Born to be…..


Pregnant lady lying near us, seems like she is in labor but determined to stay for Adam.


Scene:  7 years later

Mother and Child sitting around the kitchen table.

Child:  Mommy, where was I born?

Mother:  You were born in Las Vegas, honey.

Child:  No, I mean what hospital?

Mother:  You weren’t born in a hospital, sweetie.

Child:  Well, then where?

Mother:  You were born at Mandalay Bay.

Child:  What’s that?

Mother:  Well, it’s a casino, but not really.  It has a beach.  Well, it’s not a real beach, because there’s no ocean.  But it’s a place where people pretend that they’re at the beach while they listen to music.

Child:  Why was I born there?

Mother:  Well, sweetie, Mommy really, really wanted to go hear this singer.  And so, even though it was 2 weeks past my due date, and even though the doctor said I shouldn’t go…I just had to.

Child:  So what happened?

Mother:  I got there and it was very, very hot.  I stood for hours waiting to see the concert.  Finally, the singer came out, and just as he started to sing…I felt my first labor pain.   I figured, oh well, it’s early, but as the music got louder and louder, the pains came stronger and stronger.  But I just couldn’t leave.  Nothing was going to stop me from being there.  So just as the singer finished his last song, I felt this great urge, and I pushed….and well, there you were!

Child:  Then did we go to the hospital?

Mother:  Of course not.

Child:  Why not?

Mother:  You didn’t think I was going to miss the encore, did you?  Why don’t you run along 0utside and play, Lambertina?


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