Planning a trip to Nice? Asses Travel Guide is here to help! Since I’ve heard that they speak another language over there, I’m here to provide a few key phrases for you to learn before your trip. Practice these every day, and people will think you’re a native.

Patrouille d’Âme

Soul Patrol



où est mcdonalds

where is mcdonalds

Ayez-vous vu un homme à cheveux gris

Have you seen a grey haired man?

Mais l’Officier, je suis vraiment son chanteur de renfort. Je dois entrer dans le studio tout de suite.

But Officer, I really am his backup singer. I need to get into that studio right away.

Oh mon Dieu. J’ai passé tout cela l’argent et je n’ai pas même fini le voir.

Oh my god. I spent all this money and I didn’t even get to see him.

Pourquoi Jerry Lewis ?

Why Jerry Lewis?

Bon Voyage!


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