The Crazy List…Legitimate Excuses for Being Nuts.

Your baby’s daddy ran off with your mama and they’re getting married because she’s pregnant with your sister.

You just got a letter from the IRS. They claim you owe them $2.45 in back taxes and $1,476,345.95 in penalties.

You just received your 1,000th robocall from the Republican Party.

Your neighbor’s son started a garage band…in their garage.

You have to call the customer service department of a major corporation. The last time you called, you spent 20 minutes talking to “John” in India. 15 minutes of that time was spent trying to get John to spell your name.

Accordion/Bagpipe Music is piped into your office. Enough said.

The Jerry Springer show called. They’d like you to come be on the show for a “surprise”.

You have messages from the Law Office of Schitt & Schitt asking you to return their call.

Thank you to YASM for this topic idea. Please feel free to add your own excuses.


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