope she gets help. She has cut and pasted me all over that unnoficial blog and called me awful names. On Sept.22,2008 at 4:49pm, on MfoyAsses blog thread The Bumpy Road, Cbb slipped up and posted with her name but used the Silverslipper avitar. How odd is it that she and Jeanni also have been attacking me first on Asses and for such a long time on the new blog, and love their conspiracy theories, double agent nonsense. Cbb even stated I spew my venom on all sorts of blogs. See why I am concerned for her. I’ve gone around to so many blogs, spreading fun, and being nice and posting positive Taylor statements. Meanwhile I get attacked by her on a regular basis! Crazy stuff! Rosie

  303. spinshack replied:

    Let me repost, that went into mod, and we know it won’t come out anytime soon:
    Rosie, those gals are not normal darlin’. They get huge jollies out of pretend sleuthing, pretend fan wars, pretend is all they have in life. It was pointed out quite vividly here and so they split for their Unofficial site. It’s how they pretend to roll. ha.

    Yeah, that slip up of the silver slipper was just

  304. brightlite replied:

    A poem for asses.

    Time like golden sands
    Flows now in and out
    In the wind of my hands
    Testing my grip of doubt
    Movement across my soul
    Tethers on a thin string
    Burnt bridges ask a toll
    But takes not anything
    Space like light fills
    Every crevice despite
    Moans of hardened wills
    Made from men without might
    Words travel upon the wind
    To now sense the real truth
    We end first to then begin
    To find roads to lost muse
    Night lives on forever
    Waiting sadly for none
    Though dreams seem clever
    It’s only reality we won
    So time turns on us all
    We scatter to escape it flight
    And light is all we find
    To color life that is white
    Cries are silenced then
    As we reach for the day
    To find darkness a friend
    And black instead of grey
    So rhythm becomes a rhyme
    And rhyme a cruel riddle
    Then thoughts replace time
    When space is in the middle
    If only there was a price
    For silence to be bought
    And worth the roll of a dice
    For a lesson we are taught
    But life offers no relief
    For the risk of the heart
    Just a band aid of grief
    To finish without a start
    She walks alone and away
    Knowing use has its run
    With nothing left to say
    To them or anyone
    Just words like wind
    They come and then go
    But time cannot rescind
    What we all surely know
    Now the present is gone
    But still remains a force
    It will fade before long
    To make history of course

    Be well. brightlite

  305. jerseyirish replied:

    BL, Beautifully written, a time to heal and walk away, hopefully Asses will return, glad to see you. 🙂

    My Best to you,

  306. yallarescaringme replied:

    Rosie, you’re a riot. Smart too. I called those weirdos out long ago for their lies and games. They didn’t like it. Hehe. It saddens me how they attempt to manipulate even their own friends. Oh well. But I must admit I just love the “slipper slip up.” Nice catch! Everything they accuse others of doing is actually what they’re doing themselves. It’s really simple once you get the hang of how nuts they are.

  307. 15minsoffame1 replied:

    I find it odd as to who can decide who is normal
    and who is not.

  308. 15minsoffame1 replied:

    I find it odd as to who can decide who is normal
    who is not.

  309. 15minsoffame1 replied:

    I find it odd as to who can decide who is normal
    who is not…

  310. chill replied:

    Is there an echo in here?

  311. yallarescaringme replied:

    I find the echo odd!

    BTW Rosie, the reason the avatar slip up happened is because if you post under a different name but use the SAME email address, it will post the avatar linked with the email address (regardless of the name change). It must get confusing when you got all these names and emails. Somehow I think Asses noticed the “slip up” and kept it to herself. She’s another smartie 😉

    Asses where are you????????

  312. 15minsoffame1 replied:


    You do scare me!

  313. jerseyirish replied:

    Y’all, All this avi/e-mail stuff is so confusing. All I know is that mine is always the red snowflake and Rosie’s is always the green snowflake, so I guess we use only one e-mail right? Niether of us know how to change the avi to a picture so they stay I guess what wordpress makes them.


  314. yallarescaringme replied:

    Jersey, whatever you use as your email address is what the avatar system on wordpress remembers. So let’s say you used to post under a different name on a wordpress blog, but used the same email address you have now under “Jerseyirish” your avatar would still be the red snowflake even under the old name. If you were to make a post now using a different email address, the avatar would change automatically. Also, if you upload a personal avatar today into wordpress, all your avatars would be replaced from the red snowflake to whatever the new avatar is, even on the old posts. 🙂

  315. jerseyirish replied:

    I was hoping someone might show back up after his Grease run started, guess not. 😦

    Y’all, Thats how I thought it worked, I was told to go to wordpress to change it to a picture thought I did, but it didn’t work. So Rosie like myself use one e-mail and our avi’s are always the same, got it! Thanks for explaining it to me.


  316. spinshack replied:

    YASM, I think think we’re not experiencing echo, only the lonely repetitive sounds of the wandering reader. It’s easier to simply repeat than think of something intelligent to say. 😉

  317. rosem15 replied:

    O’k, This is the first time, I checked back here since my reveal. As you know that unoficial stuff creeped me out, from day one. I was called all sorts of names on that blog, by name or inference. Since I was blogging on Chills, I never once mentioned any of the unofficals. I was still on some of their minds. One night I posted something about Tay being afraid of some of them, and I think they were about to have their lawyers on my humble ass. How dare I,(pause for my own giggle fit), My spammed explanation included my explaining why I did not enjoy the bad Rosie, other Rosie crap, and them putting me down as a fan. I stated I had written to Tay several times, when he was in NY. and told him I was new to posting and posted as Rosie. I told him I was his parents age and wrote as you would write to any person. Nothing fan girly, no love signatures, just talk of music, early works, Grease AI. My explanation to the unofficials mentioned I had also written to him how I enjoyed RHS and the funny comments, I wrote He knew how he affected some of his fans. I mentioned to the unofficials I got correspondence back from him, which I once detailed on Morphs. Then for the next week they were blogging about a gal who said Tay writes to her about his affect on women, and they had the naive commenting about same. Oh the lies. On the GC thread I saw real insanity as I read many of my past posts had been saved , and pasted to show prove what a rotten, vile woman I am. None of them were vile or in anyway negative towards Tay, (pause for more giggles).I was informed I was banned, not once but two or three times, by the personalities. But I had not even tried to post again. They kept talking about my vulgarity in spam, when there was none, and trying to make it seem I was foolish enough to keep trying to post. I reached my limit, because someone was trying to make a fool out of me as well as lying about me. I have never been blocked, spamed, or deleted any other site, nor have I posed anywhere under a different name. So for better or worse, I did the reveal, and then was accused, (again my pausing to lmao) of being some puter expert who hacked into Asses, I guess I must have liked the Sept, 22nd date, to do my hacking. I just had enough of the nonsense. Rosie, PS. I hate having to walk on egg shells, when I just want to be a fan.

  318. spinshack replied:

    Wow, Rosie, you’re perhaps new but jumped right into the shark pit, so it seems. ha.

    Just do what you do and don’t let the fanatics affect you. Life should include a fair amount of fun. 😉

  319. spinshack replied:

    I have to say coming here and posting feels rather like going to Asses house to housesit while she’s away. Direct me to the parakeet cage so I might feed the budgie.

  320. jerseyirish replied:

    Pretty funny my comment is in moderation, oh well I guess I’m doomed to listen to the bagpipe music!!

  321. chill replied:

    Well, even though it seems you’ve ditched us, MFOYAsses, just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you fondly and am hoping you’re well. 😦

  322. chill replied:

    And spin, I dusted a little while I was here. Just wanted to do my part.

  323. 15minsoffame1 replied:

    It also amazes me who can say who writes something intelligent and who does not.

    For example.

  324. spinshack replied:

    I think I’ll leave her a treat on the kitchen table.

  325. jerseyirish replied:

    Spin, Muffin looks good, got to get one!! 🙂


  326. chill replied:

    I’ll leave her some brownies. The good kind. 🙂 Hey, spin, my brownies Jason Castro might like too, got his address? LOL

  327. jerseyirish replied:

    Chill, Those kind of brownies, haven’t had them in my life in a long time,the heck with Jason Castro I’ll give my address hahaha 😆


  328. rosie replied:

    M’foyasses, I’m worried about you. Hope you are well. Hi everybody.

  329. chill replied:

    Rosie, take off your shoes, I just vacuumed. 🙂

    Jersey, fresh baked brownies are coming right out of the oven. LOL

  330. jerseyirish replied:

    Chill, Right out of the oven are the best!!! MFOYAsses should be very pleased housekeeping is being kept up, nice work.


  331. spinshack replied:

    Chill, hahaha! He’d love a big ol’ brownie, as would I. lol I’ll just walk them over with your compliments.

    I’m just glad ‘Asses did not leave the cat home – really hate changing those litter boxes. (hahahaha!)

  332. jerseyirish replied:

    Spin, Now that was pretty funny, mine would not have gone without the litter, they would have dropped outside the box. Have to clean ours out everyday or they do just that!

    I’m sure Jason would appreciate some of Chill’s brownies, hand delivered by you!!!


  333. chill replied:

    haha, that cat video, spin! Did you read the comments over there? LOL

  334. henry8 replied:

    I used to have a cat that would get in the litter box dig a nice little hole, get out of the box and crap on the floor, then get back in the box and cover up his nice clean hole. I didn’t need to change the litter box but somehow it didn’t make me all that happy.

    Wish someone knew what was going on with asses. Not strange that she would quit, but kinda weird just to leave it all here. 😦

  335. henry8 replied:

    I feel a little like Bill Murrey in Groundhog Day.
    Everyday is halloween.

  336. henry8 replied:


  337. chill replied:

    haha!! My god, henry, you do crack me up! Cats are hilarious creatures, I just love them. They do what they want, when they want, we have a lot in common, cats and me. LOL But not the crapping on the floor part.

  338. jerseyirish replied:

    Henry, Yeah I wish we would get something, just to let us know that all is well. I kind of think this is it, its been over 2 months.
    One of my cats one time when my son was little had a box of the small leggos out in the den, she hopped in started scratching like this was a good spot, I grabbed her before she left a surprise in the leggo box. Cats are something else. My other car just recently when I let him in didn’t see that he had something in his mouth, it was a baby bunny, he dropped it on the kitchen floor. I called my husband. By the time he got to the kitchen the bunny was no longer stunned, we had a merry chase for over an hour to get this lttle guy out of the house. Hubby finally got out one of the cat carriers and we put some lettuce and carrots in it, closed the door after he went in, then put the carrier outside.


  339. spinshack replied:

    Speaking of baby bunnies, we had a cat, RIP, that loved baby bunnies. I saved two from her but she wound up dining on many others. Guess it tasted like chicken. lol

    Sadly, the bunny predator met her match in a big owl that took up residence in our neighborhood. The food chain in action.

    Henry I have a cat right now who likes to use her box in that way. Last cat I may own. ha.

    Chill, that’s too funny, good you don’t practice what Henry’s cat and my Sailor think a great way to use the box. Not quite socially acceptable behavior. haha

  340. chill replied:

    Tasted like chicken! haha, if I hear that one more time. Mussels? Taste like chicken. Frog legs? Taste like chicken. Then why don’t you just eat chicken?

  341. spinshack replied:

    I guess it’s having chicken in a different wrapper.

    And… on that topic, I’ll rattle on some more – Rattlesnake tastes like fishy chicken. Iguana tastes like fish. (Had that in Ixtapa.) Soft Shelled turtle tastes like … soft shell turtle. An Okie from Muskogee turned me on to that little ‘treat’.

  342. jerseyirish replied:

    Spin, Some of that just couldn’t no way. One of my brothers friends and his Dad were hunters they had a cabin in a hunting area complete with smoke house. He was always trying to get us to try stuff they hunted. I was never daring enough to do it. This one time he comes to the house and says his Dad got a good buy on Filet Mignon did we want some. My Mom thought they looked wonderful so she took them and made them for dinner, had a little different taste but were tender and delicious. He told us later it was bear meat that they had cured in the smoke house. Kind of turned my stomach but had to admit they were really good!!!


  343. chill replied:

    Wow, you are way more adventurous than I will ever be. I just can’t do it. Give me a plate of pasta anytime. 🙂

  344. henry8 replied:

    Rabbit and frog legs are both delicious long as they are prepared right. But I don’t think they taste like chicken. I think they are better. Never tried bear. Deer and elk I have ate. They were good but a young one is best and people tend to get the ones with the big antlers. Not so good.
    I have ate turtle, didn’t care to much for that. Never tried snake. Never had much desire to try snake, but I might if I had the chance.
    One time, there was an all night fishing trip going on at my house and I had gotten tired and went to bed. I get up in the morning and my drunken brother in law had decided to cook a turtle in the middle of the night in my kitchen. A stick of dyamite would have made a smaller mess. Oh, good times.

  345. henry8 replied:

    Just occured to me that that might be a good one for Jeff Foxworthy. “If a drunk has ever cooked a turtle in your kitchen after midnight, you might be a redneck.”

  346. jerseyirish replied:

    Henry, A turtle cooked in your kitchen by a drunken brother-in-law can only imagine the mess. I’ve had venison, and the bear which I didn’t know I was eating at the time, but turned out it was cured well and was good. I’m with Chill a nice bowl of pasta is always nice!!

  347. spinshack replied:

    Bwhahaha! Henry8 that’s absolutely hilarious! My thoughts the first time I was ‘coerced’ into frog giggin’ up in Oklahoma visiting friends was similar. You might be a redneck if you go out frog gigging in a pond, in the middle of the night fortified with Jack Daniels.

    JI, my Uncle in Michigan is an avid hunter. He’ll go out in ‘the bush’ as he calls it for a week at at time. I’ve never tried bear but he swears it’s good.

    I do love venison. Friend of mine taught me how to make the best chicken-fried venison steak and gravy. (In Texas we chicken-fry every damn thing.)

  348. henry8 replied:

    I have done the frog giggin thing Sunny. Or at least I rode in the boat a few times. I was a lousy gigger. My hand, eye cordination is horrible.
    Its been quite some time ago. Sadly the overuse of chemicals on the fields have made a decent frog hard to find.
    Chicken fry, you can’t go wrong.
    or deep fry, I was at a little Chrismas gettogether for our store the other night and there was deep fried creme corn on the menu. Someone ordered them and I tried one, they were very good, but how do you get the creme corn to stick together long enough to deep fry it?

  349. jerseyirish replied:

    Spin, Yeah my Mom used to make venison stew, it was really good. Haven’t had it in a long time but always enjoyed it. Never been frog gigging sounds interesting.

    Henry, Fried creme corn, yeah wonder how they got it to stay together to fry it, interesting, bet it was good, love cremed corn.


  350. spinshack replied:

    henry8 it’s the same with Mac n Cheese, how do they fry that into little nuggets? hahaha

  351. chill replied:

    I love that fried mac and cheese. Never had the cream corn kind and probably won’t. My imagination tells me how they might stick it together. LOL

  352. jerseyirish replied:

    Fried mac and cheese never heard of that either, how do you create that dish? Sure am learning a lot of food stuff here.

    Chill, Some of this different foods talk reminds of that old Pepto Bismol commericial a woman telling a story when she went to a resturant. She asked the waiter what he was serving. He says try it you’ll like it, they go back forth about 3-4 times and she finally say “but what is it?” again the guys says try it you’ll like it. She said she tried and thought she was gonna die. Couldn’t get the Pepto quick enough.


  353. spinshack replied:

    Hahahaha. Reminds me of the last time I went to the Terlingua Chili Cook Off…. Don’t ask. lol

  354. jerseyirish replied:

    Spin, I think we all have some food stories, mine was with a Philippene dish called Ponzit (not sure of the spelling) their version of spaghetti, wow, bad memory.


  355. spinshack replied:

    Not knocking anyone who is Pinoy, but man, I found little in the way of local specialties I liked when we lived there with the exception of halo halo. Man, Balutes, those are akin to munching some roadkill. Gag reflex wants to kick in just thinking about one.

  356. jerseyirish replied:

    Spin, You make me laugh with your descriptions, pretty funny. Pretty much my experience with the food, smelled good, went down easy, it was the after effects for me.


  357. rosie replied:

    Asses, Come back to check in or people will be discussing food, some of which makes me want to vomit, until this thread has 500 posts. Seriously, Asses, deer, rabbit, snakes, and frogs and turtles! Come back so we can get back to talking about the best beast around in late 2008, Taylor Hicks. Your blog won’t end until you declare it finis. I’m not hungry for food, even prime rib, bass, rockfish, or Md. bluecrab, or Maine lobster. I just hope you are well and happy. Happy holidays!

  358. jerseyirish replied:

    Rosie, There are some crazy foods out there, some which bring back memories not so good. I also wish Asses would just stop in and let us know she is ok. I think this will just keep going as she is the owner and the only one that can shut it down, Chill/Sunny would know better than me, but I think thats how it works.


  359. spinshack replied:

    I really love lobster. *having lobster and butter sauce thoughts*

    Yeah, this could go on infinitely. Wouldn’t that be weird. One long thread going into years. hahaha

  360. chill replied:

    Maybe we can use the site as a bookie joint. We can wager on everything from American Idol to horse racing. Let’s make some money. LOL

  361. jerseyirish replied:

    Sunny, Thats what I thought that this could just go on and on one long thread, probably the longest wordpress would ever see.

    Chill, Like your idea making a little extra cash, some wagers. 😆


  362. spinshack replied:

    Instead of We’d have lol

  363. chill replied:

    I’m starting to feel quite silly for coming here. 🙂

  364. jerseyirish replied:

    Chill, Me too, but I keep thinking maybe today she’ll be back or leave a message. sigh


  365. spinshack replied:

    We could do a memorial service and lay the blog to rest, so to speak. Virtual flowers, all that. Eulogy to ‘Asses. Virtual tombstone pics.

    Chill we are silly. lol

  366. jerseyirish replied:

    Spin, You made my day with that one, a virtual memorial service, how clever!!!!


  367. chill replied:

    haha, that’s a great idea, spin! Wonder what her favorite flowers are? Asses, get your ass back here or you’re gonna get buried! 🙂

  368. rosie replied:

    Come back, come back, we are still making clean posts but some nut could highjack the blog and get obscene, not that some of last weeks food discussion wasn’t! Also I’m back to being Rosie on this blog, just like magic.

  369. spinshack replied:

    Merry Christmas!

  370. chill replied:

    Merry Christmas, my friends! ~cheers~

  371. jerseyirish replied:

    My shorten version of Twas the Night Before Christmas to our blogger Asses

    Twas the night before Christmas and Asses is still missing

    Not a creature was stirring not even her mouse.

    The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Asses soon would return

    The posters were nestled all snug at their computers.

    While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads

    When out in blog land there arose such a clatter,

    I sprang from my computer to see what was the matter

    With a blog called Makingfunofyourasses, so lively and quick.

    I knew in a moment it must be Asses herself.

    She whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

    Now Chill, now Henry, now Rosie, now Sunny/Spin, on Yall, On BL, on Iyss, on Superserious1 and JI.

    We miss you, hope all is well.

    Merry Christmas and to all and to all a good night.


  372. chill replied:

    Aw, that was cute! Made me all teary-eyed. Dammit. 🙂

  373. 15minsoffame replied:

    Maybe Asses is gone because
    is gone. Couldn’t be a better begining of
    a new year now that crap site is gone.

  374. 15minsoffame replied:

    Maybe Asses is gone because
    is gone. Couldn’t be a better begining of
    a new year now that crap site is gone.

  375. spinshack replied:

    15 – we’ve so not missed ye.

    Didya have a nice Christmas or do you celebrate such events in stalker land?

  376. 15minsoffame replied:

    Comments left by the wacko on my blog.

    spinshack Says:
    December 30, 2008 at 12:59 am

    Muah bitch.

    My comments.
    Like I said she does have a track record. So just how long did
    this goodness last? Hahahaha! If we are lucky she may disappear as well.

  377. spinshack replied:

    In your dreams, my psycho stalker. Go find someone else to play with as you are quite boring. Funny, you’ve been absent quite a while, perhaps under solitary confinement for a time, eh?

  378. chill replied:

    Happy New Year to MFOYAsses and all of you! I’ll drink a toast to all of you as the clock strikes midnight. Cheers, guys!

  379. jerseyirish replied:

    Chill, The same to you, enjoy your time away, hubby and I have our bottle of bubbly to bring in the new year, he will drink most of it, not my favorite.

    Everyone have a safe and Happy New Year!!! 🙂


  380. jerseyirish replied:

    OK, you made your guest appearance on Christmas Eve, when you coming back? 🙂


  381. chill replied:

    dot dot dash dot dash dot dot


  382. superserious1 replied:

    …. . .-.. .-.. — -.-. …. .. .-.. .-..

  383. chill replied:


  384. superserious1 replied:

    chill, there’s an online morsecode conversion. the last post says .. hello chill. 🙂

  385. chill replied:

    At least you knew what I was getting at. LOL Hello to you. 🙂 I still check in here every now and then. Tay Land is getting awfully boring, don’t you think? Same old, same old.

  386. chill replied:

    Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day! Miss you, girl. 😦 Just want you to know I still think of you fondly and hope all is well with your real life.

  387. henry8 replied:

    Hey Chill, don’t know what made me look at this today but I see you were here recently.
    She was too young to retire. 😦

  388. chill replied:

    I know she was! I miss her so. LOL

    Hey, girl, I hope you got to listen to the new CD. It’s really great.

  389. jerseyirish replied:

    You are missed, also hope you got to see the video, beautiful. The CD is pure Taylor at his finest!!! 🙂 Hope to see you back.


  390. chill replied:

    Happy St. Patty’s Day! 🙂

  391. chill replied:

    Happy Easter, girl! I miss you, just wanted you to know that. 🙂

  392. spinshack replied:

    She’s around chill, just likely wandering with a different name perhaps.

    Hi gal. Come out of seclusion, start a new blog or just let everyone know you’re there. How’s the weather up yonder?

  393. chill replied:

    LOL! Thanks for leaving a comment, spin, good to know I’m not the only one who checks in on her every now and then.

  394. chill replied:

    I wonder if Taylor is a Trailblazer fan . . .

  395. spinshack replied:

    Wonder if she went to see him? Incognito of course! lol

  396. chill replied:

    Hope you’re having a safe Memorial Day, MFOYAsses. *cheers*

  397. spinshack replied:

    Wish you’d come play again in the open. Much love.

  398. chill replied:

    No, I haven’t forgotten about you. Happy (belated) 4th of July. Hope you enjoyed the holiday — at least a day off from work. I miss your sense of humor on the internet. 🙂 Curious if you saw Taylor when he was in/near your town. Take care!

  399. chill replied:

    I tried to send you pictures of Charles Barkley at Work Play, September 26, 2009, but the e-mail was returned unsent. I thought you would get a kick out of them. I almost died when I looked over and there he was. LOL!! I love him and I know you do too. My e-mail is the same, so if you still read here 🙂 and want the pictures, e-mail me.

    Take care! Hope all is well!

  400. jerseyirish replied:

    Haven’t stopped by in awhile, hope you had a nice holiday, and wishing you the best for the new year. You are missed wish you would come back!!


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