Color Me Confused

It has been so so long since I gave him a second thought…

I said he wasn’t recording right now. Never said he has never recorded in fact he did some before Grease.

he’s not in the studio right now and the climate isn’t changing. Not at all. A news article is a news article. Hope it works out for him. But remember I’m not the one who has been waiting for a new CD or a tour.

You truly must believe that I “hate” Taylor. Couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m glad he’s supposedly gonna get that CD out early next year.

. I hope it works out for him and he does some damn fine music, but I’m gonna believe it when and if I see it.

I mean look at the extreme lengths he went to to cover up last years “scandal”

No one is bashing Taylor. We are stating our opinions.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe the sun went to my head. It’s hard to believe that the same person makes these statements.

Reminds me of this:

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